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Friday, May 30, 2014

Let's Catch Up! Life, Changes and Art 2014.


Lizzie has been gone for a year as of May 20th.
Most who have known me through my art work know this was a tremendous loss to Leo and me.

She was THE most wonderful girl,  one of my favorite models and paintings of her in various poses and pieces of work have her living on around the globe.
She helped me provide a lot of support to non-profit Animal Rescues over many years and that gives me great satisfaction as she inspired so much of my work with Art Helping Animals.
She is always with us in our home even now a year later.

One month before Lizzie crossed the Rainbow Bridge at almost 15 years, 3 kittens were born in Bristol Animal Shelter. They were in need of being hand raised due to their mom's medical issue. A wonderful volunteer took on their feeding and care until they were able to be adopted.

A few days after Lizzie passed I got in touch with Lori at Bristol Shelter and asked if they had kittens for adoption and she immediately told me about these 3 very young, needy kittens.  THREE!  Twice in our life we have had TWO cats along with our Dalmatians...but THREE?

As serendipitous as Life would have it...they were to become OURS.  With the approval and support of their Vet, Dr Grossi (also Lizzie's Vet) and Ellen (the wonderful volunteer foster "mom" and staff member at Acoaxet Veterinary Clinic) we took them home at 7 weeks old.  They were SO tiny, needy and so adorable. Just what we needed to help up through the grief of losing Lizzie. (The year before we had lost our Emmi cat to old age at 18 years).

Taking on these 3 kittens was much more than I anticipated when we started but we soon figured it all out and with careful monitoring and Vet checks we got there! They are now a year and a month old. They are 3 beautiful, loving, healthy, entertaining Cats.  Life is good for them. They were three of the lucky ones to be born and given a chance by the rescue and loved on so well by the care and attention of their foster caregiver.

Meet my new Studio Companions!  Maxwell, our tiger boy. Cami, aka "Scooter" our silver bullet. Ella, named in honor of Ellen their foster Mom, who is our elegant black beauty.

After two years of closing the Studio, well converting it to kitten play land, and putting away all the paints etc., closing my Website, and just stopping all art related activities...I have started painting again.

Right now I am moving at a snail's pace as I am introducing the Studio and my painting routine to the "Crew" and taking time to practice the process of painting. No pressure, no deadlines, no commissions...just reacquainting myself with my paint.

I am starting a series of Still Life paintings that are educational for me as I hone my skills, find my inspiration, learn new things in the process of making art.
After painting animals for so long, this is really a good method for me to stretch my "muscles" for a while and get back into the Joy of painting.

You can follow along with me as I post works in progress and hopefully soon I will be able to offer work for sale that will benefit Animals In Need at my favorite Non-profit rescues.

As always....when my work is sold, once again, a donation will be made to help homeless animals. My passion and purpose remains the same, painting from my Soul and helping where I can through Art.

I hope you will "Stay tuned"... thank you so much for your interest and support in the past...looking forward to the future and what the Muse will inspire.

Many Blessings to you!