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Sunday, December 31, 2006

An Ending...A Beginning! 2006-2007

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2007!

This last year was one of adventure and learning for me.
I am so fortunate to be aligned with the group of Professional Independent Artists of Art Helping Animals and part of all the wonderful things that were accomplished for so many animals in need this last year.
The list of charities we create for and all their volunteers who do hands-on rescue, healing, fostering, support and adoptions are nothing less than angels to some of the neediest animals in the country.

So many more will need help in this next year and I am inspired to do my small part on their behalf.

I give thanks for what has been accomplished and look forward to all that is ahead for us to do with renewed enthusiasm and hope.

If there is anything to embrace in 2007...there is HOPE!

Image detail of "Cat Face" new oil painting... copyright 2006 Carol Chretien.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

PEACE OF THE SEASON ... wished for you.
May the Spirit of the Season find you and lift you up.
May you pass that feeling on to others you meet.
If you have been given great gifts, may you share them with those who might need a little help.
Find your passion this year and fly with it.
Reach for good health with gusto.
Remember those who are away from home...pray for their safe return.
Love your fellow man, be very kind to the animals.
Spread cheer.
Do good deeds, make miracles, be someone's guiding star, be an angel, be joyous.

Have Safe and Happy Holidays!

Original oil painting by Carol Chretien, copyright 2005.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Yesterday it was serendipity that I had the car radio on as I was out doing errands & shopping & thinking about what I could get my 92 yr old Uncle for I have blogged (ad nauseum) this Christmas theme is that none of us need anything so lets just get to it and give to those who do.

Then the amazing answer came...the MAKE A WISH of MASSACHUSETTS wish-a-thon was in it's last day on 103.3 ...what better way to celebrate the day than to make a donation to honor my Uncle (and a few others in the family) than with a gift that will help grant wishes to terminally ill children in my own state?!

So now the artist in me will design a card to put that bit of news into to present as a gift to my Uncle!!! Gift is made and everyone is happy!

How lucky to be able to spend the money wisely, give a really meaningful gift, honor an elder and imagine the happiness of a child who has a special wish fulfilled!!!!


You ever notice how when you ask the Universe a question...if you are listening for it, you DO get an answer?
Can You Hear the Bells?

original painting & image copyright 2006 CAROL CHRETIEN.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Merry Elves Of December!

Tis the season to be jolly...and just how jolly can YOU get?
Pretty darn jolly if you are an ELF!

These are the JOLLY DAYS...the opportunity to spread a little cheer and do a little good. Just find a way to help (the ways are many) and begin.

Here are some elves to inspire you...they wrapped for the children who will have some wonderful presents donated by many citizens this Christmas Season of giving!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

Memories...this is a time of year to look back even if you find it difficult or bittersweet.
You can look WAY back if you have a few good decades under your belt.

Some of us are so lucky in life to have some really great memories.
I was one who can only remember the good times of Christmas Past.

Happy times, lots of family, great food, the toys from brother's trains and race cars and games, my dolls, their clothes and carriages. Snowy winter vacations with sledding and snow forts...bundling up and playing all day.

VERY lucky, we have been.

Life goes on, we grow up, time flies by and we start losing the family members we've loved all our lives.

It IS life, it is isn't easy. This time of year connects us to our Ghosts and the memories come alive as we rediscover old ornaments and trinkets we keep some of the old traditions that certain missing members of the family enjoyed. Even shopping can be difficult when you see items that those loved ones would have been crazy about.
They may still be on the Christmas card list, and you still wish you could dial their numbers still in your phone's memory.

I find I have many visits from my own Ghosts as I go through these days. The signs of the seasons call them to you. They may have been gone for many years or just a doesn't matter...they return as vibrant as ever, you see the smiles, you hear the laughs, you feel the emotion of the happy days and sometimes the twinges of discomfort of their leaving.

Welcome them in for a visit...cherish the happy memories. Give thanks that you can say you had them then and can remember them now.

Then do something to really honor them...make a donation or two where it will do others some good...the ones who may not be collecting the memories you still enjoy in your own heart...give to children, give to homeless pets, give to the elderly, give to the ill, .....give time, give items, give money, give blood!

Make the Spirit of Christmas Present one of the good Ghosts you can recall in Christmases to come.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Sometimes in life you are REALLY lucky and you meet people who become like family in your heart.

