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Monday, July 09, 2012


(pic taken May 2012)
She was telling me to lets get moving and go have a snack...
"Stop painting, Mom...let's go!"
Well here we are again...I seem to be putting Art on hold once more but I need a little time to see to Lizzie's daily needs. She will be our 14 yr old on August 24th.
She came to live with us forever on the day she turned 8 weeks old. I have pictures of her from the day she was born. We waited a couple of years for her after we lost our previous liver dalmatian Abby to the Bridge at age 14.
Lizzie is doing ok at the moment. Not used to seeing her move so slowly...not used to seeing her getting up gingerly from naps. The one thing that has not changed at all is her appetite. And once she is up and moving she is doing ok. Prances around in a little bit of a limp at times. Loves to take a few turns around her yard and bark at whatever she thinks needs barking at. Mooches as many bites of anything edible as much as ever!
These are the days that we never want to think about coming, as time winds down and age catches up. Anyone who knows us (Leo is as bad or worse) knows our animals are just people with fur to us. Lizzie, like Emmi, Dinah, Abby, Baylis and Sesby before her, has had the best life with more love than you think your heart can give. But these times are not easy...
We have an appointment for a physical and eval to see if they have something that may make her time a little better. She gets lots of love and attention and we will do whatever is the best for her.
Next Tuesday she will see the same Vet (Dr Cathy Grossi) who gave such wonderful care to Emmi last year and helped us have an extra couple of months with her.
She was so compassionate and kind to us (I am always a mess and a challenge for any Vet who helps us! I find it so ironic that I could give the kind of care and support as a nurse to people in the most dire times...and am a train wreck when it comes to my animals!!!) Dr Grossi is so down to earth and sensible.
In the meantime we are doing all kinds of supportive things and taking it a day at a time.
Lots of hugs and kisses and even more attention, if that is possible.
For Daily Painters Gallery that I post once a week for ART HELPING ANIMALS I will repost older unsold work. That is once a week on Saturdays. I am not sure if I will be in the studio for the next few weeks to see how it goes.  And then we'll take it from there.
Good thoughts for Lizzie (and us) are always so appreciated.
We share these times....which is why when I paint memorials and portraits for others and especially the Bridge Pet paintings, I share the losses and the connection of these pets and their people very personally.
Because we have been there walking in those shoes, as well. 
These are days we wish would never get here...they always do in their own time.
I shall return again with new work but for now it is
"Lizzie time."
thanks for letting me ramble!