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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Off the Grid...Studio redo.

This is the in-progress pic of the old color with the new color..."Grecian Urn" but I call it "blueberry" because that is what it looks like to me. I am leaving the aqua behind for clean and crisp. That rack is where I keep some supplies and drying paintings etc. Today I finished my declutter and it is super neat and peaceful. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
These are not quite in order but you get the idea. You see my chair and table easel and my "media center" LOL a little HD TV and a dvd player and my iPod A bazillion movies a painting of my angel face niece Brittany and boxes with a variety of mediums all nicely labeled. That is my Emmi cat's perch where she lays in the sun while I paint. I had to keep that there. :)

Better look at my corner with the light behind me. I put up frosted panels when I need to.

Emmi herself. Monitoring my progress. She hates disorder and disarray in her world.

Another in-progress pic of my old colors vs new.
I am on to the next room ...purging more stuff and foolishness as Niecy Nash says!
:) so happy to start over fresh.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

TIME OUT! ...Announcement

I have been trying to decide how to possibly get some much needed work done here in my home and still try to keep all the balls in the air.
It has come down to taking one of my jobs out of the equasion.
I am going to close the studio for the month of April to give me a chance to do some work in in the house without the guilt and worry of not getting artwork done for my favorite rescues.
So when I return to painting in May I hope to be eagerly refreshed and ready to jump into my work with wild abandon and a freshly painted and organized studio, house and spring cleaned yard.
At least that is my plan.
STAY TUNED....I will be back soon.
you are truly appreciated.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Point of View


is the title of this painting that will be part of a mini-exhibit in Atlanta GA soon together with my fellow ART HELPING ANIMALS artists. Artist Andy Mathis is hanging this exhibit for us.

I was thinking about the Glass Half Full vs Half Empty way of looking at the world and thought that since it was a personal point of view it my be interesting to ponder...from a different perspective.

This was recently finished in oil on canvas.
more info will follow when all the paintings are together in Atlanta.

thanks for looking!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Feel the Burn...Out....?

Ziegfeld Girl
circa 1920's
a look, an attitude...those eyes, those lips!

By now you are wondering...what the heck is she doing these for????
LOL! well simply put, I am pulling myself back from the edge of burnout.

These are my exercises of something to clear my mind, regroup, refresh, and just take a pause.

Little known fact but I never, ever, ever draw. I haven't since I was a tween. I went straight to Oils at 13 and never looked back. That was a million years ago.

On and off over the years I have taken long breaks from painting and most all other art work and as I have mentioned in other posts, have been distracted by Life and situations that took me down other paths.

Right now, after 4 intense years of total focus on small, collectible paintings or large commissions I have found a need to step off the path a bit and just stop and take a breath.

So for a little while I am moving at a slower speed, taking a pause and playing with some ideas and just relaxing my very tight grip on the brush.
I think in the end it will be a very good thing for me and the causes I serve.

I hope you stay tuned will be as much a surprise for me as for you.

Friday, March 12, 2010

It is all about the HATS...

As I continue to follow the Muse along with pencil drawing I am being lead (no pun intended! LOL) down this path to the beautiful Black and White photography and lighting of the vintage beauties of the early 1900's into the 40's.
I love everything about the 30's & 40's and swear my last life was during that time.
These renderings are based on images from that time with some redesign on my part when it came to the hats, particularly.
They were mad about hats in those days. I love them. It took some kind of self confidence to wear some of those styles!
In any case, these are fun drawings for me as I teach myself some textures and just ENJOY the process of working on these old beauties.
I have researched through some of the copyright free vintage image sites to pull some of my favorite classic beauties from the early 1900's and will use some of those public figures to do some more work in graphite.
I'm am interested to see where this is going...even I never know.
Stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back to the Drawing Board

Vintage Beauty
this is absolutely becoming fun for me.
I love the classical images and statues of angels and the look of vintage beauties.
today I was inspired by some vintage photography
and this drawing is based on a photo of a 1900's image.
I used elements from the original but put my own ideas into it as I drew.
Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Today is for Charcoal....

My exploration of different mediums continues.

My attempt at Charcoal today is a portrait of Trinity...a dog that is currently available for adoption through RIMROCK Humane Society in Montana.

Please consider adoption when looking for a wonderful pet.
To purchase the drawing,
50% or 25.00 goes to this rescue
email me to purchase


Monday, March 08, 2010

Another day, another pencil...

The exercises's work.
depicting glass with pencil.
Pencil work: Graphite (above) and Colored Pencil art (below)

Friday, March 05, 2010

Just for the Heck of It....rather sketchy

As you can see ....not my typical work or choice of medium...this was an exercise of about 5 hrs of pencil drawing. Just wanted to see what it was like for a pencil artist to do their work. My hat is off to those who have the patience of saints to work in graphite. Not kidding!
Many painters do detailed sketch work before they start applying oil or other colored mediums to their supports ...I never do. You have seen the Work In Progress postings here, I may have an outline here and there but I leave all the creative happenings to the application of paint as I go. Lots of seeing as I paint.
Frankly I admire those who sketch out a whole is the map they use to get to their destination. I have always been in awe of that process but I think I have that urge to jump right in with color right off the bat that keeps me away from that path.
In any case, I did enjoy the exercise for the most part. Thought I would share it as I had nothing new to show in oils and it was interesting to me, thought it might be for you.
Today I am back to the oil paint. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It is fun to take a field trip once in a while and the multi-media artists are so fortunate to be able to do their best work in many different ways...applause all around. :D
Me? I'm just an Oiler...dyed in the wool, paint clothes stained, squeeze those tubes out...oiler.
Back to the easel.
Stay tuned...something different coming up next. ;o)