A very LONGGGGGG time ago I met a girl named Kathy who was one of the funniest, upbeat, energized characters you just had to become good friends with.

We became part of a larger group of friends and we named ourselves "The Breakfast Club"...but we never did breakfast as a group! No matter where the paths of life took us we kept in touch, getting together several times a year and especially at Christmas time.
We meet for a Holiday Celebration every year at a restaurant called BENJAMIN's that is a beautiful old victorian house that is decorated to the nines and so festive for Christmas.

Tonight is our first gathering without our friend Kathy (the life of every party she was ever at!)...we lost her this past year to breast cancer although she gave it a hard fisted fight and was Kathy right to the last.

I just want to send out a thought about friends and the meaning they hold in our lives...we may not see each other everyday but we hold them dear.
Treasure your friends, keep in touch, time is always much shorter than we think it's going to be.
This Holiday Season I will be remembering my good friend with a donation to a charity in her memory. I am happy to honor her memory, it will be her helping others...but I wish I could hug her really tight once again.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Forever Paws

One of my local animal shelters is called FOREVER PAWS located in Fall River, Massachusetts (visit ) they survive on donations only.

Like every shelter they are full to capacity, and like every shelter in winter they need help.

Recently my cousin Deborah and myself made a pact not to exchange gifts with each other. We always buy things neither of us really needs but want them to show our love at Christmas time. It's what people do.

THIS year we are making donations to honor each other to FOREVER PAWS. It is a WONDERFUL GIFT to give and receive. And the BEST PART...

Your gift will REALLY make an impact!

PLEASE give what you will help those homeless animals that wait for their Forever Home.
~Spay and Neuter, encourage others to do the same with their pets.
~Give what you can, money, time, foster if possible, give items that will help the shelter (check their needs list!)
~Help the rescue of your choice in YOUR own area.

Make your holidays MERRIER by what you can makes such a difference when it is all added together.

Every penny counts.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Success Has Many Faces

What has the year brought you? Have you made it a Success?

Painting has given me a great way to express myself and show the world some of what goes on in my mind in a way that says it succinctly. For me, making art is about using creative energy in a positive way.

This morning as I was gathering up paper work that follows the art work (only part of the work I don't enjoy!) I was amazed at how many of my paintings this year have gone to homes around the USA and even as far away as Australia!

I am not sure who the official "powers that be" are that decide about who or what is a "success" but I am sure I am humbled by how many new people are enjoying my original art work and how it has helped to make some forgotten and abandoned animals a little more comfortable this year through creative giving.

In that regard, ART HELPING ANIMALS is an astounding success for that alone.

"Success" has many faces and most of them have been of needy and homeless animals waiting for their own adoptive homes or of my own animals who continue to help others by being inspiration and models for much of my work.

I recently listed for charity a painting of our cat Sesby who was with us for 18 yrs and even though she has been gone for over 13 yrs she is helping unfortunate animals through my memory of her in oil paint.

It has been a great year for sending this work out and getting wonderful response and feedback. I think of it as sending this heartfelt energy into the world, letting it go and hoping that it makes an impact that's for the greater good somewhere. We all create this kind of energy with every contact and exchange we make all day long. Everyone has choices and chances daily to AMP up and get that energy moving.

I am so thankful to the following artists who have inspired me all year and everyday...
Stella Violano, Melinda Dalke, Vernita Bridges-Hoyt, Robin Joy Andreae, Tanya Amberson, Sandra Merwin, Andy Mathis, Peggy Henderson,Cori Solomon, Cathrin McMillan, & Amber Lowe.
Talented, Accomplished, Giving, Inspirational ...every one.

Go out...create some energetic good and see success looking back at you from those many faces.

Monday, November 27, 2006

A New Day

AH yes...another one!

I am a morning person...seeing the sunrise is the usual for me.
It is also the best part of my day when everything is ahead and I have a chance to make it a great day....or not.
Sting sang about it and it's said on a Clear Day, you can see forever. So it begins with a plan. What will I make of my Brand New Day?

In the evolution of these last few years, my days are heavily vested in art. With being an artist comes many new opportunies to express much of the core interests, feelings and beliefs I hold dear. Combined with this season we collectively appear to consider as the season of giving, it has become for me more about the season of doing.

That would seem to make it easy to organize....make list, check it twice...fa la la la la la la...hmmmm nope. It is still overwhelming when you start seeing the "countdown" and the clock has this loud ticking sound (if only in your own imagination.)
RULE# 2: Decide what is most important to you.
RULE# 4: Where is the need? What GOOD will your efforts do?

