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Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Up Before the Sun This Morning...

Sunrise somewhere in the universe...(photo credit Morguefile.)

Life has been a rollercoaster in 2011...not horribly "bad" but definately challenging. Physically, mentally, spiritually ... a challenge.

Make no mistake, there are many more things in my life to be thankful for than not. So I am not really complaining but just trying to make sense of things and find a way to express it.

My studio is closed into 2012.

I make this announcement with mixed feelings ... I do miss painting and having a schedule and purpose and being able to make donations as I have in the past. That last is the biggest change to deal with.

Some of you know that while I painted almost a full time schedule I was also supported by a part-time job as a nurse working evenings for the last 33 of 37 years. These hours allowed me the freedom to paint as much as I pleased and the freedom to give as much as possible while covering our health insurance with my part time job.

That job has come to an end and now and I am in the process of wrapping up an entire portion of my life and restructuring the way I have done things for so long.

There are many changes involved in this for me in all spheres. Not in the least is trying to envision a whole new life plan. It would seem that it would be simple, "Just Paint" ...but the practical elements need to be addressed first and eventually it will come to painting again. That is my long range plan.

Knowing that this job change was coming, I have been preparing for this for a while but there are so many unknowns just ahead. I was working myself into a frenzy thinking I had to have everything figured out and wrapped with a bow, having everything in place and knowing every move ahead of me. I can't. I realized yesterday that this was just not possible. But...I am a Capricorn and that is always my approach.

Yesterday I had a moment of clarity regarding "plans" ...I do not know exactly what the plan is going to be just yet except to say that I am going into uncharted waters for the first time. As a nurse, I will be unemployed. Having never been unemployed it is a whole new world for me.

As an artist, I will be beginning from scratch when I reopen my studio at a future date and make Art my full time passion once again.

My "job" in the next year will be to sort out life details, see what works for us here, and find my way again. These changes have wrecked havoc with my creative abilities and keeping focused, so rather than force things I do not really feel where art is concerned it is less stressful to just step away.

Saying goodbye to a whole segment of my adult working life, and more importantly, the people who inhabit that life, is more difficult than I ever imagined. I thought it was a matter of just substituting one schedule for another. No so.

I am learning as I go...I will get to that place of reconcilliation with change and find light on a new path. I am learning to rely on my internal compass in a whole new way.

I will be putting a notice on my WEBSITE and if any prints should sell from the site ALL profits from the sale will go to charity of the buyer's choice.

I will be working behind the scenes and when the reopening is ready I will let you know.

Thanks for following my work all these years and helping as you do to give homeless animal rescues funding through art.

This message will go out through several outlets, you may receive a duplicate message if you are on also in my opt in list from the website, for that I apologize.