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Monday, November 27, 2006

A New Day

AH yes...another one!

I am a morning person...seeing the sunrise is the usual for me.
It is also the best part of my day when everything is ahead and I have a chance to make it a great day....or not.
Sting sang about it and it's said on a Clear Day, you can see forever. So it begins with a plan. What will I make of my Brand New Day?

In the evolution of these last few years, my days are heavily vested in art. With being an artist comes many new opportunies to express much of the core interests, feelings and beliefs I hold dear. Combined with this season we collectively appear to consider as the season of giving, it has become for me more about the season of doing.

That would seem to make it easy to organize....make list, check it twice...fa la la la la la la...hmmmm nope. It is still overwhelming when you start seeing the "countdown" and the clock has this loud ticking sound (if only in your own imagination.)
RULE# 2: Decide what is most important to you.
RULE# 4: Where is the need? What GOOD will your efforts do?

YOUR answers will help you form a plan and a good plan it will be.
We have all seen the news of lines of people cramming into malls and stores stepping on each other, running people down to get the chance to grab some merchandise and charge up their charge cards.
My brain asks...WHY? What is THAT all about? I don't get it.
Each to their as you will...but I make a suggestion to keep it sane and keep it real...

Get up at sunrise...take a breath, look at the possibilities the day holds...where can you do some good this day? What will you paint on your life's canvas today?

This holiday season can start with a brand new day, everyday...or you can go back to bed and let it ride.
Your call. And have a nice day!

photo image: copyright 2006 Carol Chretien
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