YOUR answers will help you form a plan and a good plan it will be.
We have all seen the news of lines of people cramming into malls and stores stepping on each other, running people down to get the chance to grab some merchandise and charge up their charge cards.
My brain asks...WHY? What is THAT all about? I don't get it.
Each to their as you will...but I make a suggestion to keep it sane and keep it real...

Get up at sunrise...take a breath, look at the possibilities the day holds...where can you do some good this day? What will you paint on your life's canvas today?

This holiday season can start with a brand new day, everyday...or you can go back to bed and let it ride.
Your call. And have a nice day!

photo image: copyright 2006 Carol Chretien
Please visit and for alternatives to the Mall.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Get your jingle bells polished and get that string of lights untangled.
Officially tomorrow kicks off the HOLIDAY SEASON!
Well I am kicking it off with a little HOLLY DAL for your HOLIDAYS.

Look into the eyes of this little spottie and then avoid the Christmas Rush and the Holiday your HEARTS and make a donation to your favorite charity!
It is not about adding more to your list of things to do... it is all about helping those who really need it.
I choose to do several things in my ELF role this the neediest animals, give to the children at St Judes and become a wrapping ELF (not RAPPING ELF...holy cow!HO HO HO) a gift wrapping ELF for Catholic Charities in my area.
We have so MANY opportunities to do good and help where we can.
We don't even have to give $$$$$ ....we can give time! Be PRESENT where needed.
Do it in memory of those we love and miss, those who have passed from our lives but not our hearts!

I am dedicating all I can do this year to the memories of my Holiday's Past.
I have been blessed by love and family and the most excellent years of happy memories is the time to pay it forward.

In memory of my Dad (George) and my Father & Mother-in-law (Leo & Hazel)and my sister (Linda) and my dear friend (Kathy)... I am in official ELF MODE!

Do what YOU can and pass on the CHEER, the SPIRIT and the JOY!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Give till it FEELS GOOD!

I will say this MANTRA until the end of the year...I DO NOT need another gizmo, sweater, pair of earrings or any other item bought for me again this year. No, I am not ungrateful to those who remember me with a gift. But I really don't need more STUFF.
In fact, I am willing to bet the farm that most of us don't need more STUFF.
So what to do?
I plan to give whatever I can to help those in need. That is to say, people and pets who have a heck of a lot less than I do. Maybe they haven't got a roof, maybe they haven't enough to eat, maybe they need some kindness shown to them, they might be lonely, too.

I don't have to tell anybody what they need to do. I give people credit for knowing that there is need out there.
Most of us blogging and accessing the internet are doing OK. I think that is a safe assumption to make. So if you can give a little, share a little and acknowledge how GREAT it feels to help a bit...then give a little more and really feel some Spirit and Joy course through you like that Holiday Egg Nog!
Be an ELF!
Sprinkle Some Cheer!

image copyright 2006 Carol Chretien

Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Time For Giving

We are swiftly approaching that all American Holiday....Thanksgiving.

When I give it any thought at all I think of it as a day to remember the goodness and blessings I have had in my life. I remember the people and beloved pets who have gone. I remember the wonderful past holidays with all my family and how much love I have in my life today.

It is a time for giving to others who have less than I do. It may not be much more than canned goods, some clothing items, a donation to charity, or if possible, maybe help at a soup kitchen or shelter... but every little offering DOES help a bit.

The very same for our best animal friends.

Donate an old clean blanket ...or pick up a new one when you shop next... give some toys, some pet food, dome spare dollars if you are able, volunteer at an animal shelter. Spread the word about animals in need!

WE are their advocates. WE are their protectors.

PLEASE, in this season of giving that we call November and December....PLEASE, remember those in need!
Thank You.

Painting "SLEEP OF THE INNOCENT" (detail)
Image copyrighted to Carol Chretien 2004.
Visit my website and the ART HELPING ANIMALS site for ways you can help animals through art.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Tis the season when little gobblins and ghouls will be trick or treating...keep pets safe and out of the Halloween Candy!

It is nice that kids want to share but please remind them it is harmful to feed CHOCOLATE TO DOGS!

Keep it fun and Keep it safe for all.

