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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


How solid and real is this world? How can a place have such beauty and at the same time be a place of such misery? Just amazes me that we can function as a race at all sometimes.
When you hear or see the news you hear such stories that it can't possibly seem real. Some people live in the midst of the horrors and I'm sure they can't even believe it or, Heaven forbid, it seems absolutely normal to their sensitivites.The Sad all some people on this planet know as fact.

This leads me to reflect that I recognize I am fortunate to be in a relatively "nice" world on the fringe of who knows what?! Because you really never know when an event will happen to turn it all around. (9/11 brought that smashing right into our consciousness you might say) Then where are you?...right Down the Rabbit Hole.
It never ceases to freak me out when I am in a supermarket standing there looking at 90 different boxes of cereal to chose from and I know somewhere there are people who haven't eaten anything in a week.
Just so hard to fathom the circumstance of birth and how we ended up here not there.
My core belief is that this life is a school...we are here to learn what we can and do what we can and then hopefully make the choices that will do the most good all the way around. Karma is not something that just happens to is the end result or maybe the cause and effect of every thought and action in your world.
So, choose wisely.
Today's photo:
original oil "Choose Wisely" copyright 2005 Carol Chretien.

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