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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Emmi Chretien ~ 1993-2011

Today at 6:15 AM July 17th Emmi crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She did it HER way at home with Leo right beside her. My husband is the very best of the best and his wish was that she stay home with us until her last day. He has stayed with her for the last week every night downstairs in the fish room where she was most comfortable. She was not alone, she was loved until the last.

Emmi gave us everything she had. She rests now out front under the holly tree with her companion cat Dinah.

I wanted to share a few of the paintings Emmi inspired that helped a lot of animals in rescue. She was my constant companion in the studio. My sweetie.

"Ironic...Isn't It?"


"Pick Me Up"
(should read, "Feed Me")

The Story Teller


A Nap Among the Toys


And my very personal favorite
and an actual studio my collection...

Catching Butterflies



This is our Emmi herself in her


Emmi in the studio (photo from 2002)

Emmi's Story

In 1993 a little gray, peach & white kitten became part of our family. We named her Emmi and she was the most adorable addition to our life. She was the wildest and funniest little kitten among 2 big litters in the pet store.

Yes...I bought her and her "sister" Dinah from Rumford Pet Center in East Providence, RI. That was before I knew about shelters and adoptions, and it was also at a time when that store took in litters from the local neighborhood...average domestic non-pedigreed cats and sold them for 19.99 each with first shots and worming AND a 5 lb bag of kitten chow. You might just as well say they were adoptees.

When I went to pay for them at the register the cashier yelled across the store to a co-worker "SHE's TAKING THE LITTLE GRAY ONE!" that was hint of the fun to come. And we did have fun.

We lost Dinah to cancer at age 12, it came about seemingly suddenly and then she was gone. Dinah was a beauty, very elegant, sleek and graceful, shy and regal. Emmi...not so much.

Short little cobbie cat. Short legs and round body, the most beautiful fur and what a little clown.

Personality enough for a dozen cats, a lovable and chatty character who loved to climb as high as possible. Where Dinah would NEVER venture above chair seat height, Emmi often would leap up to a beam 12 ft high in the kitchen and would almost give me a heart attack when she had to get down from there. I would grab a sofa cushion for the top of the china cabinet so she wouldn't pound down hard on her legs from so high.

Loved to eat, always wanted to be first with my attention, over the years loved to put our dog in her place (Emmi was a little Thug in that dept) but she loved Leo and me. She had so many nick-names, "Emmi-tubba-lada" or Thuggie, or Cranky Pants Emmi or Emmi-kins or just... Sweets.

In '93 Those kittens came to us when we were suffering so much grief, we had lost both our Dad's in 2 years...then all 3 of our elderly pets inside of a month, 4 months after my Dad's sudden death. Our house was so empty and we were so sad I can't even describe the incredible feel of the blackness. Joyless and quiet with no feeling of life in our home.

5 days of a no pet home and then we found Emmi & Dinah. Suddenly we had joy and laughter and antics that only 2 adorable little kittens forever playing together could bring back to a home. We loved them from go. They had 4 years before Lizzie our Dalmatian joined the crew. But it all worked out. I would not have traded a moment of them in my life even for the bleakness of the last day.

My very constant studio companion, Emmi pulled through a near fatal bout of hyperthyroidism a few years ago and we were greatful for the time with her...knowing that the reprieve was a gift of time.

She gave us all she had. We will miss her more than words can say. I hope Dinah came to greet the Bridge.

Emmi was the inspiration for many, many paintings that ultimately gave funds to rescue and helped other cats in need. She was my muse, my model extraordinaire.

She will always have a piece of our hearts. There will never be another Emmi.