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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Just Trying To Help

It is only in a small way you hope to make a difference by offering a painting to help an animal in need.
But very good things happen when like minds and hearts link together.
We've had some success and these most deserving pets do find homes.
The Good News is "Pudding" has 2 families applying for adoption.Visit your local rescue and offer what you can to those waiting for placement in a forever home. Sometimes it is just a donation or taking them for a walk, or playing with them or giving loving attention.
Every little thing you do counts in their lives.
If you have your own companion animals and you know what great lives they enjoy because of your love then you know how those waiting would benefit from their own forever home.
What a great feeling when you get the news that another one is saved!
There is real magic there and you get even more inspired to see what else can be done.
Credit and Thanks to all the volunteers that make a real difference in the lives of these pets in waiting. True miracle workers they are!

Friday, July 28, 2006


I just lost the whole typed post...too hot to repeat it...totally annoyed in this blasted heat.
We are starting the morning here at 75 degrees with nowhere to go but up!
So... getting right to the images...they tell the story about trying to find that refreshing place to enjoy away from the heat.

Today's paintings all copyrighted by Carol Chretien 2006..."By the Sea"..."Beach Dals" and "Therapy."
Keep Cool!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

More Pudding, Please

True Blue Rescue has a sweet dog named "Pudding" up for adoption.

The backstory is that while living there since a tiny puppy, other dogs have gotten rescued and adopted to forever homes while Pudding (a boxer/ staffordshire terrier mix) has been left behind. The volunteers tell us that Pudding is a good dog, she is friendly and they love her but like any fostered being...they always look forward to their own forever home and family.

TBAR, as True Blue is also known, is in Texas. They help a wide variety of animals find homes. The charity is part of the official Art Helping Animals charities. Visit for details and pictures of Pudding.

Today's images: Hot off the easel, TODAY!..."More Pudding, Please" original oil copyright 2006 Carol Chretien...Hog Heaven (the pigs of TBar) original oil painting copyright 2006 Carol Chretien

Friday, July 21, 2006

Holy Technology Batman!

I can't take it! Everytime I turn around I rediscover how technically STUPID I can be.

Take my website for instance...I want to be accurate, I want to keep current...but did I have to erase 3 pages of LOTS of text that I can't remember by accident???

Oh, come on! It borders on duncehood.


Well tomorrow is another day. If I walk away now I may not do any more damage. And I will practice my newest mantra "COPY THE PAGE FIRST BEFORE YOU EDIT" I will leave out the "jerk" part.

Today's image: Original painting "DRAM" copyright 2004 CHRETIEN or... WHAT I'll be drinking if I keep deleting my pages!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Storm is Brewing

They tell us it is going to "brush" by Cape Cod. That doesn't sound too bad. HMMMMMM.
Today they closed the local beaches and everyone is heading their boats into a safe harbor. It is breezy now and the air is thick with tropical humidity. YUCK!
The other night we had blinding lightning and horrific (right over the house) thunder. The worst thing that happened was I stepped on a dog bone in the dark trying to get to the studio and close the windows. THANK HEAVENS it was only that...whole trees came down in some counties and a oil tank blew up in the Port of Providence.
We never get too excited with storms and to be honest I usually sleep right through them. Even Lizzie is not bothered at all. Emmi made sure she was near her "dad"...she is a thug of a cat but she has a soft center!
Nature beautiful but wild at times. You never know.
Today's photo: "Emmi's Eyes" detail of an original oil & photo "Clouds over the Cape Cod Canal"...snapped it last summer.copyright 2005 Carol Chretien.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Art Helping Animals

ART that HELPS...what a wonderful thing it is to be able to create something that people find interesting and want to own and enjoy in their homes and share with others.
THAT is good...but what is BEST is that the artwork actually helps animals in need when purchased at the art auctions that are featured on ART HELPING ANIMALS website.

And it is catching on...charities are asking to join us, artists are applying to become part of the fellowship of the artists of this excellent site.

We are about more then artists selling art work. We are committed to making the lives of the neediest animals better, one animal at a time.
The site has a rich content that educates, entertains, enlightens, enriches and also provides fine art of the highest quality by professional artists. What is the website really made of?

