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Monday, August 29, 2011

After the Storm

Sometimes you are the Wave pounding the rocks, Sometimes you are the Rock being pounded by the waves...

In the end the light shines through again and the waves and rocks are covered by light and calm.

Being that I (like everyone else) am a living work-in-progress...we get to play all the parts in our passion play. Roles shift, superficial identities change but underneath it all we remain who we basically are, that minimal canvas we get to work from.

The good news is that we always can work to achieve more in our becoming...building on the basics of our core beliefs and modifying our positions on things as we evolve.

I am always in awe of the opportunities I have been given in my life. I am thankful and hope always to be able to find a way to give back. Why else am I here?

We just came through the Storm known as "Irene"...the havoc it wrecked on many lives is too much but it could have been so much worse. Really wish it had just stayed over the seas and away from people and land but so glad it was not as bad as predicted.

Giving thanks again today for the beautiful day after the storm. Sending up prayers for those who have been dealt severe consequences of Irene's path.

Glad for the good people who find ways to help others at this time. Looking ahead to days of calm.

How we shape our life and time is up to us. When we are dealt a hand we never wished for we play it out or fold and see what good we can do with the next one.

Wishing everyone brighter times ahead.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Old Visions ~ New Options!

"All things old are new again"

...I have added some new PRINTS to my website

they are available now with others that will follow.

I have the "print on demand option" for approximately 8x10 sized prints.

Welcome Home

(original sold to help rescue)
You are able to view the enlarged version on my website for greater detail.
As ALWAYS my work will generate funds for rescue.
I am currently reviewing and updating my site to reflect and acknowledge the changes in the economy. As my artwork is the means of my ability to donate as much as I can to non-profit rescues, I am trying to find a better approach to helping than just Original Oils.
I am offering Original Oils again as my main focus as an artist and will be accepting commissions again in the near future as I return to full time painting and my passion for using my art to help others.
I am offering FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all my original oils
and have included the PAYPAL option that accepts payments of all types with each piece on my website.

The PRINT feature is pre-programmed through my site host (ArtSpan) and has the shipping calculated for the work. They will ship to you directly.

Original Art purchased from me is set for free domestic shipping as noted.
If you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at any time.
I am always available.
So please take a moment to consider a PRINT of my original work at a reasonable price and I will make a donation to the rescue of YOUR choice from every sale.
I will be adding more and more work as I revise, review and yes...paint new pieces!
Stay Tuned for Updates
All my best,

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Enjoy the Sunny Hours...

Dachshund Print

from original oil painting

"Beach Days"

The studio is getting prepped for re-opening as I look forward to starting some small pieces to try out my rehabbed shoulder.

The plan is to go slowly and small and see what I can build myself up to.

The goal is Full Time once again.

I was just telling my husband that I have started to entertain the ideas that my Muse is sending me ...I have a few thumbnails drawn and I am getting that excitement to begin, building up in my gut.

I was staying away from new inspiration while the shoulder healed and now the dreams are coming and the ideas are finding me once again.

The end of the season will soon be with us and the time of new beginnings is right around the corner.

Now paintings are swirling around at the edges and I am seeing some great possibilites.

This new time is going to be amazing and fun!

Hope you come along for the ride.

As work will help homeless animals in need.



the painting above sold to help Dachshund Rescue...

This print is available on my website.

Friday, August 05, 2011

August ~ Dog Days

One of my old favorite Beagle paintings.

The thing about August is that you know what comes later!

For me, it is always the time of anticipation of things to times, new places, new ideas, new plans.

I think it harks back to being a school kid when September was the true start of the new year. I know that was a long time ago but it is so ingrained in me.

Also, I am all about autumn so that adds an energy of spirit to my thoughts.

So as I plan for the future and the re-opening of my studio this fall I look back and see where I've come from and think about where I want to go.


One big change for me will be painting without my studio companion, Emmi.

Something tells me that she will somehow be with me.

It is an adjustment for sure even though.

I have a few things I have to do for behind the scenes prep as I gear up to start.

It is a little exciting starting over...and that is what it feels we will see where we can take this.

My goal remains to help as many homeless animals as I can with my artwork.

I am looking forward to what lies ahead.


as always