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Saturday, March 21, 2015

2015...Life is so FAST!I

Miss Cami ... 
(photo...March 2015)  

Hello ...Looking at my Blog-less Blog ...feeling nostalgic and missing my Art time.

I had some high hopes for getting back into the swing of things in 2014 but other than getting the Studio sorted out and in working order and doing some work for practice...which I really did all just came to a halt as I remain busy with life and the family.

The sadness of it, for me, other than the obvious of missing the practice and enjoyment of creating the lack of my ability to donate to Rescue. All my past donations to helping animals in rescue through Art were made possible by the sale of artwork.

I can't even predict when I will restart.  Time is passing, I dream of painting, I am busy with other non-art projects and have not yet figured out a way to incorporate everything it takes to produce and promote and get the wheels back up and flying as I once did.

The only thing I can say is that I have faith that eventually it will once again come together but it will be an evolution that starts over from scratch. At least I would like to think so.

An Artist that is not making art has a piece of their puzzle missing from the box. My Muse tugs at me...a lot.

In any case, the three Cats in my life provide me with lots of inspiration for future work ...all new faces, stories, poses and ideas swirl around them...time will tell.  The Muse will get louder in my head and then....

Many Blessings to all.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Let's Catch Up! Life, Changes and Art 2014.


Lizzie has been gone for a year as of May 20th.
Most who have known me through my art work know this was a tremendous loss to Leo and me.

She was THE most wonderful girl,  one of my favorite models and paintings of her in various poses and pieces of work have her living on around the globe.
She helped me provide a lot of support to non-profit Animal Rescues over many years and that gives me great satisfaction as she inspired so much of my work with Art Helping Animals.
She is always with us in our home even now a year later.

One month before Lizzie crossed the Rainbow Bridge at almost 15 years, 3 kittens were born in Bristol Animal Shelter. They were in need of being hand raised due to their mom's medical issue. A wonderful volunteer took on their feeding and care until they were able to be adopted.

A few days after Lizzie passed I got in touch with Lori at Bristol Shelter and asked if they had kittens for adoption and she immediately told me about these 3 very young, needy kittens.  THREE!  Twice in our life we have had TWO cats along with our Dalmatians...but THREE?

As serendipitous as Life would have it...they were to become OURS.  With the approval and support of their Vet, Dr Grossi (also Lizzie's Vet) and Ellen (the wonderful volunteer foster "mom" and staff member at Acoaxet Veterinary Clinic) we took them home at 7 weeks old.  They were SO tiny, needy and so adorable. Just what we needed to help up through the grief of losing Lizzie. (The year before we had lost our Emmi cat to old age at 18 years).

Taking on these 3 kittens was much more than I anticipated when we started but we soon figured it all out and with careful monitoring and Vet checks we got there! They are now a year and a month old. They are 3 beautiful, loving, healthy, entertaining Cats.  Life is good for them. They were three of the lucky ones to be born and given a chance by the rescue and loved on so well by the care and attention of their foster caregiver.

Meet my new Studio Companions!  Maxwell, our tiger boy. Cami, aka "Scooter" our silver bullet. Ella, named in honor of Ellen their foster Mom, who is our elegant black beauty.

After two years of closing the Studio, well converting it to kitten play land, and putting away all the paints etc., closing my Website, and just stopping all art related activities...I have started painting again.

Right now I am moving at a snail's pace as I am introducing the Studio and my painting routine to the "Crew" and taking time to practice the process of painting. No pressure, no deadlines, no commissions...just reacquainting myself with my paint.

I am starting a series of Still Life paintings that are educational for me as I hone my skills, find my inspiration, learn new things in the process of making art.
After painting animals for so long, this is really a good method for me to stretch my "muscles" for a while and get back into the Joy of painting.

You can follow along with me as I post works in progress and hopefully soon I will be able to offer work for sale that will benefit Animals In Need at my favorite Non-profit rescues.

As always....when my work is sold, once again, a donation will be made to help homeless animals. My passion and purpose remains the same, painting from my Soul and helping where I can through Art.

I hope you will "Stay tuned"... thank you so much for your interest and support in the past...looking forward to the future and what the Muse will inspire.

Many Blessings to you!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Controlled Chaos...2012 devil!

original oil that sold to help rescue
(one of my favorite all time models)

Life is a challenge for most of us on our best days.
We share that commonality.
I am so fortunate and know it because I have had a great support system around me for my whole life.
Not everyone has that advantage so that alone makes you feel blessed.
2012 has been one Hell of Ride so far.
It has had the Highest Highs and the Lowest Lows.
I have learned so much by all the changes and experiences, and some of them have been first time ones at that, for better or worse.
I can best describe 2012 as
The understanding of it, the utilization of ways to manage it or just   
 functionally approach it, and ALL of the circumstances of change this year,
has served me well.
It is a great teacher. I am an attentive student.

