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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We're Having a Heat Wave...

The Northeast is one of the places battling the high heat and horrendous humidity that threatens to dehydrate each one of us. Check on the elderly neighbors.
Keep the pets inside and keep fresh water available...keep the shades or blinds drawn and fans moving the air. If you have A/C count yourself and your loved ones lucky.
Take cool showers and most of all... drink lots of water! Alcohol is not recommended acts like a diuretic and you may dehydrate faster. Use your good judgement. Just don't over do it.

We have this to deal with every year...just another bump in the road.
Sending you all cool images to make you think cool and feel the chill.
copyright 2006 CHRETIEN. Lizzie enjoying the Snow...and a painting of a view from my window.

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