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Sunday, February 28, 2010

COOL BLUE - First Look! UPDATE...

oil on canvas
This new piece is painted to assist DALMATIAN RESCUE TAMPA BAY...they are one active, engaged and dedicated bunch of rescuers you could ever hope to meet.
I will be posting the finish and the story of my model "Lucas"
he waits for his forever home.
Have a pool? Need a great companion Dal?
contact the rescue!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Screeching Halt? or Life Gets In The Way...

" Like A Spiral In A Spiral..."
(original sold)

You know that song...Like a Spiral in a Spiral, Like a Wheel within a Wheel... that is where I am today.
I have been digging through old computer files to find some of my favorite paintings before they are lost forever. Learning some more about print image sizes and my own camera (all time consuming things) that I didn't know.
Also...allow me to whine a little about the lousy cold wet weather (not as bad as if it were 40 ft of snow like mid-Atlantic states have gotten, I freely admit) but the rain did produce a rather large leak in my studio ceiling the last couple of days and that has pushed me back a bit in my production of work. Lucky for me that the paintings are out of harms brushes and paint tubes all need to be rescued.
Always something. The weather is not looking good for a few more days...roof can't be fixed until the rain stops is just being "managed" ...oiy!
Please stay tuned as I work around the maze.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Catching Butterflies

This painting of Emmi sleeping in the studio was briefly offered for sale last Spring. It was a moment I caught of her at her most angelic time. I pulled the listing and decided I loved it too much to sell. I am glad I painted it and still have it in my collection. Emmi is 16 yrs old, she was 8 weeks old when we got her.
Hard to believe the time flies by so fast....but it does. She is still the feisty little thug we know and love (well maybe Love is too strong a word from Lizzie's view point! Ha!!!) but she is adorable in her own Emmi way.
I am so thankful she is still in our lives!

The original painting is not for sale but the print is now available on my website if you are interested in seeing the prints I have included (so far) in that grouping...just take a moment to view.
As I go through some of my image files I will be adding more to the collection.
As with all my work a portion will be donated from sales as promised to help homeless animals.
thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Announcement... PRINTS!

I just wanted to share that I have instituted the print function on my main
web site.
For the intial offering I have chosen to start with a print of this original oil from my own private collection.
This painting was exhibited in a show at the Cherry & Webb art gallery and remains
one of my favorite paintings.
It was photographed and included on the front page of the
Fall River Herald News, the city paper, for that exhibit. That was a nice surprise for me.
My art site host has started offering a chance for our clients to purchase prints separate from the originals we show there.
I have received emails asking me to offer more prints of my work and I plan on adding a good selection of past work and some of the new pieces too.
Please visit the site to see how it works.
The prices are reasonable and and there is a way to purchase either just the print or add a frame too.
If you have any requests...just email. It will take a little time to get some new things listed as I go through my images for the highest quality photos but they will be added soon.
Thanks so much for keeping the work I do in mind and know that a percentage of each sale will continue to help animals in matter the subject matter I paint.
Stay Tuned!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Exercising My Art Muscles

Sunday I was in the studio I worked on a couple of things that were close to being done. One was for our Atlanta mini show that AHA is going to do thanks to Andy Mathis our co-ordinator for that venture. One was the Penny Experiment...needed to finish that too.
So I did that. Then I sat.... and stared.... and sat looking and thinking.... had so many thoughts buzzing by, I wanted to paint something unrelated to animals or my usual...I have been having this image of an "African" inspired (ie: my version) head wrap and beautiful dark skin tones both of which I have never painted.
So the figure is a composite of many black women who are regal and beautiful and now I am going to find some great fabric to paint for the piece.
It is fun to do something unexpected...even for me. I was sitting there with that a blank canvas and was interested to see what was going to come out of the brush.
Today I will finish two Dal pieces and continue on my painting journey.
When the figure piece is further along I will post the update.
It has been a while since I painted a figure in this way but I am in love with the colors and can't wait to do the material. Should be fun.
Did I mention my Muse has been running around like a crazy muse waving her arms and shouting in my head with so many ideas that I can't do them all? I need to sit her down and have a chat. I LOVE the ideas but there are just so many hours in a day. And...some of them take some research and prep time. Yikes!
That was part of what happened yesterday. Even I was happily surprised when I started the painting above. Everyday something new.
Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Do the Clothes Make the Artist? :o)

Just for Fun....

You KNOWyou have had a productive week when you are folding laundry and the largest pile is the "Paint clothes" [ ie: my basic wardrobe ] was a good week!

The mainstays of my working wardrobe and fashion statement...Jeans and Tees.

A good artist friend, Tanya Amberson, sent me a Tshirt of one of my old
Dalmatian Christmas Designs for Christmas a few years ago...
once a paint splatter gets on the item it becomes an honorary member of my paint uniforms
club in my closet.
I wish everyone a day where you get to do what you
Happy Valentines Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Updated work... Diversity of Friends ...dal pup

The next phase of this RESERVED painting was part of yesterday's work ... painting in layers and taking my time.
This year my goal is to paint more deliberately and put my skills to the test. I am aiming for some more involved pieces.

