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Sunday, December 31, 2006

An Ending...A Beginning! 2006-2007

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2007!

This last year was one of adventure and learning for me.
I am so fortunate to be aligned with the group of Professional Independent Artists of Art Helping Animals and part of all the wonderful things that were accomplished for so many animals in need this last year.
The list of charities we create for and all their volunteers who do hands-on rescue, healing, fostering, support and adoptions are nothing less than angels to some of the neediest animals in the country.

So many more will need help in this next year and I am inspired to do my small part on their behalf.

I give thanks for what has been accomplished and look forward to all that is ahead for us to do with renewed enthusiasm and hope.

If there is anything to embrace in 2007...there is HOPE!

Image detail of "Cat Face" new oil painting... copyright 2006 Carol Chretien.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

PEACE OF THE SEASON ... wished for you.
May the Spirit of the Season find you and lift you up.
May you pass that feeling on to others you meet.
If you have been given great gifts, may you share them with those who might need a little help.
Find your passion this year and fly with it.
Reach for good health with gusto.
Remember those who are away from home...pray for their safe return.
Love your fellow man, be very kind to the animals.
Spread cheer.
Do good deeds, make miracles, be someone's guiding star, be an angel, be joyous.

Have Safe and Happy Holidays!

Original oil painting by Carol Chretien, copyright 2005.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Yesterday it was serendipity that I had the car radio on as I was out doing errands & shopping & thinking about what I could get my 92 yr old Uncle for I have blogged (ad nauseum) this Christmas theme is that none of us need anything so lets just get to it and give to those who do.

Then the amazing answer came...the MAKE A WISH of MASSACHUSETTS wish-a-thon was in it's last day on 103.3 ...what better way to celebrate the day than to make a donation to honor my Uncle (and a few others in the family) than with a gift that will help grant wishes to terminally ill children in my own state?!

So now the artist in me will design a card to put that bit of news into to present as a gift to my Uncle!!! Gift is made and everyone is happy!

How lucky to be able to spend the money wisely, give a really meaningful gift, honor an elder and imagine the happiness of a child who has a special wish fulfilled!!!!


You ever notice how when you ask the Universe a question...if you are listening for it, you DO get an answer?
Can You Hear the Bells?

original painting & image copyright 2006 CAROL CHRETIEN.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Merry Elves Of December!

Tis the season to be jolly...and just how jolly can YOU get?
Pretty darn jolly if you are an ELF!

These are the JOLLY DAYS...the opportunity to spread a little cheer and do a little good. Just find a way to help (the ways are many) and begin.

Here are some elves to inspire you...they wrapped for the children who will have some wonderful presents donated by many citizens this Christmas Season of giving!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

Memories...this is a time of year to look back even if you find it difficult or bittersweet.
You can look WAY back if you have a few good decades under your belt.

Some of us are so lucky in life to have some really great memories.
I was one who can only remember the good times of Christmas Past.

Happy times, lots of family, great food, the toys from brother's trains and race cars and games, my dolls, their clothes and carriages. Snowy winter vacations with sledding and snow forts...bundling up and playing all day.

VERY lucky, we have been.

Life goes on, we grow up, time flies by and we start losing the family members we've loved all our lives.

It IS life, it is isn't easy. This time of year connects us to our Ghosts and the memories come alive as we rediscover old ornaments and trinkets we keep some of the old traditions that certain missing members of the family enjoyed. Even shopping can be difficult when you see items that those loved ones would have been crazy about.
They may still be on the Christmas card list, and you still wish you could dial their numbers still in your phone's memory.

I find I have many visits from my own Ghosts as I go through these days. The signs of the seasons call them to you. They may have been gone for many years or just a doesn't matter...they return as vibrant as ever, you see the smiles, you hear the laughs, you feel the emotion of the happy days and sometimes the twinges of discomfort of their leaving.

Welcome them in for a visit...cherish the happy memories. Give thanks that you can say you had them then and can remember them now.

Then do something to really honor them...make a donation or two where it will do others some good...the ones who may not be collecting the memories you still enjoy in your own heart...give to children, give to homeless pets, give to the elderly, give to the ill, .....give time, give items, give money, give blood!

Make the Spirit of Christmas Present one of the good Ghosts you can recall in Christmases to come.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Sometimes in life you are REALLY lucky and you meet people who become like family in your heart.

A very LONGGGGGG time ago I met a girl named Kathy who was one of the funniest, upbeat, energized characters you just had to become good friends with.

We became part of a larger group of friends and we named ourselves "The Breakfast Club"...but we never did breakfast as a group! No matter where the paths of life took us we kept in touch, getting together several times a year and especially at Christmas time.
We meet for a Holiday Celebration every year at a restaurant called BENJAMIN's that is a beautiful old victorian house that is decorated to the nines and so festive for Christmas.

Tonight is our first gathering without our friend Kathy (the life of every party she was ever at!)...we lost her this past year to breast cancer although she gave it a hard fisted fight and was Kathy right to the last.

I just want to send out a thought about friends and the meaning they hold in our lives...we may not see each other everyday but we hold them dear.
Treasure your friends, keep in touch, time is always much shorter than we think it's going to be.
This Holiday Season I will be remembering my good friend with a donation to a charity in her memory. I am happy to honor her memory, it will be her helping others...but I wish I could hug her really tight once again.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Forever Paws

One of my local animal shelters is called FOREVER PAWS located in Fall River, Massachusetts (visit ) they survive on donations only.

Like every shelter they are full to capacity, and like every shelter in winter they need help.

Recently my cousin Deborah and myself made a pact not to exchange gifts with each other. We always buy things neither of us really needs but want them to show our love at Christmas time. It's what people do.

THIS year we are making donations to honor each other to FOREVER PAWS. It is a WONDERFUL GIFT to give and receive. And the BEST PART...

Your gift will REALLY make an impact!

PLEASE give what you will help those homeless animals that wait for their Forever Home.
~Spay and Neuter, encourage others to do the same with their pets.
~Give what you can, money, time, foster if possible, give items that will help the shelter (check their needs list!)
~Help the rescue of your choice in YOUR own area.

Make your holidays MERRIER by what you can makes such a difference when it is all added together.

Every penny counts.