Image copyrighted to CAROL CHRETIEN 2006. "Spotted in the Pumpkin Patch"

This painting was recently purchased to help SAVE THE DALMATIANS rescue.
The model for this piece is my own Lizzie...Dalmatian art model and ambassador to help Dals through Save the Dals of So. CA rescue find their forever home.
This painting is also reproduced in the ART HELPING ANIMALS CALENDAR (available for sale to help the charities as we speak! visit for info on how to purchase.)

Monday, October 16, 2006


In New England we are blessed with some days of bright skies and cool air with bursts of color that fill you with energy and enthusiasm.
This painting is a "high noon" moment of one of those Fall days...just a peaceful sunny spot.
Being New England it means that you have to appreciate the moment as you find it...tomorrow we could be all wet...or all white! GRIN
Image copyrighted to Carol Chretien 2005

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hello, again!

It has been an interesting time the last few weeks...A pain in the right side of my abdomen raised it's ugly head and turned into GALLBLADDER SURGERY!

NOT a real surprise for me as I have lived with minor attacks of this over the years but my time avoiding faceing the music ran out!

So here I am recuperating and behind in all my activities. I hope to get back to the easel and get some work done but it is not just a matter of physically painting ... you have to get your brain and heart wrapped around the work, too. That is my new challenge, to regain the lost momentum.

One thing that helps make it easier to do this is to remember WHY the passion is there in the first place.

Helping Homeless Animals is my passion and while it is wonderful that there are so many fabulous faces to paint, to draw attention to their needs...the other hand holds the fact that I wish there wasn't a NEED to do this!

Paradox! But there you have this is the new face of NEED shown here hopefully draw some attention for PUPS & PALS rescue ...please look at this face of GINA...who is waiting to find a home of her own.

and then contact Pups and Pals ...also visit...
and see all the art and charities that might capture your heart & help homeless animals!

In the meantime...I heal on the inside and find my way back to work on the outside and it all comes together just as it was meant to be!
Image Copyright 2006 "Gina...waiting for a home"

Friday, September 22, 2006

New Stuff

Just a quick post in case there really are people out there that actually read one of the million blogs that exist in cyberspace everyday...Hello? Hello? Is there anybody out there?


Here are a couple of things I am working on for animal charities...still on the easel as you can see. A good beginning of Doxie's and a snoozing Boxer.
Images copyrighted to ME...the artist.
Check out my website and also take a look at Art Helping Animals where really good work DOES help one animal at a time.

To quote artist Stella Violano...Life is Good! Creating art and using it to help? It really does not get better than that!
questions or comments ....just email anytime.
Hello? *wink*

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I love Fall.
I am a New Englander through and though and Autumn is my season. Hopefully we will have that snappy-aired, crystal blue-skyed, scarlet color-leafed, baskets of apple-crunching & pumpkin-picking, bright sunny days that make having gone through this last season of rain and humidity up here in the North East, bearable.
But you have to always realize the old saying is true..."IF you don't like New England weather...wait a minute, it will change."
To celebrate the upcoming of Autumn, today's images are fall themed. I can't wait! Images are copyrighted to Carol Chretien.
Top image of oil painting "Spotted in the Pumpkin Patch" available for animal charity, "Autumn" private collection and "Pumpkin Time" collection the artist.

Monday, August 21, 2006


What could be better than a summer outdoor party and cookout?

Well one with LOTS OF DOGS of course!

I recently had the best time at a fabulous party for Dog Pals hosted by 2 of the most wonderful and big hearted people, Eileen and Tony.
They are know for their love of their Elkies but they opened their home to dogs of all shapes and sizes, all patterns and ages for a fun day of romping, playing, meeting and greeting...and the PEOPLE had fun too with an incredible lobster/steak fest and a chance to get a couple of different dog loving groups to meet.
The people from the Canine Message Board and the "DalPals" from the Dalmatian Message Board on AOL came together for a wonderful dog-filled day.
This incredible variety of dogs played so well and were together all day. Respresenting the various breeds..Tucker the shelty, Boone, petite basset, Pricilla the JRT, Shayna a Dalmatian, Brego a shepard, Secora a shibu inu, Chloe a mastiff, and the Elkies...Snoop, JJ and Kate and MORE. Just a fabulous time was had by all.
Thanks so much, Eileen & Tony!
Images copyright Carol Chretien. The pictures above show the "Dog Yard" also the Dog House, air conditioned with TV for the dogs to enjoy! ...and a Dal making friends with a young Shepard near the pool. You just have to see it to believe it. A wonderful place for happy Elkies and their vistiors to enjoy.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


How do you keep it all straight?

Why, with a ART HELPING ANIMALS CALENDAR, of course!

This wonderful calendar full of Art Helping Animals artwork is being debuted this week for 2007.

The artists at AHA have banded together to produce this calendar with all proceeds going to animal charities.
YOU need a calandar and you want one that is beautiful and can actually make a difference in the life of a homeless animal.
Do something that is a win-win for the animal lover on your holiday shopping list, get a AHA CALENDAR while HELPING HOMELESS ANIMALS!

Image copyright 2006.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Rod Stewart sang about it and anyone who loves animals FEELS IT! You have to...if you are owned by and loved by an animal...spots or no spots, mind you...then you know PASSION.
Who greets you like you've been gone for months when you just got back from a 20 minute errand?
Who keeps track of your every move and adores you in a good way (and is not a "stalker") and thinks you are all that and more?

You want to help?
You feel compelled to assist the Homeless and Helpless animals that are abandoned and dumped into shelters and in rescue coast to coast?
You can't foster or adopt?

Visit Art Helping Animals and find a charity that you CAN support. The charities that the artists paint and create for are trying their best to assist a variety of homeless animals find "forever homes" or be cared for in sanctuaries, in the case of wild or exotic animals. These charities are located from coast to coast as are the artists! These animals all need our help to survive.

Art helping Animals is a small artist fellowship where each independent artist provides original art for auction or sale in a variety of media and prices to donate a portion of every sale to these helpless and homeless animals.
The mission is clearly stated...
"Saving one animal won't change the world... But, surely the world will change for that one animal... "

Our Mission is to help Animals by telling their stories and by raising funds through the sale of artwork to help animals in need.
This mission is passionate and the vision the artists share for these animals is making a difference. The support they are helping to give through art is mounting with the generous support of collectors of fine art and lovers of animals. In the last 5-6 months Art Helping Animals has raised almost $ 8000.00!
Come meet the artists and the charities with a visit to There is always something new to see, read the newsletters, and coming soon new ideas for gift giving and a way for children to get involved, too!
Come find your passion while opening your hearts to creatures great and small!
Todays images...Lizzie with a message and the Art Helping Animals banner, copyrighted 2006.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The BEAGLE Has Landed!

This is the premier of my Beagles for B.O.N.E.S. art...
visit the charity BEAGLES OF THE NEW ENGLAND STATES to see what the good people there are doing for homeless beagles.
Art Helping Animals has added BONES to the growing list of worthwhile charities to assist homeless animals with art.
Today's images: copyright 2006 Carol Chretien.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We're Having a Heat Wave...

The Northeast is one of the places battling the high heat and horrendous humidity that threatens to dehydrate each one of us. Check on the elderly neighbors.
Keep the pets inside and keep fresh water available...keep the shades or blinds drawn and fans moving the air. If you have A/C count yourself and your loved ones lucky.
Take cool showers and most of all... drink lots of water! Alcohol is not recommended acts like a diuretic and you may dehydrate faster. Use your good judgement. Just don't over do it.

We have this to deal with every year...just another bump in the road.
Sending you all cool images to make you think cool and feel the chill.
copyright 2006 CHRETIEN. Lizzie enjoying the Snow...and a painting of a view from my window.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Just Trying To Help

It is only in a small way you hope to make a difference by offering a painting to help an animal in need.
But very good things happen when like minds and hearts link together.
We've had some success and these most deserving pets do find homes.
The Good News is "Pudding" has 2 families applying for adoption.Visit your local rescue and offer what you can to those waiting for placement in a forever home. Sometimes it is just a donation or taking them for a walk, or playing with them or giving loving attention.
Every little thing you do counts in their lives.
If you have your own companion animals and you know what great lives they enjoy because of your love then you know how those waiting would benefit from their own forever home.
What a great feeling when you get the news that another one is saved!
There is real magic there and you get even more inspired to see what else can be done.
Credit and Thanks to all the volunteers that make a real difference in the lives of these pets in waiting. True miracle workers they are!

Friday, July 28, 2006


I just lost the whole typed post...too hot to repeat it...totally annoyed in this blasted heat.
We are starting the morning here at 75 degrees with nowhere to go but up!
So... getting right to the images...they tell the story about trying to find that refreshing place to enjoy away from the heat.