I am researching a bit more on some themes I am interested in to paint in 2010. No need to hurry but I walk that line between wanting to paint for charity so to get the work out in smaller pieces and more timely....and wanting to paint for the soul and speak a little louder as an artist.

I am working it is a happy challenge for myself. I like working it to just do more prep work and express it in paint!

The work continues......

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Updates and then some...

Ok...these are done for all intents and will just need to get a tweak maybe if there is a need when I look at them tomorrow. For now it is "Back To The Beach" as I finish up the little friend making Dal Pup in the sand.
I really have a mardi gras themed piece nagging at my brain (it's the Muse but I am resisting) so that may be started later today...Or I will be finishing my 2 fish paintings.
So much to fast the time goes....
STAY TUNED! More to come! and as heart felt gratitude that you are even looking.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life Is A Party - completed!

oil on canvas

A happy fun painting to brighten your life. Liver Dalmatian puppy who thinks life really is a party. Not True of all pets especially need of a forever loving home.
Sold to help Save the Dalmatians rescue.

thanks to Joan Murphy for letting her wonderful Dalmatians inspire the work!

This painting will be posted on the ART HELPING ANIMALS art blog

and Daily Painter's Gallery tomorrow.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Stripes for a Change!... a new direction?

Last week it was SPOTS all over the place...

and I had also started a piece with a little different pattern. It changes it up a little and it is a lot of fun for me. So...stripes not spots today...while the other works in progress dry a little more before the next pass.
Painting still life is a meditative endeavor for me and maybe that is why I enjoy it so much. The oddity is that it is all a two dimensional practice no matter what subject... so it would seem strange that the subject lends itself to different experience for me as I paint.
I appreciate the magic of applying colored medium to flat white surface and getting lost in the patterns. I love being an artist!
Little Zebra
oil on canvas a work in progress
available soon.
any work can be reserved for sale by emailing me if you see something you like!
as always
20% helps rescue.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

And for Fun ... Work(s) In Progress


Liver pups inspired by Joan Murphy's images of her own Dals.
The top painting is based on a pic of her Hombre when he was a pup.
He has just the right pose and attitude for
"Life Is A Party"
I saw him surrounded by colorful balloons and his beautiful self making a fun design.
This oil is 12x12 and will be available in the next week when it should be finished. It is a fun process painting the balloons in thin glazes, this is at its second pass.
The seascape based on Brulee suggested a curious pup discovering a new "friend" in the tide line on the shore.
"Diversity of Friends" 10x10 oil It is in a drying stage waiting for the next session. The beauty of oil paint is that you can work on several at the same time which gives you a chance to make decisions of where you will go next, or in many cases, where it will take you on the next pass.
If you would like to reserve a painting to purchase when done...
If you REALLY want the painting for your own, please let me know because I always get emails after the painting has sold asking me if I can paint one like it. I don't. It doesn't work that way.
But I do appreciate the thought!
ALL my work when sold gives 20% to non-profit rescue helping homeless animals.
Stay Tuned!
thanks for looking!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Update...RED HEART Dalmatian...and more

This is phase 2 of "LOVE ME, LOVE ME NOT" a work in more pass to complete I think.
Just want to say a word about WOMEN's CARDIAC HEALTH and Wearing RED in the month of February is a reminder to make yourself aware of cardiac warning signs in women.
Thanking Joan for the use of her images to inspire some mew Dalmatian work. The painting above is based on "Dash" one of her gorgeous Dalmatians. This painting will provide a donation to Dalmatian Rescue.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Life and the Joy of Painting....

My 20's were about living larger than life...My 30's were about establishing a homebase, physically, mentally and spiritually...My 40's were about using what I learned to help family members who needed me...My 50's have been about expressing my ME-NESS and taking all the other decades with all their foibles and faux pas' and getting ready to blast into my 60's with adventures and a capriciousness that I hope screams "I've got nothing to lose! so WHY NOT?!"

Just felt like sharing that and that was a bit more than you probably wanted to know.
I am also sharing a FIRST LOOK.... ironically it is going to be titled:


Monday, February 01, 2010

APRIL BLUES - finished work

The "Year of the Cat" series of oil paintings started half way through 2009. The first 3 paintings in this 12x12 format sold. This is the 4th painting (April) in the group. They are connected by a cat and a color. My monitor is not picking up the color RED that is in the background or on the wooden edge of the planter's base, but it is there. This is a very substantial painting. The eyes of this cat are not exaggerated. "Brie" has incredible blue eyes that just draw you in and I love painting white animals.

This painting is now listed on as well as on my own website and is available for sale. If you are interested in purchasing just contact me. FREE domestic shipping, 150.00 12x12 on gallery wrapped canvas.

I will be donating 20% of the sale to help BRISTOL ANIMAL SHELTER the place where I got my inspiration for the work and also an additional 10% to TABBY's PLACE cat sanctuary, an ART HELPING ANIMALS supported rescue. Two rescues will benefit. More cats will be helped.
I will be posting this painting on the DAILY PAINTER's GALLERY for the Thursday posting, representing Art Helping Animals.
contact me if you are interested in this painting: