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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

Memories...this is a time of year to look back even if you find it difficult or bittersweet.
You can look WAY back if you have a few good decades under your belt.

Some of us are so lucky in life to have some really great memories.
I was one who can only remember the good times of Christmas Past.

Happy times, lots of family, great food, the toys from brother's trains and race cars and games, my dolls, their clothes and carriages. Snowy winter vacations with sledding and snow forts...bundling up and playing all day.

VERY lucky, we have been.

Life goes on, we grow up, time flies by and we start losing the family members we've loved all our lives.

It IS life, it is isn't easy. This time of year connects us to our Ghosts and the memories come alive as we rediscover old ornaments and trinkets we keep some of the old traditions that certain missing members of the family enjoyed. Even shopping can be difficult when you see items that those loved ones would have been crazy about.
They may still be on the Christmas card list, and you still wish you could dial their numbers still in your phone's memory.

I find I have many visits from my own Ghosts as I go through these days. The signs of the seasons call them to you. They may have been gone for many years or just a doesn't matter...they return as vibrant as ever, you see the smiles, you hear the laughs, you feel the emotion of the happy days and sometimes the twinges of discomfort of their leaving.

Welcome them in for a visit...cherish the happy memories. Give thanks that you can say you had them then and can remember them now.

Then do something to really honor them...make a donation or two where it will do others some good...the ones who may not be collecting the memories you still enjoy in your own heart...give to children, give to homeless pets, give to the elderly, give to the ill, .....give time, give items, give money, give blood!

Make the Spirit of Christmas Present one of the good Ghosts you can recall in Christmases to come.

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