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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


works in progress...

The brushes have been busy!
New Original Oils
Here are a few of the pieces that I have been working on in the Studio.
They are keeping me out of trouble, I think. LOL!

Titles are in progress too! :o)

Moonlight Serenade
collage mixed media
oil over paper on canvas

Circles of Life
oil on Ampersand Panel

Lantern Light
oil on canvas

Boston Bakery
oil on canvas
Should be finishing up a few this has been so humid that the paint dries slowly between sessions...The method behind the madness is to have a few going at once but I got a little carried away with inspiration since painting Emmi (see previous blog post) and there are 17 unfinished pieces around the studio waiting for their turn for the big finish!
All work posted for sale will go 100% to help a rescue do their work.
original paintings may be reserved
email me: for any questions.
visit my website to help
with their
purchase a Print and it all goes to the challenge:

Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's ALL Good...on the easel....

New Work On the Easel 

"Watching Me...Watching You, Again"

When I get stuck I did last painting, no inspiration, I turn to Emmi
She always comes through for me.
I have a million images of her and she is so alive in my heart.
This painting came forward and presented itself to me,
A gift from my sweetie...maybe it will be offered for sale to help others,
maybe I will keep is all good.
Leo walked into the studio and said..."It's my Emmi"
yes, yes indeed.
Yesterday it came together...before I started painting in the morning,  it was a horror.
I hated what I was pushing around on that canvas...then I started to paint.
She appeared and won me over.
That is the magic of does not always go in the direction you think it will.
Oh...there are parameters but something dead and mechanical is not my way.
I can't just draw something out and follow it like a plan.
I have to have the alchemy or mystery of what will join me on the canvas. It can't be simply a this, put that has to have some magic to it.
So Thursday I half heartedly grabbed a canvas ...looked through a bunch of Emmi images to stoke the fire and then I just started in.
Reached the snag...hit the wall...looked at 2 days of painting and thought
"well this looks like is not speaking to me at all"
Then ...yesterday we turned the corner and there was the magic.
The Muse came into the studio and I started 6 ...YES, six new pieces. 5 of them I feel will make the grade...1 is iffy. And they are all different.
I am renewed. I am gratified. I feel blessed.
Maybe they will help homeless animals.
We'll see.
It is not, after all, all up to me.
Living like I really mean it,
peace & cheers!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

BEAGLES ~ Rescue Effort for 36 puppies!

You Can Help!

(and other beagle prints now available)


There is a wonderful effort by
rescuing 36 four month old beagle puppies from
a research lab. 
All the details to make this CHALLENGE a success are in the link below:

You can help by making a donation to help support the rehoming of these pups. They all deserve a chance at a real life with real love and their own families.

ALL my work until the end of the year supports rescue. 100% goes to a rescue no matter if the work is an original oil or a print.

Please consider a print (link above) and all sales will go directly to the challenge listed above. This is a direct to you sale from my site. If you have any questions please just contact me regarding the prints. to email me.

Go directly to the link to the challenge to donate funds.

The BEAGLE RESCUE LEAGUE main page is also found below
you can follow them on Facebook:

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Call of the Wild...prints now available

Both original oil paintings have SOLD but they are
now offered as Art Prints.

Huntress Moon

King of Cats

Now available in Prints on my Website:
Visit the Galleries
the service is a "direct to you" purchase
you can order right from the site.
Zoom feature available to see the detail before you purchase.
The sale will go to rescue as a 100% donation
to help homeless animals.
Please note: the first 3 prints sold of "King of Cats" will benefit
There are a variety of subjects in Prints now on the site.
NEW ORIGINAL ART is also available on my site.
email me to purchase or with any questions
any time!
As always, thanks for viewing my work
and following my journey of using my art to help charities.

Helping homeless animals is my passion.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

New Work on the Easel...

New pieces on the easel:
The first is on experience for me...not sure if I like the support of hard board vs canvas.
I seem to be a canvas person.  But it is interesting painting on this surface.
may try out a couple more.
The second is the Lion I started last week. This painting was reserved as soon as I posted the Work in Progress that means that there was a request to purchase and they have first option when it is done.
That painting will be made available in Print on my website when finished.

House for Rent
oil on masonite panel

King of Cats
oil on gallery wrapped canvas
(reserved for sale)
I have several in progress floral paintings 5x7 postcard sized oils currently in the works as well.

with all proceeds going to help homeless animals
in non-profit rescues.
Thanks for looking.
Email me with any questions or to purchase paintings

Friday, May 04, 2012


So sorry I did post the in progress pic on the previous post!
This is the finished painting! 
You might notice the window signs in the previous post missing ...NOW they are open for business! LOL

Bar & Grille ...a new painting

About the Painting:
I have been working on some new city scenes and this painting below is the first of a series that I have completed and is now available.
One of my favorite subjects to paint has always been old brick buildings and reminders of days gone by. I haven't had the opportunity to do many over the last few years because of the focus on animals and doing portraits and commissions.
Coming back to painting after the hiatus has given me a chance to refocus and refresh my efforts.  I am just loving all the different topics that have been inspiring me.
Hope you like it.
(Detail View) 

oil on gallery wrapped canvas
Listing this painting for
Willing Hearts Dalmatian Rescue
with 100% going to the org.
Willing Hearts is a non-profit that has volunteers who foster all the dogs they help.
Mainly Dalmatians of course,  but they do help mixed breed dogs and puppies in need when the need presents itself.
Rehab and Rehome to the forever home is the objective.
They help the whole NE region
please view their site for details. If you live in one of the states they serve, see who is available for adoption!
share their news
Thanks for looking and if you would like to reserve this painting before it is listed tomorrow on Art Helping Animals and Daily Painters Gallery...
email me to purchase: