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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Busy Days...Studio Time.

Two new works in progress....Sneak Peek at What's On the Easel.

Life is GOOD!

I have been at the easel and loving it. The best day is the day I get in there early and lose track of time. If it wasn't for my dalmatian, Lizzie, I would never know what time it was. She is busy most of the day reminding me when it is time to eat.
The new things on the easel are fun pieces... one is the next in the BIG CAT series...White Tiger, this will be the 5th painting in 10x10 format in the series.
The second oil here is one I have for a painting challenge with the Artist Colony ...the topic for May is Daffy Dolls.
Seeing that the only toys we have here are Lizzie's I am painting her Lion and Funny Bunny. She has a great selection of colorful toys to choose from.
Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Out From Under

almost done and totally a fun piece for me to do...soon to be offered for one of our rescues.
Stay tuned.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Feeling grateful for my life...

People tell me all the time the time that they wish they could paint...
I guess I wish I could play the piano....I would play all the the time if I knew how.

Painting is a weird thing for me in that I would have to LEARN how to play piano but I feel as though I was born with this ability to translate what I am thinking about into a painting.

Sometimes, many times, I am just holding the brush and a painting appears.
I am so thankful for the chance to do this work.

Below are 2 new pieces I am working on...the first one is done for all intents and purposes. The second one is in progress.

"HAPPY AS A PIG..." is a loving and heartfelt remembrance of my Mother-in-law Christmas I gave her this planter in the still life above. I found it in that July while shopping and got the biggest kick out of it it had such an infectious grin that it made me laugh. Who would appreciate it more than her? She got a charge out of it. Her gardening was reduced to planting all sorts of containers on her patio and this was an addition that started me finding pig planters for her.
I miss her so much it is indescribable. She was a huge part of my life and heart and still is. I know she would love this painting.
Work in Progress: "Out From Under" is on the easel and is a loose and spontaneous moment caught in time. My Husband has hosta gardens all around our yard and we have a running joke about our plants being a salad bar for the local rabbit population...My husband's response to seeing this painting was "Are you busting me?" and a big laugh... it did cross my mind! LOL

both paintings will assist rescue when offered for sale.
contact me if you are interested before they go up for auction or on the Art Helping Animals or Daily Painter's Gallery sites.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Work in Progress...Phase II ...for Falmouth.

Phase II of the Work in Progress for Falmouth Animal Rescue...almost there
one more pass for the finish. (See Below! and scroll down for the first pass)

Some might wonder why it seems some of my paintings are finished faster than others. A few reasons:
1. excellent references given to me to use (or any of my own refs do make life easier!)
2. small simple layouts or ideas...sometimes less is more. Editing is crucial as I work.
3. totally inspired by the subject or sometimes the cause...then I just follow the brush.
4. my Muse is chattering in my ear, hanging out with me in the studio, keeping me awake with ideas I can't let go of....just to name a few reasons.

Here is Phase II

A Passion for Painting ...award...


What a lovely gesture and surprise to receive this compliment from a fellow artist!

Recognition from one's peers is one of the greatest compliments ever, and I have been recognized by friend and artist Vernita with the "Passion for Painting Award." Thank you, Nita!

Vernita Bridges-Hoyt

is a wonderful artist who paints beautifully rich oils and uses other mediums to express her own point of view of her world and Texas among other topics.
She generously supports homeless animals with her artwork.
Check out her blog to see images of her beautiful artwork site.

For receiving this award I am asked to list seven things I love and then to pass the award on to seven other deserving artists.

Seven things I love...aside from my Husband & family including our pets Lizzie & Emmi & painting in oils to help homeless animals ....of course :o) seven are:
1. The scent of a summer morning before the heat rises & Crisp Autumn Days
2. Possibilities
3. Egoless Goodness
4. Humor
5. Enchanting Tales
6. Simplicity
7. The first sip of Drambuie over ice (my occasional indulgence)
And now, A Passion for Painting award goes to:
These artists inspire me to paint just by looking at their work.
I hope you will visit all their sites as their art is so varied in style. I am sure you will enjoy their art very much.

Monday, April 20, 2009

New Friends and a Work In Progress

I was given the opportunity to paint to help a Local rescue .... Friends of Falmouth Dog Rescue (Massachusetts) about them here:
They have some beautiful dogs in foster care waiting for adoption and one of them is TYSON...a gorgeous black and white American Staffordshire Terrier aka "Pit Bull" who is waiting for the right family to love him and give him the security of a forever home.
As many people have come to know these dogs by the unfortunate circumstance of their abuse and improper handling there are many others who know the true essence of the breed. Tyson is a baby really...just under a year and learning to become a best friend and family pet. He is beautiful and has a loving nature.

I am proud to do a portrayal of him at the beach looking handsome and daydreaming of that forever home each companion animal deserves! I will have more about his story in the next installment.

Here is the FIRST LOOK at a work in progress and there will be more to come. It is the first pass of an 8x10 oil on canvas.
I will offer this painting to help the rescue....Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Series Continues....

collage of the previous paintings in the series....all have sold helping rescues!

Introducing the lastest in the Cat & Mouse-toy Tales Series...Emmi and her toy mouse Bartholomew continue their adventures...

Get up, Nap Time is Over!


oil on canvas

just off the easel and will be ready to go soon.

this painting will help homeless animals with a portion to a non-profit rescue.
One of the best things about living with animals is learning so much about them...and then there are the entertainers like Emmi who make life fun.
thanks for looking!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Where Did April go?


I have been playing catch up with all my work and now let me share the very latest!
Hot off the easel today....
This old tree is still standing in my town...I love it every time I pass it... in the spring before it blooms it looks would guess the old boy died over the winter...but it has such nice lines and sparkles in the here is where the crows nest.
Soon to available.
Oil on Panel 8x10.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mercy, Mercy Me....

"Mercy Me"
oil on canvas
Brand new and listed just now on Ebay to help
Percy the latest rescue puppy was the inspiration for this painting.
He is the most adorable puppy who waits in foster care for the family ready to take on a new baby...full of energy and spirit!
please contact: for his info.