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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


(Under the Tree - original oil)

Carol Chretien



Today is the end of is going out like a lamb!

For New England, 60 degrees and more is a gift at this time of year.

It is saving us heating costs and letting us get out and get things done without freezing our ornaments off!


Times are tough for many but it is the season of giving.

Please remember our shelter pets along with the other charitable giving that you normally do at this time of year, or all year, as is your way.


Your local shelters and rescues have needs lists and donated items are always appreciated and/or any extra dollars donated goes a long way.

Please keep them in mind as you make your lists and check them twice.


On a personal note: this year we lost our beloved Emmi cat. She is missed but I will be giving in her name so she lives on. That brings happiness in memories.


I continue with my "Frozen Shoulder" rehab and am finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! I have much improved range of motion and all the time and money spent working on getting "my painting arm" well is paying off.


My part-time job is almost over and I will be saying good-bye to 37 years of my old life in "health care" in exchange for a great new period of happy creativity making Art my joyful focus.

I welcome that Peace filled heart and soul work!


I KNOW in 2012 I will be back in the studio beginning from scratch with some new work behind the scenes to get those artistic muscles back in shape.

I will not be selling work right away but I WILL be working on my craft and finding my Muse with hopeful anticipation, again.

I do expect a good period of time when I will be reacquainting myself with my love "of painting just to paint" and perhaps be able to help once again with the charities I love.

That is what my hope for the new year will bring.

Health and a Peaceful Heart.


as we kick off DECEMBER and celebrate the magic of the


of light and hope.

All my very best,