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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Just Trying To Help

It is only in a small way you hope to make a difference by offering a painting to help an animal in need.
But very good things happen when like minds and hearts link together.
We've had some success and these most deserving pets do find homes.
The Good News is "Pudding" has 2 families applying for adoption.Visit your local rescue and offer what you can to those waiting for placement in a forever home. Sometimes it is just a donation or taking them for a walk, or playing with them or giving loving attention.
Every little thing you do counts in their lives.
If you have your own companion animals and you know what great lives they enjoy because of your love then you know how those waiting would benefit from their own forever home.
What a great feeling when you get the news that another one is saved!
There is real magic there and you get even more inspired to see what else can be done.
Credit and Thanks to all the volunteers that make a real difference in the lives of these pets in waiting. True miracle workers they are!

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