The NEWSLETTER...there are 3 editions available to read or print out and share with your animal loving friends! It is published every other month full of articles and photos submitted by the artists themselves.

The BLOG...chuck full of art and easy quick look at what is the link to everyone you know!

The ANIMALS...These are the FACES of why we do what we do! Animals in need of help, adoption, of the animals we serve! share the link with someone you know that wants to help a pet!

The ARTIST's the artists up close and indepth...see what they do!

The TRIBUTES...some lovely memorials of pets we've known and loved.
and more.

Today's photo: the Art Helping Animals flyer...designed by artist Stella Violano copyright 2006.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Way too hazy hot and humid to do anything unless it is near a fan, by the water, has A/C, is in a dark movie house or happens in a basement way below ground.
IOW not much today. I got a little painting in but the heat just levels you. So just moving slowly and waiting for the promised break in the heat.
Thunderstorms are supposed to be heading our way and cooling things off.

We are lucky that our pets pay no attention to thunder and lightning. Not always true of pets. My brother's dog Toby is an emotional wreck in a storm.

Keep watch over your animals, they are entrusted to your care. Can't wait for FALL and those cool crisp days. AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Today's photo: Cool thoughts (Lizzie in the snow)...copyright 2005 CAROL CHRETIEN.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Auctions! GOING, GOING...GONE!

This time of year is not the easiest time to help animal charity...but it is so needed. If you are sitting in the AC by your computer please visit the Art Helping Animals site and see if there is something that you can do to help homeless pets.
We can't all foster, rehome and do hands on rescue but we can keep the network going to get the word out.
Share the links with all your animal friends and art loving buddies.
When you find a piece of original artwork through the artists painting for homeless animals it is a win-win situation.
One of the features I have learned from painting with this group of amazing artists is that the artwork can be small and easy to find space for. And it is unique. The styles are all different too. And FUN!

I will be participating in an auction in CA that is raising funds for Animal Acres. There is a GALA that the website is advertising that will have celebrities involved in the festivities. It is just one more example of how art can help.

My next project today is to paint the homeless dog named "Pudding" that lives in hopes of adoption at TRUE BLUE RESCUE in Texas. Fellow artist Vernita Bridges-Hoyt brought her to my attention on her website and I am jumping aboard to help Pudding. I'll show you the painting here when it is presentable! Come back for a peek!

Some new things have been added to my Ebay auctions...take a tour when you have a second. HELP HOMELESS PETS FIND THAT LOVING FAMILY THEY ALL DESERVE! thanks so much!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

When Little is BIG

Did you know it isn't easy to find the correct spelling of "Chihuahua" in the dictionary if you don't already know how to spell it????
That is annoying, just let me say for the record.

I just had the pleasure of painting a group portrait of Yorkies and their little brother, a C H I H U A H U A...and they were all adorable but I found myself being drawn to one of the Yorkie girls named Victoria.
"Tori" is just too darn cute. Her mom tells me she is maternal to all the fosters they have helped...she is a little shy at first and definately a Daddy's Girl. Tori's mom gave me permission to use some of the photos for paintings for charity.
That means that Tori will be a help to other less fortunate animals when her portrait is listed for auction to help homeless animals.
I've asked her mom to not tell the others that Tori is my favorite...I wouldn't want them to feel bad, after all.

Today's photo is Tori painted in all her glory. Her presence in this portrait makes me want to title it "As Proud As Punch" ...Copyright 2006 CAROL CHRETIEN.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

HOT ...HOT ...HOT!

The word is that we are heading into a heat wave here in old New England. I am not fond of heat but the humidity is a killer. Everyone stay cool, lay low, chill!
Make sure your pets are safe from heat stroke.
DO NOT leave them in your open or not. It is just a big roaster oven!
Plenty of cool water, fans, shade must be available.
There are some really good pet safety tips in the newsletter at so please read!

Today's photos are the oil painting..."Lounging Lizzie" (she really knows how to kick back!) and two very cool Elkie friends, Kate & JJ (who have the world's BEST yard for catching a breeze and hanging out in!) copyright 2006 Carol Chretien.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Judges Spoke!

