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Sunday, April 29, 2012

When the Muse Takes Over...

You never know what will present itself!

Sometimes you struggle. Sometimes you work for what seems like days...
then you have those times every Artist knows where you hold the brushes and 
something else just seems to take over.

After working all day on some detailed paintings that really have to have somewhat accurate angles and such I was about to stop for the day and then much to my surprise hand reach for a canvas and all of a sudden there was a LION staring back at me.

This is what I mean by the Muse just doing her own thing. I had NO intention of painting this Lion today or any day in the near future. I have a bunch of in-progress paintings of Urban Scenes that I am ambitiously working my way through. I have been thinking about paintings with beaches and children playing... this majestic Lion...this King of the Cats decided he needed to appear here.

So there you have it. He is going to be quite thanks to me! 
I am just a cog in the wheel.
I am doing my job by showing up.
as with all my work this year...
it will eventually be offered at 100% donation to a rescue when ready to go.
you just never know...but isn't it nice to be able to still be surprised?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Karma, Drama, Dharma and the Dance...

Huntress Moon
to view and print on demand
all sales will be donated to rescues
So here's the thing...all my work in any form until the end of the year is being donated 100% to non-profit rescues. Rescue is where my heart lies.
If you know me or know my work or my passion that is not news.

The reason for this is that millions of pets are disposed of in this society on a disgustingly regular basis and yet we are such a "pet friendly" society. We spend billions on our pets. We have pets in almost every household. 
 And yet, and YET millions are put death every year.
 SPAY AND NEUTER, people!  can it be said enough?
So you have these dedicated volunteer rescues, and some of the well funded larger ones like Best Friends who really pack a punch in scope and education of the public...but it is the little guy, the grass roots efforts, the "regular"  people in the trenches...that I am compelled to pour my work into. 
And this need to paint and share it... is Soul Work for me. 
So I am already beyond gratified that ANY work I have done has been able to help even a little. 
Last year I was hardly able to give anything to rescues as I was sidelined. But now as I am back in training, while I still work on the old shoulder injury, I am able to create work again that helps. Blessings and joys I can't even describe. 
Painting is magical.
Piece of white canvas, a bunch of scruffy tubes of oil color and some brushes...
POW! A painting comes to life. Amazing to me! I still don't understand it myself.
But I do love the magic of art. And then...Alchemy! It becomes more than itself, more than just a pretty can actually transform to help others. It provides green energy to homeless animals or other charities.
While I was "deployed" from my old life and unemployed by the new nature of the "business of healing" and all kinds of internal Drama that ensued from that chapter of my life...You know the part of life where your story starts to sound like a bad country song?...the Karmic light started to shine again.
What do you do?
You shed the old skin and you shake the drama off your karma and you start the dance! I've been dancing and spinning and flying, ever since.
(Insert Snoopy Dancin' image get the picture!)
That is where I find myself today. I am so thankful I have the Muse back in my corner, I am thankful that the old life is behind me, I know I have a chance to still do for others in a way that is practical and gives a little ease to bad situations and comes from my own hand. Offered lovingly.
I am an Artist.
We always wish we could do more. There is so much need. If everyone does their little part then it all comes together in a much bigger way than the parts of ourselves. 
That, to me, adds up to hopeful.
 And isn't it wonder-filled to begin from a hopeful place?
I am working on all kinds of new art with new enthusiasm and painting subjects and different things I have not done in years. So freeing and so much fun. 
Join in the Dance.
Stay Tuned!
Peace and cheers,

Thursday, April 19, 2012

High Seas ~ new work

High Seas


oil on canvas panel



Rollers on a gray day at sea. Offering this wave study to assist




100% of the sale going straight to the rescue

the buyer may also claim the tax deduction to the rescue.

this non-profit rescue has been doing heroic work for

Dalmatians and others in CA for a long time.

SDAL was the first rescue I ever painted for.

If you are interested in helping this rescue please visit their site

for Dals to foster or to adopt.


If you would like to purchase this painting:

email me

paypal is welcome


For all currently available work:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Choosing Sides ~ new work + a preview.

New work right off the easel and a work in progress.


oil on gallery wrapped canvas



available to help

Willing Hearts Dalmatian Rescue

100% donation to the rescue when sold


Work in Progress

High Seas
oil on panel
This morning I started this one, above is the first pass.
Another enjoyable one for me. As much as I love painting still life
I also love painting water.
I have done countless sea scapes with Dalmatians in them but this one is just the sea and a foggy sky.
It will be done soon.
Thanks for looking. If you want to email me with questions or comments
peace and cheers!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

PREVIEW...and more!

Studio Updates!

The first two paintings are new again...I should say I went back and did a second look and reworked these two paintings. I never gave up on them, I always liked them and they didn't seem to interest anyone.

