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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Horses, Horses everywhere....

As promised, I am painting horses to bring some attention to the problem of starvation in the horse population in this country.
One report on the recent news spoke of a horse owner who brought his two horses to auction to try to sell as he could no longer afford to feed them. They did not sell so he tied them to a pole outside the auction house and hoped they would be found and cared for.
He thought that that fate was better for them then starving!
My first impulse is "how can I help?" that is what the purpose is to my passion and why
I am a dedicated artist in the ART HELPING ANIMALS fellowship.
Our link is in the box to the right.
The image above of "WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER"
is just the first pass on a new painting.
The fabulous photography of Mary R. Vogt was the inspiration for the piece used with permission.
The finished work will be posted on Art Helping Animals when it is available.
thanks for looking!
Coming soon...
Beach Pups!
Lab puppies exploring the beach.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Rainbow Bridge series ...continues

Detail of Angel eyes

"Every One is Precious"

About the painting and the series...

As I have said in the past, I love angels. I believe in Angels and I have my own vision of the Angels that assist souls who have passed across the rainbow bridge.


With each of the paintings in the series you are seeing the angels who bring themselves forward to me in my own view of who they are and what they would look like if I could see them in real life.


That is what/why art IS for many artists...bringing forward from "someplace" what we see in the inner places. What it ends up meaning is up to the viewer to complete, EVEN in realism, maybe especially in "realistic style" expressionism. Abstract by definition evokes interpretation. Painting realistically is more of a challenge...the viewer of the piece must look past the recognition of WHAT the objects are as recognizable in themselves and make all new connections...or not. If you don't have your own connection I can't imagine wanting to have the piece for your own.


This angel was a real challenge...I wanted to paint an Angel of would be a young Angel and the main challenge is to make an Angel look other-worldly and yet not too unreal.

I made the eyes a crystal blue and kept the kitten more solid.

The actual painting is a bit more crisp than the photos allow.


Coming Soon

paintings of horses...a subject I rarely have painted and hope that they will help feed the horses who are in rescue and need rehab and care during our national feed crisis that is

hurting many farmers and horse owners.

see you on the

AHA art blog!

Thanks for looking & helping homeless and needy animals with art!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

If the nose is warm...

On the easel...
Warm nose, warm spots...caught Liz in the spring early morning sun yesterday...
this actual spot is where painting animals and painting for animals really began for me.
Also on the easel.... and coming soon:
Two new Rainbow Bridge inspired pieces
A new fun beach scene with Labradors
Something very different with my favorite breed.
Spring has such great light here and I get such interesting scenes with shadow and light to reference. The mind never stops and the ideas keep coming.
The biggest trick is staying in the studio for all the hours it takes to accomplish it all.
Have a great day... and thanks for looking!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

FIRST LOOK! New Dalmatian Art - Save the Dals!

oil on board
This is the preview of what will soon be offered for sale to assist
Lizzie models in a favorite pose...
Dalmatians are not only black and white (or liver and white) they are YIN & YANG...
At one moment the embodiment of pure unbridled energy
the next
well couch potatoes who can strike a pose that lasts for a good long nap!
this painting will be listed on Ebay at auction starting at 99.99 for the opening
20% will go to the rescue.
Thanks for looking!
if you like what you see please share the link with your favorite rescue pals.
Happy Spring,

Friday, March 21, 2008

Portrait is a WIN-WIN proposition!

Portrait of Tucker
Last October a raffle for "a portrait of your pet for charity" was held at the
DAL-O-Ween Picnic in Tampa Bay, Florida.
100% of the fundraising effort went to the Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay.
It was my pleasure to offer my services as I have been doing with Dal rescue for the last 5 years.
It is so wonder-filled to be owned by a dalmatian...and wonderful for me to have made friends across the country in several Dalmatian Rescues.
I live in an area (Ma) where Dals are few and far between...but in Florida, California, Texas, and the mid-Atlantic states Delware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania and Ohio it is not the case.
Working to help these areas of Dalmatian Rescue is a blessing for me.
Getting the word out about saving "death-row" Dals, rehoming, heartworm treatments, spaying and neutering, acute medical care, and caring for seniors abandoned and too old to be rehomed but still in need of loving care...
it is what these all-volunteer rescues do!
TUCKER was a much loved Dal, his "mom" Pat has been working very hard helping DRTB to save and rehome discarded dals.
Pat purchased a charity raffle ticket, she lost Tucker to age which was a very dear loss for her and her family...she won the raffle.
Bittersweet as Tucker's portrait becomes a memorial painting...but she has also supplied some great shots of Tucker's adventures and allowed me to create other work based on his life that ultimately helps even more homeless dals in the care of DRTB!
Tucker has inspired artwork that helps to keep on giving!
Recently Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay has recovered 12 abandoned Dals and through the tireless and giving work of their volunteers they have found homes for 11! is so worth your while to read about what they do on their site.
So much tragedy in the world...who cares about a bunch of discarded dogs? cats? animals in general?
WE DO! We have to...we are their voices, their protectors, their hope and their homes!
We allow animals to is our responsibility to see them through.
Support your local rescue.
Spay and Neuter... prevent needless suffering.
And thanks for looking!
Happy Easter ~ Happy Spring!

