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Sunday, October 29, 2006


Tis the season when little gobblins and ghouls will be trick or treating...keep pets safe and out of the Halloween Candy!

It is nice that kids want to share but please remind them it is harmful to feed CHOCOLATE TO DOGS!

Keep it fun and Keep it safe for all.

Image copyrighted to CAROL CHRETIEN 2006. "Spotted in the Pumpkin Patch"

This painting was recently purchased to help SAVE THE DALMATIANS rescue.
The model for this piece is my own Lizzie...Dalmatian art model and ambassador to help Dals through Save the Dals of So. CA rescue find their forever home.
This painting is also reproduced in the ART HELPING ANIMALS CALENDAR (available for sale to help the charities as we speak! visit for info on how to purchase.)

Monday, October 16, 2006


In New England we are blessed with some days of bright skies and cool air with bursts of color that fill you with energy and enthusiasm.
This painting is a "high noon" moment of one of those Fall days...just a peaceful sunny spot.
Being New England it means that you have to appreciate the moment as you find it...tomorrow we could be all wet...or all white! GRIN
Image copyrighted to Carol Chretien 2005

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hello, again!

It has been an interesting time the last few weeks...A pain in the right side of my abdomen raised it's ugly head and turned into GALLBLADDER SURGERY!

NOT a real surprise for me as I have lived with minor attacks of this over the years but my time avoiding faceing the music ran out!

So here I am recuperating and behind in all my activities. I hope to get back to the easel and get some work done but it is not just a matter of physically painting ... you have to get your brain and heart wrapped around the work, too. That is my new challenge, to regain the lost momentum.

One thing that helps make it easier to do this is to remember WHY the passion is there in the first place.

Helping Homeless Animals is my passion and while it is wonderful that there are so many fabulous faces to paint, to draw attention to their needs...the other hand holds the fact that I wish there wasn't a NEED to do this!

Paradox! But there you have this is the new face of NEED shown here hopefully draw some attention for PUPS & PALS rescue ...please look at this face of GINA...who is waiting to find a home of her own.

and then contact Pups and Pals ...also visit...
and see all the art and charities that might capture your heart & help homeless animals!

In the meantime...I heal on the inside and find my way back to work on the outside and it all comes together just as it was meant to be!
Image Copyright 2006 "Gina...waiting for a home"