So...back to the easel they went and I like them even more now. If they find a home with someone else ...even better!

they are also listed on my web site


The last painting (see below) is On The Easel and is a work in progress.




oil on gallery wrapped canvas




with 100% of the sale to help





oil on gallery wrapped canvas




with 100% of the sale for




My latest Angel / Rainbow Bridge painting is in the works

this oil is 11x14

and as yet to be completed but you can see where I am headed.

The puppy is a mixed breed and represents all puppies who end up in the arms of angels.

The Angel is still showing herself to me.

I am still not sure what I am going to do with the background yet.

Anyway...wanted to share this with you.

I may make this into prints when done.


I am also working on some mixed media paintings that are fun and interesting and have CATS in them.

So the work continues and I am ever grateful for your interest in my work.


thanks for looking!

contact me anytime or just say hi!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Huntress ~ Carol Chretien



Carol Chretien

oil on gallery wrapped canvas

This newest painting is for




100% donation to the rescue when sold.

About the painting:

The lioness is a wonderful symbol of female strength and power.

She is a provider, a huntress and in this particular painting she is portrayed as a lady in waiting. Under the moon, in the high grass and waiting for that opportunity to present itself.

Intensity with intent.

Much the way I feel about painting to help homeless animals.

If this painting speaks to your inner Lioness...You can email me


Paypal is welcome!

The funds will go straight to the rescue.

We are working to help homeless animals each in our own way.

thanks so much for looking.

Saturday this painting will also be posted for sale on

Daily Painter's Gallery


Art Helping Animals.

feel free to share the link!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Happiness is Helping a Rescue!...and NEW WORK

I can't say THANK YOU! enough to the response to my work with my return to painting after this year long hiatus and how you have helped such deserving rescues! In the last two weeks we have donated funds to

3 rescues with the sale of FOUR (!!!!) paintings.

White Rose

Sky Rider

The High and Mighty



are all sold with funds going to

Dalmatian Rescue Tampa Bay, The London Sanctuary, Bristol Animal Shelter





oil on gallery wrapped canvas




This new rose painting gives a nod to Georgia O'keeffe in a respectful way in that I "deconstructed" a rose to a minimalist view point and then painted this in glowing desert sunset hues. It really is a vibrant piece as posted above.

100% of the sale will go to help





He is a WONDERFUL gentle and loving cat
(I know this because he sat in my lap for about 20 minutes purring and loving the attention!) and should have a home of his own.
All the details about him can be found on their site:
Please visit them here.
If you are interested in "Desert Sunset"
the funds will go straight to the rescue.
The buyer can claim the tax deduction.
thanks so much for helping artists help animals with art!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

PREVIEW~ Sonata New Work on the Easel



on the easel



This seascape is on the easel and will soon be available to help

The London Sanctuary.

Nocturne, moon and sea...a joy to paint and hopefully will help the rescue.

This week I have been painting a variety of subjects but mostly have been having a great time with sky, sunsets, seascapes.

If you are interested in reserving a painting before I post it for sale, just email me.

They are all oils on canvas, gallery wrapped for easy display and smaller sized and collectible.

Every piece of work until the end of the year is a donation to rescue.

The buyer can take the tax deduction and have an original piece of art for their collection.


Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The High And Mighty or... Lets meet ALURA!

First things first! (rescue photo)

Meet "ALURA"...she was born in June of 2011 and is almost a year old.

She has been in foster care the whole time...she REALLY deserves a forever home of her own. She lives in FL. Totally available for adoption through:

You can read all about it at the rescue link!


But, Jay...I have to tell you about him too, he is the founder of TLS...I met Jay at least 12 years ago...he was one of the original DALPALS on the "AOL Dalmatian message board" where all the dal folks hung out...way before Facebook was invented!

It is where my passion to paint to help rescue animals really started and later led me to Stella Violano and Art Helping Animals...another story!

but Jay...well he is a huge hearted person who had the knack of animals finding him and just getting rescued.

He has set up his tribute to London...his rescued Dalmatian...and has done so much with rescues and transports and networking to help I don't even know the half of it...I just know he DOES the work, and walks the talk. Please read all about the work on his site. There are a lot of "Happy Tales" to look at also!


This painting: "The High and Mighty" is available for sale.

100% of the sale goes to this rescue (minus the shipping fee) the Buyer can claim the TAX DEDUCTION and have a collectible original oil!

you will help save a life and keep the work for rescue going.

If this PAINTING speaks to you...

email me to purchase!

It will also be posted on THE DAILY PAINTER's GALLERY for sale on Saturday.

it is on the ART HELPING ANIMALS blog


please share if you are so inclined!



to purchase.

THANKS so much for looking and helping animals.


Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The High And Mighty - preview - New Work

High And Mighty
oil on gallery wrapped canvas
100% donation to
The London Sanctuary
(minus shipping)
I will be posting this work for sale at the end of the week with detailed information about the rescue.
Stay tuned!