Friday, March 14, 2008

From the Easel - new Dalmatian art

The Wading Pool
new oil in progress
Today's latest post is the preview of my artwork that will be offered to assist
About the painting:
"Tucker" was the inspiration for this oil painting.
The story it tells is of a pair of Dal buddies who have been brought to the lake to cool off on a wonderful summer looks so inviting that I am sure the humans are joining these two very soon...if they are as smart as Dalmatians, that is!
One of the best things about being an artist is that you get to tell a story in paint.
Sometimes it is only the look in the eyes that conveys a deeper message or hint at a story that the viewer finishes for themselves... if they connect with the painting.
The true magic of art is for the artist to bring something to the viewer and the viewer takes it from there and gives meaning to the work.
This is my personal working philosophy.
About the Model:
Tucker was (and truly remains) the beloved Dal of a rescue volunteer for DRTB, today Tucker's beauty is still working to assist other dalmatians in need of homes and health care by inspiring some of my recent paintings for the rescue. He continues to be a Dal Angel for others.
It is my pleasure to create fine art for homeless animals.
More to come!
thanks for looking and supporting animals in need.
20% of the sale of this work when listed for
will go to the charity.
share this link with your friends who help animals!
"Welcome Home" - Rainbow Bridge art benefiting OLD DOG HAVEN.
"Beach Lover" - dalmatian seascape benefiting WILLING HEARTS DAL RESCUE.
both are official
favorite rescues.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today's art blog is about sharing some work I really enjoy on many levels.
Angel art is a subject that captures me. I am a huge fan of the classical sculptures of Angels.
In these paintings below I have taken the inspiration from the sculptures and added my own voice to the subject .
The first painting below "His Eye Is On the Sparrow" was painted and sold at the end of last year and was a true joy to paint. Adding the sparrow in color to contrast the "stone" of the Angel makes the work live and gives a heartbeat to the piece.
This second one is purely contemplative with sunlight hitting a young garden angel with strong light.
"Quiet Contemplation" is about serenity and self reflection. This can be found on my website.

And my favorite, which I orginally painted to help BONES beagles rescue but decided to keep in my own personal collection (when it did not sell) is entitled "Little Angel of Hope" I based it on a verdi gris statue from an image on, used with permission, as a reference and inspiration.

The expression on the figure looking skyward and the angle of the piece as we look up to the angel makes it seem hopeful to me. I enjoyed making this art and it smiles in my studio keeping that attitude of hope always before me.
and... the latest angel painting can be found in a post on the blog below...also it is posted on my site and currently is listed on EBAY for sale with a donation to OLD DOG HAVEN senior dog hospice and rescue. "Welcome Home" is a piece of Rainbow Bridge Art and is the first of a planned series.

New work will be coming to the blog soon. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay

Dalmatian Rescue Tampa Bay

the lastest rescued 13 yr old girl in transport.
DeeDee's owner was killed and the plan was to euthaize her becasue she is 13!
A lovely lady bailed her out and she is in foster care...the word is
She will be adopted soon...we are keeping all paws crossed for good luck.
Please keep a good thought for her.
Are you looking for some uplifting stories? Do you need to feel there is an amazing flip side to all the bad news and heartache you see and hear everyday?

Have I got the place for you! Just take a few minutes to click the link below and see what goodness can come from people pitching in to help.
One of the best bunch of people who help in ways you just can't believe.

They have a wonderful section of happy tails stories...and much more to see on the site.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Kismet! Willing Hearts, very willing indeed!

Meet "Sugar"
click here for her story: sugar
see the Special Auction below!
A Note From the Artist:
It is my pleasure to put the money where the passion it forward...make a difference where you can! This blog is set up to show new work but also to give information where assistance of all volunteer, non-profit rescues need help.
WILLING HEARTS is one of the best of the best.
They are not just another pretty face...they save the lives of the most NEEDY animals you will ever meet.
A visit to their site will show you what your funds can really do when you help.
I am humbled to do what little I can where I can but the people, the ANGELS, who do the hands on work are the ones I admire the most.
Let's make this AUCTION a big success!
thanks for your attention!
and all my best,

"A Garden Welcome"

to benefit


100% donation from sale
free domestic shipping.

Thanks as always for supporting homeless animals with purchases of art

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Welcomes on different planes!

The blog is now available for subscription thanks to the help of fellow artist
Tanya Amberson!
she helped me to get this up and running.
this is the kick off for posting newest work and lots of info about the rescues.
thanks so much for looking.
this is my passion and purpose for painting...
First Look:
" Welcome"
is inspired by a beagle named Ren who is awaiting adoption at
Beagles of New England States
3 year old malegood with dogs, cats and children over 4
Goofy, silly and full of fun! This young beagle boy is ready for action, so bring your hiking shoes, tennis ball or doggy playmate! Ren is a sweet happy social young boy -he knows some of his basic commands, loves to ride in the car and adores going for walks.
He will need to learn some of the finer points of living in a home (house training, not counter surfing) but he's ready to go , and eager to please.
If you have an active home looking for a fun loving dog - look at Ren!
When this painting is ready I will list it for
Lets hope he finds his forever home soon!
He is gorgeous.
20 % will be donated from the sale of the painting
AND... a different kind of
welcome home
My version of a welcome to the Rainbow Bridge.
Below is a painting just listed on Ebay for:
What We Do
OldDog Haven is a very small group of people with a network of foster homes and supporters. Our goal is to provide a loving, safe home for senior dogs abandoned at this stage of their lives. When we have room, and the means, we take these dogs into our homes; if possible we adopt out those with a reasonable life-expectancy. We care for the rest as long as they have good quality of life. In addition, we try to assist owners in finding new homes for their senior dogs through our website and referrals.

Rainbow Bridge Art
Posted today on Art Helping Animals art blog.

ebay link for bidding:

Angel heaven dogs lab new CHRETIEN ODHN daily painter - eBay (item 120230309264 end time Mar-13-08 12:23:39 PDT)