Today's paintings all copyrighted by Carol Chretien 2006..."By the Sea"..."Beach Dals" and "Therapy."
Keep Cool!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

More Pudding, Please

True Blue Rescue has a sweet dog named "Pudding" up for adoption.

The backstory is that while living there since a tiny puppy, other dogs have gotten rescued and adopted to forever homes while Pudding (a boxer/ staffordshire terrier mix) has been left behind. The volunteers tell us that Pudding is a good dog, she is friendly and they love her but like any fostered being...they always look forward to their own forever home and family.

TBAR, as True Blue is also known, is in Texas. They help a wide variety of animals find homes. The charity is part of the official Art Helping Animals charities. Visit for details and pictures of Pudding.

Today's images: Hot off the easel, TODAY!..."More Pudding, Please" original oil copyright 2006 Carol Chretien...Hog Heaven (the pigs of TBar) original oil painting copyright 2006 Carol Chretien

Friday, July 21, 2006

Holy Technology Batman!

I can't take it! Everytime I turn around I rediscover how technically STUPID I can be.

Take my website for instance...I want to be accurate, I want to keep current...but did I have to erase 3 pages of LOTS of text that I can't remember by accident???

Oh, come on! It borders on duncehood.


Well tomorrow is another day. If I walk away now I may not do any more damage. And I will practice my newest mantra "COPY THE PAGE FIRST BEFORE YOU EDIT" I will leave out the "jerk" part.

Today's image: Original painting "DRAM" copyright 2004 CHRETIEN or... WHAT I'll be drinking if I keep deleting my pages!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Storm is Brewing

They tell us it is going to "brush" by Cape Cod. That doesn't sound too bad. HMMMMMM.
Today they closed the local beaches and everyone is heading their boats into a safe harbor. It is breezy now and the air is thick with tropical humidity. YUCK!
The other night we had blinding lightning and horrific (right over the house) thunder. The worst thing that happened was I stepped on a dog bone in the dark trying to get to the studio and close the windows. THANK HEAVENS it was only that...whole trees came down in some counties and a oil tank blew up in the Port of Providence.
We never get too excited with storms and to be honest I usually sleep right through them. Even Lizzie is not bothered at all. Emmi made sure she was near her "dad"...she is a thug of a cat but she has a soft center!
Nature beautiful but wild at times. You never know.
Today's photo: "Emmi's Eyes" detail of an original oil & photo "Clouds over the Cape Cod Canal"...snapped it last summer.copyright 2005 Carol Chretien.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Art Helping Animals

ART that HELPS...what a wonderful thing it is to be able to create something that people find interesting and want to own and enjoy in their homes and share with others.
THAT is good...but what is BEST is that the artwork actually helps animals in need when purchased at the art auctions that are featured on ART HELPING ANIMALS website.

And it is catching on...charities are asking to join us, artists are applying to become part of the fellowship of the artists of this excellent site.

We are about more then artists selling art work. We are committed to making the lives of the neediest animals better, one animal at a time.
The site has a rich content that educates, entertains, enlightens, enriches and also provides fine art of the highest quality by professional artists. What is the website really made of?

The NEWSLETTER...there are 3 editions available to read or print out and share with your animal loving friends! It is published every other month full of articles and photos submitted by the artists themselves.

The BLOG...chuck full of art and easy quick look at what is the link to everyone you know!

The ANIMALS...These are the FACES of why we do what we do! Animals in need of help, adoption, of the animals we serve! share the link with someone you know that wants to help a pet!

The ARTIST's the artists up close and indepth...see what they do!

The TRIBUTES...some lovely memorials of pets we've known and loved.
and more.

Today's photo: the Art Helping Animals flyer...designed by artist Stella Violano copyright 2006.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Way too hazy hot and humid to do anything unless it is near a fan, by the water, has A/C, is in a dark movie house or happens in a basement way below ground.
IOW not much today. I got a little painting in but the heat just levels you. So just moving slowly and waiting for the promised break in the heat.
Thunderstorms are supposed to be heading our way and cooling things off.

We are lucky that our pets pay no attention to thunder and lightning. Not always true of pets. My brother's dog Toby is an emotional wreck in a storm.

Keep watch over your animals, they are entrusted to your care. Can't wait for FALL and those cool crisp days. AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Today's photo: Cool thoughts (Lizzie in the snow)...copyright 2005 CAROL CHRETIEN.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Auctions! GOING, GOING...GONE!