No complaints here at all...
and I just want to acknowledge that fact.
I have updated my home page on my
to reflect the fact that I am not painting until futher notice.
I have received some emails for commission requests that remain on hold.
(of course I do NOT begrudge anyone wanting to go forward with other artists if they do NOT want to wait for a future time for me!)
I have no idea just how long this period will last.
The general plan is to reevaluate in 2013.
Lizzie is doing very well...much better than we hoped for and that is something that has its own shelf-life. Things can change in an instant.
Metacam and Tramadol are doing a fine job for her at the moment...ALONG WITH
really careful care and planning and total focus on our parts (Leo is the biggest help with this)...and anyone following along on Facebook gets our updates daily...HA HA! (you know who YOU are!)
so we march on
On August 24th she will be 14 years old.
We are so thankful for every moment...from the waiting for her to be born, to being chosen for us (we hoped it was HER and it was) by the Havilands at Deltalyn Dalmatians in Rehoboth, Ma. to all the fun and love we have enjoyed for all those 14 years.
Appreciating one day at a time with Lizzie is just fine with us.
We are making the most of the time given us...
the adventure continues.
More to follow!
Peace & Cheers,

Monday, July 09, 2012


(pic taken May 2012)
She was telling me to lets get moving and go have a snack...
"Stop painting, Mom...let's go!"
Well here we are again...I seem to be putting Art on hold once more but I need a little time to see to Lizzie's daily needs. She will be our 14 yr old on August 24th.
She came to live with us forever on the day she turned 8 weeks old. I have pictures of her from the day she was born. We waited a couple of years for her after we lost our previous liver dalmatian Abby to the Bridge at age 14.
Lizzie is doing ok at the moment. Not used to seeing her move so slowly...not used to seeing her getting up gingerly from naps. The one thing that has not changed at all is her appetite. And once she is up and moving she is doing ok. Prances around in a little bit of a limp at times. Loves to take a few turns around her yard and bark at whatever she thinks needs barking at. Mooches as many bites of anything edible as much as ever!
These are the days that we never want to think about coming, as time winds down and age catches up. Anyone who knows us (Leo is as bad or worse) knows our animals are just people with fur to us. Lizzie, like Emmi, Dinah, Abby, Baylis and Sesby before her, has had the best life with more love than you think your heart can give. But these times are not easy...
We have an appointment for a physical and eval to see if they have something that may make her time a little better. She gets lots of love and attention and we will do whatever is the best for her.
Next Tuesday she will see the same Vet (Dr Cathy Grossi) who gave such wonderful care to Emmi last year and helped us have an extra couple of months with her.
She was so compassionate and kind to us (I am always a mess and a challenge for any Vet who helps us! I find it so ironic that I could give the kind of care and support as a nurse to people in the most dire times...and am a train wreck when it comes to my animals!!!) Dr Grossi is so down to earth and sensible.
In the meantime we are doing all kinds of supportive things and taking it a day at a time.
Lots of hugs and kisses and even more attention, if that is possible.
For Daily Painters Gallery that I post once a week for ART HELPING ANIMALS I will repost older unsold work. That is once a week on Saturdays. I am not sure if I will be in the studio for the next few weeks to see how it goes.  And then we'll take it from there.
Good thoughts for Lizzie (and us) are always so appreciated.
We share these times....which is why when I paint memorials and portraits for others and especially the Bridge Pet paintings, I share the losses and the connection of these pets and their people very personally.
Because we have been there walking in those shoes, as well. 
These are days we wish would never get here...they always do in their own time.
I shall return again with new work but for now it is
"Lizzie time."
thanks for letting me ramble!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This & That ... summer re-runs!

Summer Re-Runs in Case You Missed
details of each painting is found in links below images.
Helping Rescues 100% Donations thru 2012

Available oil link below:

Available oil link below:

Available oil link below:

oil on canvas
your choice of rescue receives donation!

oil on canvas
your choice of rescue receives donation!

Available oil link below:

Available oil link below:
Available oil link below:

Available Oil link below:

thanks for looking!

If you see something you like...Just email me to purchase:
Stay tuned!

Monday, June 25, 2012


10 yrs ago I "met" this DAL PAL, Jay Cannaday on the old AOL DALPALs message board...Jay has a huge heart and was fostering dogs and rehoming as many as his own home would allow long before it was fashionable. He has driven thousands of miles to help with transports and save dogs from many a kill shelter on hhis own dime.  Imagine if he could give those transports a real boost in this VAN pictured below?!
He did not ask me to blog this but I think we could go a long way to help him if you could VOTE daily and just share this story so the good guy could win for a change.
...everyone asks for votes on CUTE ANIMALS PICS ... Please VOTE for JAY and THE LONDON SANCTUARY and the really great work he does helping save the discarded and abused dogs from kill shelters. Please Read below!  Thanks in Advance.

