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Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Time For Giving

We are swiftly approaching that all American Holiday....Thanksgiving.

When I give it any thought at all I think of it as a day to remember the goodness and blessings I have had in my life. I remember the people and beloved pets who have gone. I remember the wonderful past holidays with all my family and how much love I have in my life today.

It is a time for giving to others who have less than I do. It may not be much more than canned goods, some clothing items, a donation to charity, or if possible, maybe help at a soup kitchen or shelter... but every little offering DOES help a bit.

The very same for our best animal friends.

Donate an old clean blanket ...or pick up a new one when you shop next... give some toys, some pet food, dome spare dollars if you are able, volunteer at an animal shelter. Spread the word about animals in need!

WE are their advocates. WE are their protectors.

PLEASE, in this season of giving that we call November and December....PLEASE, remember those in need!
Thank You.

Painting "SLEEP OF THE INNOCENT" (detail)
Image copyrighted to Carol Chretien 2004.
Visit my website and the ART HELPING ANIMALS site for ways you can help animals through art.

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