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Thursday, July 30, 2009

FIRST LOOK at the End of July!

Waiting At the Gates
oil on canvas
Carol Chretien
Started this week with one of our Art Helping Animals rescues in mind,
This little guy waits by the gate.
It could be perceived as a Rainbow Bridge piece but in reality I was interested in using the design of the "wrought iron" backdrop to off set the high value light and use the black in the dog to connect the two.
I have been having fun with backgrounds, the challenge being always to punch it up and not let it overpower.
Stay Tuned for the Finish work!
and look at what I posted on our ART HELPING ANIMALS BLOG:
Brand new WET PAINT!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


You saw their beginnings...Here is the promised finish!
(scroll down through the blog to see the "befores" )
" As Free As The Birds"
oil on canvas with painted sides.
(AnnaMae is my model she is currently in foster care)
100% of the Auction proceeds will go to
details coming on their site!

" Fireside Dreams"
Year of the Cat Series #2 representing February
12x12 Oil on Canvas w Painted sides
20% of the proceeds go to
Friends of Bristol Animal Shelter
and finally....

"Her World Is Silent, Her Dreams Are Not"
Keller was my model and she is in foster care for DRTB
oil on gallery wrapped canvas
20% of the sale goes to

A note about painting for DRTB:
they have a VERY ill Dal girl named Pheonix who is undergoing intensive healing, surgery and hopefully successful rehab.
2 of the paintings above were specifically painted to help with the finances.
The TOP painting will be auctioned off with all proceeds benefitting the rescue.
These rescue volunteers at DRTB are the best of the best and do work that goes above and beyond for these animals.
At any time they also care for an average of 15 senior dalmatians in final refuge, giving them love and dignity to the last day of their lives.
Thanks for looking and thanks for helping homeless animals with art!

All three paintings are done and drying as we speak. This frees up my easel to create new work!
each of these paintings will help rescue.
Stay Tuned!

Friday, July 24, 2009

YEAR OF THE CAT series... Updates!

"Year of the Cat" series is in progress...The 3rd painting in the series will be started soon.
I am in the process of deciding which cat I will choose for my model. It will be a cat up for adoption from TABBY's PLACE. The month of MARCH will be represented.
The first two are below.

" Fireside Dreams " has been RESERVED and the donation will be going to
Friends of Bristol Animal Shelter. This painting will be finished soon.

" Fireside Dreams "


" The Queen Of All She Surveys"

thanks so much for supporting homeless animals through art!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

As Free As the Birds - Update!

Here is Phase II and the title is: "As Free As The Birds" 8x10 oil on canvas.
The idea speaks to the feeling of freedom for the adoptables, to have their own family to love them for all their remaining days and not have to be taken away again. A lovely circumstance for sure!
This painting will be offered with 100% donation to help the Dals in rescue through TAMPA BAY DALMATIAN RESCUE!

One more session will finish this painting starring AnnaMae as my model.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

FIRST LOOK! - Work in Progress 3 new ones!

These next 3 pieces are on the easel. I have been busy. But not as busy as the rescues that I paint to help. There are an increasing amount of animals ending up in shelters and not in the nicest ways. Of course we want to save them all. We have to focus on what good we can do and just keep going forward.

One of my very favorite rescues is DAMATIAN RESCUE OF TAMPA BAY. They are good people working their fingers and hearts to the bone to get these animals saved. Not all are pure breds. Does that matter? No. I was inspired for this first one below by a photo of a mixed breed Dalmatian named "KELLER" who is a deaf girl in foster care. Available to be adopted! Visit their site for the info.
The painting is entitled: Her World Is Silent, Her Dreams Are Not

This second one is the second in the 12 painting series The Year of the Cat...this is February.
It will be offered for Friends Of Bristol (RI) Animal Shelter. Right now there is an interested party who may reserve the painting so check back on that. The model who inspired this cozy scene is Sunshine...she was adopted.
The title is: Fireside Dreams Come True

Lastly this painting has the least amount of work done but will be a BIG WINNER...why you ask? Because this painting is for Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay and it will be 100% donation to the rescue when sold. The model is AnnaMae and she is up for adoption being fostered by one of my heroes in FLORIDA, the dog magnet known to the street dogs as just "Jay" the painting will be auctioned with All proceeds to the rescue. They are swamped in dogs right now and not simple shampoo and feed a bit and find a home...but serious health issues, expensive ones. So...

Stay tuned for the finish of these paintings I will update and we will keep on painting for homeless animals hoping to do the best we can to help in this imperfect world.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wading in the Shallows - Completed!

I have completed this new oil that will help BONES rescue.
20% will be donated to help homeless Beagles.
This painting was RESERVED prior to completion at FIRST LOOK.

Thanks go to Pam a BONES volunteer who keeps me in ideas that help rescue!

STAY TUNED! More work on the way!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Airedale Nocturne - First Look!

Finished this painting 12 x 12 oil on canvas and now available to help
20% will go to the org to help support their work.
The painting was inspired by images from the NARA library.
Free Shipping
just email me for an invoice.
Original oil.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Update: The Explanation

The painting was finished and posted and SOLD to help True Blue Rescue.
I was telling my artist friends at The Art Colony that I really did identify with the relationship of this little girl in the painting. I had a dalmatian that was my best friend when I was her age. We

spent a lot of time together and she was so loved. We enjoyed many long talks together.
It is a magical time between children and their dogs.
True Blue Rescue is in Texas and helps many different types of animals find loving homes.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Update: Work in Progress for BONES


The second pass on this new painting for BONES beagle rescue.
I am layering in the colors to deepen the atmosphere and give more drama of this duo on the beach.
More detail coming for the dogs and reflections Stay Tuned for the finish.
thanks for looking!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Progress with Airedales!

" We'll Take The Window Seat "
soon to be finished for
airedale rescue with 20% to the charity.
I am having so much fun with this painting. It is because it makes me remember making art as a kid. It was of course my favorite past time and it was so much fun to have the freedom to color and draw and paint whatever I wanted to. That is what it is like painting for the rescues.
You just let your imagination take you to color filled places.
I still have some corrections and need to add some details but it will be finished pretty soon.
If you are interested in reserving this painting before it is listed for sale please email!
Stay Tuned.

Update! Finished Work...for TABBY's PLACE

" The Year of the Cat "

First in the series: SOLD

from her perch on the window sill this feline is watching over her domaine.
the painting will sell to help
Tabby's Place
with 20% going to the rescue!

Thanks for helping me help homeless animals with art!
Stay tuned for more new work soon.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Bare Bones - New Works In Progress

The next three images are here to show you the very first pass or ugly stage of newest works on the easel.
They will all be offered for our Art Helping Animals supported rescues... NARA, TBAR, & BONES respectively.
STAY TUNED for the finish and see how they turn out!

I love to see where they will take me as I paint is sometimes even a surprise to me. LOL!

We'll Take the Window Seat

The Explanation

Wading in the Shallows

Friday, July 03, 2009

FIRST LOOK! Miss January

" The Queen of All I Survey "

Closing in on the finish to this WIP started last week. Just a few details to do and if you would like to reserve this First in the 12 Cat series "The Year of the Cat" ....12 x 12 format oil on canvas the painting continues around the sides for frameless display or you can frame, whatever your preference.....before I offer it for sale ...just email me at: and the first email received will have the painting.
The inspiration came from the photo library at Art Helping Animals with thanks.
Each painting in the series will be listed at 150.00.
20% of the sale will go directly to rescue to help
Tabby's Place A Cat Sanctuary

Thursday, July 02, 2009


oil on canvas
Brady was my inspiration for this painting, he is the Black Lab of my friend Tracy.
He loves the beach as any Labrador does.
The minimal scape with the billowing clouds and waving dune grass lend a peaceful sensibility.
The black lab surveys the sea below.
This painting is available to help the dogs in final refuge care or senior foster care through
an Art Helping Animals supported rescue.
you can purchase this painting
20% goes to the rescue


Black dogs are the hardest to find homes for and are a special favorite of Judith at

Old Dog Haven. visit their site for adoption info or to sponsor an needy dog in their care.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

July 1st! Follow-up To WIPs...

Both of these paintings are finished and have SOLD. In both cases they sold before I could officially list them (reserved from First Look) and the rescue that benefitted was
WILLING HEARTS DALMATIAN RESCUE, an official Art Helping Animals supported charity.

An additional donation went out to Montgomery Humane Society as thanks for the use of the ref image of the Dal puppy in foster care who inspired the painting "The Little Dipper."

Both of these models were once abandoned Dalmatians who now live in wonderful loving homes.

The Little Dipper
(Cole Edward)

My New Life Will Have Gardens
My approach to using reference images for paintings for rescue is always interesting to me.
I often have no plan to do a particular painting and then I see a photo (especially of a homeless animal) and it justs suggests a scene, a feeling or a moment in time that I can create around it.
Sometimes people send me images and give me permission to use them if & when the inspiration strikes me. I just never know when it will click.
The painting above of Oreo, a dalmatian recently rescued and starting Foster Care, getting him ready for his forever home, was one of a series of images that showed his first day in a home. Oreo never made it as a foster dog...he was adopted by the family who wanted to foster him!
The image of him tired and resting in the back seat of their car on the first day just suggested the painting above to me. While it was not a dead-0n portrait of Oreo, the ref image gave me the information to translate into the finished work. The background is completely from my imagination and it gave me the title.
thanks for stopping by...I will be adding the updates of the other Work in Progress paintings soon.
I have 2 new Labrador Retriever paintings swirling in my mind and will be doing something new for Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay and NARA airedale rescue very soon.