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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I love Fall.
I am a New Englander through and though and Autumn is my season. Hopefully we will have that snappy-aired, crystal blue-skyed, scarlet color-leafed, baskets of apple-crunching & pumpkin-picking, bright sunny days that make having gone through this last season of rain and humidity up here in the North East, bearable.
But you have to always realize the old saying is true..."IF you don't like New England weather...wait a minute, it will change."
To celebrate the upcoming of Autumn, today's images are fall themed. I can't wait! Images are copyrighted to Carol Chretien.
Top image of oil painting "Spotted in the Pumpkin Patch" available for animal charity, "Autumn" private collection and "Pumpkin Time" collection the artist.

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