The votes are in .....and the judges accepted one painting and rejected another. That is the way it goes.
I am so happy to have one painting in the Little Compton 8th Annual Summer Exhibition.

Now back to the drawing board...busy with new work!
Today's photo is of MIZZ LIZZ...copyright Carol Chretien.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


How solid and real is this world? How can a place have such beauty and at the same time be a place of such misery? Just amazes me that we can function as a race at all sometimes.
When you hear or see the news you hear such stories that it can't possibly seem real. Some people live in the midst of the horrors and I'm sure they can't even believe it or, Heaven forbid, it seems absolutely normal to their sensitivites.The Sad all some people on this planet know as fact.

This leads me to reflect that I recognize I am fortunate to be in a relatively "nice" world on the fringe of who knows what?! Because you really never know when an event will happen to turn it all around. (9/11 brought that smashing right into our consciousness you might say) Then where are you?...right Down the Rabbit Hole.
It never ceases to freak me out when I am in a supermarket standing there looking at 90 different boxes of cereal to chose from and I know somewhere there are people who haven't eaten anything in a week.
Just so hard to fathom the circumstance of birth and how we ended up here not there.
My core belief is that this life is a school...we are here to learn what we can and do what we can and then hopefully make the choices that will do the most good all the way around. Karma is not something that just happens to is the end result or maybe the cause and effect of every thought and action in your world.
So, choose wisely.
Today's photo:
original oil "Choose Wisely" copyright 2005 Carol Chretien.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday, Monday...

The weekend just flies...what is on for today, check the email, check the "to-do" list...get busy. Mondays seem to be about business and getting things done. The reality is, nothing stops... so the continuity is to keep flowing along.
Today is for getting a couple of paintings ready to enter in a juried summer show.
There are 3 jurors and I will wait to hear if they are accepted. I'll let you know. You are allowed 2 entries per artist. Last year both paintings were accepted. But you never know. The judges make their own decisions. We'll see. The show is The Little Compton (Rhode Island) 8th annual Summer Exhibit.
Wish me luck!
The photos today are of the 2 entries. One painting is entitled "Dark Times, Then Hope" and the other "Catch A falling Star"...published photos and art work copyright 2006 CHRETIEN.

Saturday, July 08, 2006


When I was a kid, about 150 years ago, I was never aware of time, time limits or running out of time. Summer was a long and far expanse that had no boundaries. The days were their own and you just kind of meandered through them.
It will never be like that again, I should say it hasn't been like that for a long, long while...not since leaving Neverland. That was the moment when "Time" made itself known. Now we race with the clock, the day, the weeks, the months, the seasons, the years.
It can be exhausting but these parameters are what we have to make peace with. The luxury of procrastination is not one I can afford. In my wise-woman years I am finding that it is easy to become immobilized and overwhelmed if I focus on the BIG PICTURE of things. When I work at the step by step level I seem to get there.
I arrive a little behind schedule once in a while but I am working with life in a partnership and even though I am not sure where the finish line is, I think it will all come out ok.
Take some time today to do something you love. It makes it all worthwhile!

Today's photo and painting...Lizzie spending her time exploring her world...and the painting "Dad's Home" that was sold for animal charity to help Save the ...another Lizzie moment that is like clockwork! Pictures published here are copyrighted 2006 CHRETIEN.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Something New.
The host of my website, Artspan (,) is improving the site as it grows. We now have a new "forum" machine that makes it easier to communicate with other artists who make up Artspan.
It also makes a new connection to view the work of these artists and share yours.

