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Thursday, November 23, 2006


Get your jingle bells polished and get that string of lights untangled.
Officially tomorrow kicks off the HOLIDAY SEASON!
Well I am kicking it off with a little HOLLY DAL for your HOLIDAYS.

Look into the eyes of this little spottie and then avoid the Christmas Rush and the Holiday your HEARTS and make a donation to your favorite charity!
It is not about adding more to your list of things to do... it is all about helping those who really need it.
I choose to do several things in my ELF role this the neediest animals, give to the children at St Judes and become a wrapping ELF (not RAPPING ELF...holy cow!HO HO HO) a gift wrapping ELF for Catholic Charities in my area.
We have so MANY opportunities to do good and help where we can.
We don't even have to give $$$$$ ....we can give time! Be PRESENT where needed.
Do it in memory of those we love and miss, those who have passed from our lives but not our hearts!

I am dedicating all I can do this year to the memories of my Holiday's Past.
I have been blessed by love and family and the most excellent years of happy memories is the time to pay it forward.

In memory of my Dad (George) and my Father & Mother-in-law (Leo & Hazel)and my sister (Linda) and my dear friend (Kathy)... I am in official ELF MODE!

Do what YOU can and pass on the CHEER, the SPIRIT and the JOY!

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