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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It Is All About The Journey ...part 1

I started this project in March but the long and winding road has had a few unplanned detours.
Here are pictures of the 1st two rooms and you will note that they loaded backwards...
Not in the order I thought these would load, the BEDROOM was the second room that I rehabbed. The STUDIO was the first seems so long ago!

Below is 3 shots of the bathroom with the new color "Minted Lemon" I am very happy with the way it turned out. The very tall ceilings were a challenge ...the light is fabulous.

Nothing like having family photos in the bathroom. LOL! I used to have books there. There is so much space on that tall wall...there is a window up at the top so lots of glowing afternoon light. The color of the paint deepens and lightens as the light changes all day.
Lots of mirrors in this house. Have them on the closet doors and the one over the sink shows the shelves over the toilet.

It is nice that the toilet is in that alcove so the view from the living room is a bit more scenic! LOL!
The Bedroom was repainted a lighter color than previously painted...we now have "Hosta Flower" has a soothing light. There used to be a ton of paintings in the space above the closet, they are now in my Niece's hands so just a few keepsakes up on top now.

Cleaning and polyurethaning those louvered doors was a real treat.

(above) Looking from the studio doorway, Lizzie looking back at me.

(above) Looking from the bedroom door back to the studio. Emmi is sleeping on the pillows.
Note the basket that she steps on, to the trunk and then up to the bed. She is 16!
The cat-tree allows her to sit up high and watch the birds. :)
more to follow in the next installment!