First Look At New Art Work!

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

And so it goes....

As the minutes tick by with me watching my hiatus from the studio fade off into the sunset,
the latest reference images for new work are arriving, as we speak, into my mail box.
Like the painting above...I feel wistful.
I have enjoyed the time I carved out to get our home refreshed and in order and that lead me to exploring many other areas that also needed to be simplified and downsized:
Menu planning, reviewing budgets and savings goals, just having time to know what the heck is in the pantry and freezers...
I have found the timesaving of "tweets" and Facebook status updates very helpful with online time management.
I'm finally doing responsible things like reviewing insurance policies and making wills and wrapping up "grown-up" issues that are overdue on our end.
This was definately the year to redefine my whole environment and personal growth goals and find time to reorganize the details of living that will make this last third of my (our) life a bit more manageable.
You find yourself just at that age when it is time to "take stock" and really do the work on what needs to be done.
So now, when I am back in the studio I am not letting all the other things I need to keep up with get lost in translation.

There had to be a better way to reign it all in, sort it out and have some sense of flow. I think I have achieved this ...not perfectly, but I can at least see it all.
I will be painting on a regular basis soon. I am sure at first it will feel funny being back on "the job" with purpose and structure.
Many new subjects waiting to be explored with oil paint. I am excited to get back to making art with passion. All the pieces of my life are moving into place for the next game to begin.
August is on the way.
I look lovingly to very favorite time of the year.
see you soon!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Past Glories...Future Dreams

(this painting from last summer sold to help rescue)
I am still on self-imposed hiatus...incase you may have wondered. :-)
Seems like forever but I have been using my time, behind the scenes in my life, to get things in some kind of order as this decade of my life comes to a close. Ah yes....the 50's will soon be a faint memory.
...but don't fret...I will be kicking off the next one with style. LOL!
It has been long overdue. I had a lot of "stuff" to cull from my home and head.
I have wanted to spend more time with family and with my Lizzie who will be 12 yrs old next month.
She was the model for the painting the way!
I have the studio all ready to be used ...Emmi, the little thug cat who rules the house has been keeping watch over the room and spending lots of quality cat-time energetically sleeping soundly in the rocker in there.
She is coming up on age 17 yrs in the fall. Cranky to Lizzie at times but adorable in my eyes.
Past Glories are the 300+ paintings that have sold to help homeless animals in need that I have created over the past few years...
Future Dreams are swirling about somewhere in the back recesses of my creative brain.
My Muse has been traveling abroad all these months and I am counting on her to bring back some new and fabulous ideas that will help me go forward in this decidedly punk economy when it comes time to donate my percentages to so many, many animals in need.
Currently I have promised 2 charities a 100% donation for fundraisers for the winners of a custom portrait and I will be fulfilling those promises as soon as said winners give me the images to work from.
In my heart I am hoping that it will give me the juice I need to get back to work with the passion that this kind of work takes to do well.
Hope you are having a wonderful summer so far and hope to be in touch with you soon.