This time of year is not the easiest time to help animal charity...but it is so needed. If you are sitting in the AC by your computer please visit the Art Helping Animals site and see if there is something that you can do to help homeless pets.
We can't all foster, rehome and do hands on rescue but we can keep the network going to get the word out.
Share the links with all your animal friends and art loving buddies.
When you find a piece of original artwork through the artists painting for homeless animals it is a win-win situation.
One of the features I have learned from painting with this group of amazing artists is that the artwork can be small and easy to find space for. And it is unique. The styles are all different too. And FUN!

I will be participating in an auction in CA that is raising funds for Animal Acres. There is a GALA that the website is advertising that will have celebrities involved in the festivities. It is just one more example of how art can help.

My next project today is to paint the homeless dog named "Pudding" that lives in hopes of adoption at TRUE BLUE RESCUE in Texas. Fellow artist Vernita Bridges-Hoyt brought her to my attention on her website and I am jumping aboard to help Pudding. I'll show you the painting here when it is presentable! Come back for a peek!

Some new things have been added to my Ebay auctions...take a tour when you have a second. HELP HOMELESS PETS FIND THAT LOVING FAMILY THEY ALL DESERVE! thanks so much!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

When Little is BIG

Did you know it isn't easy to find the correct spelling of "Chihuahua" in the dictionary if you don't already know how to spell it????
That is annoying, just let me say for the record.

I just had the pleasure of painting a group portrait of Yorkies and their little brother, a C H I H U A H U A...and they were all adorable but I found myself being drawn to one of the Yorkie girls named Victoria.
"Tori" is just too darn cute. Her mom tells me she is maternal to all the fosters they have helped...she is a little shy at first and definately a Daddy's Girl. Tori's mom gave me permission to use some of the photos for paintings for charity.
That means that Tori will be a help to other less fortunate animals when her portrait is listed for auction to help homeless animals.
I've asked her mom to not tell the others that Tori is my favorite...I wouldn't want them to feel bad, after all.

Today's photo is Tori painted in all her glory. Her presence in this portrait makes me want to title it "As Proud As Punch" ...Copyright 2006 CAROL CHRETIEN.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

HOT ...HOT ...HOT!

The word is that we are heading into a heat wave here in old New England. I am not fond of heat but the humidity is a killer. Everyone stay cool, lay low, chill!
Make sure your pets are safe from heat stroke.
DO NOT leave them in your open or not. It is just a big roaster oven!
Plenty of cool water, fans, shade must be available.
There are some really good pet safety tips in the newsletter at so please read!

Today's photos are the oil painting..."Lounging Lizzie" (she really knows how to kick back!) and two very cool Elkie friends, Kate & JJ (who have the world's BEST yard for catching a breeze and hanging out in!) copyright 2006 Carol Chretien.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Judges Spoke!

The votes are in .....and the judges accepted one painting and rejected another. That is the way it goes.
I am so happy to have one painting in the Little Compton 8th Annual Summer Exhibition.

Now back to the drawing board...busy with new work!
Today's photo is of MIZZ LIZZ...copyright Carol Chretien.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


How solid and real is this world? How can a place have such beauty and at the same time be a place of such misery? Just amazes me that we can function as a race at all sometimes.
When you hear or see the news you hear such stories that it can't possibly seem real. Some people live in the midst of the horrors and I'm sure they can't even believe it or, Heaven forbid, it seems absolutely normal to their sensitivites.The Sad all some people on this planet know as fact.

This leads me to reflect that I recognize I am fortunate to be in a relatively "nice" world on the fringe of who knows what?! Because you really never know when an event will happen to turn it all around. (9/11 brought that smashing right into our consciousness you might say) Then where are you?...right Down the Rabbit Hole.
It never ceases to freak me out when I am in a supermarket standing there looking at 90 different boxes of cereal to chose from and I know somewhere there are people who haven't eaten anything in a week.
Just so hard to fathom the circumstance of birth and how we ended up here not there.
My core belief is that this life is a school...we are here to learn what we can and do what we can and then hopefully make the choices that will do the most good all the way around. Karma is not something that just happens to is the end result or maybe the cause and effect of every thought and action in your world.
So, choose wisely.
Today's photo:
original oil "Choose Wisely" copyright 2005 Carol Chretien.