More News....Yesterday Art Helping Animals published the 3rd installment of our Newsletter. What a great job Stella Violano did with the issue and all the content submitted by the group of artists.
I have to say that the ZANY CATS page was my favorite. This is really worth a look.
A link is there to to order the products with these designs by the artist Zain. Check it out for a smile!
Today's photo and art are of my own "zany cat" Emmi.
She is a legend in her own time!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I was thinking about how we live with magic around us all the time. We probably don't even notice or realize it. Life is so busy, we put our heads down, we move forward and go, go, go.
Once in a while we are caught by something that cause us to look up, pause or even HALT! These moments usually involve our senses and at times can even mezmerize.
This lead me to thinking about the magicians of life. And there are many. Not talking about the David Copperfields with lights, bells and whistles...more like the magicians who fly under the radar a bit.
Moms who make things "all better" with a kiss, the kitchen whiz who creates a magnificent meal out a a few ingredients on the spur of the moment, the "mess" who transforms from raggedy to absolutely fabulous and "company ready" in a snap, the family that stretches the ever shriveling dollar in a family a four or more, the volunteer who brings the therapy pet to the Alzheimer unit and elicits a positive response from someone who became lost, faraway within, the parent juggling their job(s), family, school,....the artist who recognizes the muse and creates something brilliant, provoking, evocative.
When I have listened and looked up and have halted for a moment, I have heard that muse. The thing is to stop once in a while and just look at the possibilities. You might recognize a magic moment.
Today's photo is one of my favorite muses... Mizz Lizz who knows how to transform a dull moment into gold.
The painting is an oil "Keep Looking Up" copyright 2006. website:

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New Work Posted on Ebay!
I think of my Dalmatian, Lizzie, as an ambassador to Dal Rescue as she is my most favorite model when painting Dalmatians and especially when it is art for charity. (see the photo posted!)

I also do other genre and offer it for charity auction. Currently there is still life available for sale to help Dals.
Take a moment to visit Ebay and see some of the new work listed for sale.
One of the new paiintings listed is to help SAVE THE DALMATIANS.ORG one of my favorite charities. They do great work helping with abused and abandoned Dals including Senior Dalmatians who have lost their long time homes, sometimes when their elderly or ill owners can no longer care for them.
Gail, a volunteer rescuer for Save the Dals has done some wonderful work with rehoming Dals in Southern CA. and Terri is the founder of this can read about both on the website
As always thanks to all who support rescue and animals throught art!

The painting "Chameleons" featured today, is listed on Ebay for Save the Dals...

Monday, July 03, 2006

Christmas in July!
Just when you are feeling the heat, raising the flag, and enjoying a "cool one" ...somone brings up CHRISTMAS. Hmmmmm.
In this case it is for a good cause. The best cause, helping homeless animals at a time when funding is low and rescues really need help.
This press release just went out to remind everyone that you can give in that Christmas kind of spirit, even in JULY!

PRESS RELEASE: Professional Artists Celebrate "Christmas In July" to Help Homeless Animals
The website Art Helping Animals is hosting a summer sale
to advertise the plight of needy animals in pet rescue and animal sanctuaries.
Art helping Animals has raised over 6000.00 in a matter of a few months time. A percentage of the sale of art work provided by this fellowship of professional artists has been donated to these 501 (c)(3) animal charitites highlighted on their website.
These artists have been creating this new work for the summer sale and listing auctions on Ebay and ArtbyUs venues. Biographies about the artists are available through the site. Many excellent examples of their work can also be viewed there.
The charities and their indepth information are listed on the site along with photos of homeless animals who are awaiting adoption.
The Art Helping Animals website has a wealth of useful content to access. There is a daily Blog that is rich with art and information,
a bi-monthly newsletter containing educational and inspirational articles, stories of rescue success, archived library articles and new projects that are regularly announced on the site. The Art Helping Animals website is family friendly and a place that all art and animal lovers will enjoy.
The one goal is to save a life, one animal at a time.
Bookmark the website, there is always something newsworthy being added.
The oil painting "For Santa" pictured above is one of the new pieces painted to assist animals in need copyright Carol Chretien 2006.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

HAPPY JULY 4th! Have a safe and happy holiday. Take precautions for your pets who may be traumatized by fireworks and loud noises during the celebrations in the neighborhood. You know your pets and know if they might need to have extra attention or even prescribed medication from your veterinarian. Think about their comfort, too this year. Remember our service men & women past and present. Despite political policies that we may not all agree on, sacrifices are happening daily on the parts of these souls who are in our armed forces.
The painting "She Flies"( copyright Carol Chretien) is currently being auctioned for sale on Ebay with a percentage of the final bid going to assist charity.