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Friday, September 22, 2006

New Stuff

Just a quick post in case there really are people out there that actually read one of the million blogs that exist in cyberspace everyday...Hello? Hello? Is there anybody out there?


Here are a couple of things I am working on for animal charities...still on the easel as you can see. A good beginning of Doxie's and a snoozing Boxer.
Images copyrighted to ME...the artist.
Check out my website and also take a look at Art Helping Animals where really good work DOES help one animal at a time.

To quote artist Stella Violano...Life is Good! Creating art and using it to help? It really does not get better than that!
questions or comments ....just email anytime.
Hello? *wink*


  1. Yes, Carol, there is really somebody out here reading your blog ... and admiring your wonderful paintings and all your great work to help animals in need. Thank you.

  2. I've been lurking around for a while Carol, you know how much I like your paintings and appreciate your love of animals. Keep Posting!!! You can go to blogflux and get a free attachment called mapstats and it lets you know where and when people visit.