PLEASE CLICK AND VOTE! TLS could SO use this van!

"Artist's rendering"... The London Sanctuary is vying to win a Chrysler Ram cargo van like this for use as a transport vehicle. I photoshopped in the TLS graphics as an incentive! Your votes... (daily!) can help them win, and it's easy. Just visit the link, click, and you're done. Oh, and SHARE too! This van would make rides to adoption events, the vet's office, and foster homes so much easier, plus would really help TLS's efforts to get dogs to and from other states. Jay Cannaday and the TLS volunteer pack thank you. VOTE HERE:


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Work In Progress...sneak peek...and a reminder!

Some Sunday work...
spent the morning dabbling in other media then finished the morning working on these two
both works in progress.

Ribbon Dancer

Tea & Fortunes

Questions, Comments or Reservations:

thanks for helping artists help animals

(Dancing Across the Bridge)
Carol Chretien

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Reason


Wading In
new oil on canvas
with 100% donation
(Meet Harrison below)
Today that is just what I did...I went wading into the story of a Dalmatian boy
who desperately needs help.
I was thinking about something the other day...I heard someone on TV say "There is a REASON why she is here in this life..." it was in reference to a very sad situation that the person has been born into, but the idea was that even in adversity there is a REASON for her being here greater than the difficulties.
I think there is a reason I can paint a bit. Why I was drawn to do came out of nowhere as these things do. It was an innate ability that I had from childhood. It was the way I was wired I guess. No one in my family had the interest or inclination to make art.
It's a nice past could do it quietly at home and never show it. You don't have to succeed or fail.  But there was a REASON for me to have this knack. I believe it was to use it in a way that made it so much more than itself. Art that helps. So you need to put it out there. And while I was never going to be a "master" or create world famous art I was going to find a way to do my art my own way and love it or leave it, use it to help animals in need. If a painting resonates with someone it ends up helping and that to me is success in spades!
So that brings me to this painting above.
I am offering it for sale with the entire amount going to help "HARRISON"
he is a Dalmatian that was found injured in Houston TX June 17th , put in a shelter and a message was sent out as "Urgent Medical Rescue Needed" it was for Rescue Only to spring him from the shelter and get him medical help.
Expensive medical help as Harrison has multiple fractures in his pelvis and a dislocated hip.
He was pulled from that shelter by someone who helps rescue but is NOT "a rescue" so he was given help by DALMATIAN RESCUE of SOUTHERN FLORIDA. They helped make arrangements to champion this dog's cause and get him some funding to help with his upcoming surgery.
Many hands can make miracles happen.
DRSF has set up a CHIP-IN to help him. If everyone could donate the price of a cup of fancy coffee or ANY amount they can afford it would help with this vet expense.
Or it can be sent directly to the vet.
Information is all on the Dalmatian Rescue Site.
Please pass this info on to anyone who might be interested in helping.


I am in Massachusetts, Harrison and his main rescuer Shelby (bless you!) are in Texas, The Dal rescue is in Florida...It doesn't matter where you are located, we are all in the same place when we stand together heart-to-heart.
if you want to contact me to reserve the painting
to simply make a Chip-In donation

Sunday, June 17, 2012

When the sun shines....I paint!

Simply Asian Apple-Pears
oil on canvas panel
These Apple-Pears were absolutely delicious.
There is nothing like them.
The best of both worlds.

Courtyard Cats
oil on hardboard panel
This piece is almost done...just want to let the cats dry a bit and see if they need a tweak!
It was so fun painting this one. I just have been sitting with it between sessions and enjoying the creative play.
Of course, should they sell, they will benfit rescue.
If you have an interest in them and would like to purchase or reserve...

Otherwise...thanks for looking!
Peace and cheers!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sneak Peek! New Seacape on the easel...and more!


New painting on the easel...sunset with wading figure and dalmatian in quiet contemplation.
oil on canvas
Sunset and a serene feel to this piece.
This painting when finished will benefit
on of my favorite rescues.
if you wish to reserve this painting
please email me:
Tomorrow "Summer Wind" will be representing
Art Helping Animals on The Daily Painter's Gallery site.
you can see the finished painting below.
it is available for sale to help
Bristol, RI

oil on canvas panel
with 100% going to the rescue.
email me to purchase.
Thanks for helping artists help animals with your purchase of
original art!