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Friday, October 05, 2007

I've Been LOST

I wasn't voted off the island and I haven't really been away but I could not for the life of me find my way back to this blog...A SPOT 4 Art!

So this is a test to see where it goes and how I can find it again.

I maybe should throw out some bread crumbs to find my way back?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


4 year old male, good with dogs, cats and children over 4
One of the boys in the worst shape from his rescue situation, we were worried about Skippy. He was scared and skinny when he arrived, but has blossomed into a wonderful boy. Skippy is now 99% house trained, happy and social. He loves playing with his foster brother, but enjoys attention from his foster mother the most of all.
A true lap dog, Skippy really loves to be close to you, in your lap or being cuddled. He's learned a lot about house living from his foster home, lots of basic manners and even how to go for walks nicely on a leash. Skippy is a really enjoyable boy to have around, small, compact and can't ask for more!

thanks for reading!
Visit their site
and for ART that HELPS...
and of course my own site!

Friday, March 30, 2007


Are you looking for a handsome and mature gentleman of the Spotted variety?
Happy and friendly...a great companion...?

Let me introduce COCO...he is recently staying at the FAXON ANIMAL SHELTER in FALL RIVER MA.
He is waiting for a place of his own with his forever family...not too much to ask for this lovable 8-9 yr old.
Could you love him?
This is your opportunity to help a great guy!
Renee the shelter manager sends this info about him...

Hi Carol,Here are some pictures of Coco (our coffee table dog) he is really over weight. Came in over 95lbs. He is losing weight and looks better than when he got here already. He is 9ish since the people that had him did not really know his age. They were watching him for a "friend" that after a year never returned for him.
They said Coco was just as large when they first got him. We have had him checked for thyroid issues and there aren't any. He is just a sweet, sweet boy. I think he is the nicest Dal I have ever met. Such pretty chocolate spots I call him coco puffs. He looks like a bowl of cereal. : )

This is the official write up on him...Coco 26218 is 9 ½ years old. His former owner left Coco with someone and did not come back for him after a year, then the original owner could not be found. The new people did not have time for him so they brought him to us. He is housebroken, crate trained, good with cats and other dogs. Ok in the car. He is a sweet loving boy. He is a Dalmatian he came to us on 3/9/07If you know of anyone that is looking... let them know he is here.
visit the shelter and directions below!
Faxon Animal Rescue League, Fall River, MA Pets for adoption and wellness clinic.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I haven't updated in a long while but I have been hugely busy painting away and trying to keep all those balls in the air!

The new ART BLOG at has been a wonderful outlet for getting the art we paint to help homeless animals into the public eye.

I've sold a lot of work and that has allowed me to make donations to all the worthy charities Art Helping Animals supports. We also contribute to other animal charities that need our help, also.

I have recently listed some STILL LIFE paintings that allow the buyer to choose the charity that the donation will go to.

We are the voices of these innocent homeless animals, often discarded, abused and neglected by their former owners....BUT ....RESCUED and REHABBED by the wonderful volunteers at the various charities...made ready for a family of their own.
Many happy tales are reported by successful adoptions. It is so gratifying.

So please help...and if you are in the market to help AND would love a piece of original art work...visit my site or and see what is new!

As always....THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Art opens Hearts! really does.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

It's a Small World

Colorful fish swimming around and seeing their world. This month I seem to be heading into the sea as many of my themes are sealife related.
All the work I do is offered to assist homeless animals and I always smile at the thought of how one species can help another!
These fish are oil on Canson canvas paper and at 5x7 and matted they make a bright and happy statement to enjoy.
Feel like some fish today? contact me and a portion of the sale will go to help a homeless animal in need!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

February Chill

Winter is here and we are in the middle of a really fridgid cold snap!

Good time to think about those who may need shelter and warmth.
Clean out your closets and find those clean old unused blankets and quilts to bring to the local animal shelter.
Pick up an extra container of dog and cat food to bring along with the blankets! Of just get a gift card to the local outlet or supermarket and let the volunteers shop for the needs of the shelter.

Every little bit helps!
image copyright 2005 Carol Chretien "Rescued by Love" oil on canvas

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cats in the Moon

oil on board
The studio is humming...
Time just rolls along...busy painting everyday, blogging everyday at ART HELPING ANIMALS and just generally trying to keep all the balls in the air!
In other words...the usual.
Our Daily ART BLOG at AHA is filled with great new art...everyday we try to post art for sale to help homeless animals with donations from the sale of EVERY piece of art we list!
The Painting above is a brand new miniature painting series called
"Moonlight Kitties"
there are 3 more that are going to be posted soon.
These little 5x7s are such fun to paint and the colors are amazing.
They are also easy to frame!
Whimsical themes and art to make you smile.

Monday, January 22, 2007


This little guy is having a moment of fun wrapped in feathers...the painting is offered for sale to help homeless animals and is listed on the NEW ART BLOG hosted by ART HELPING ANIMALS!
One of 3 paintings with the "feather theme" ...8x10 oils on canvas.
the third is on the easel.
Visit the blog...see the wonderful work we are doing in our ART HELPING ANIMALS artist fellowship.
For the homeless, abandoned and rehabilitated pet rescues...Each piece of work sold is art helping us to help them...Thanks for viewing!
Any questions? contact me anytime:

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


These 3 ACEOs are the remaining 3 of a 5 card series. Tiny pieces of ART only 3.5 inches x 2.5 inches...oil on canvas, collectible and ORIGINAL artwork.
All five were painted for KATRINA ANIMALS still in need and being helped by BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY...these paintings are listed on EBAY through MISSION FISH or if you have any questions...just email me!
Lets do what we can, as much as we can to help homeless animals in 2007!
All my work is signed, dated is catalogued and comes with authentification.

Monday, January 08, 2007

What's NEW?....

The new blog at ART HELPING ANIMALS!!!

It is a wonderful stream of the latest artwork that has been created by artists at Art Helping Animals.

We have been busy this first week of the new year...but the great message here is, it is just the very beginning of 2007!
Our collective work in 2006 has brought well over
to the charities we support. Some of the charities are our "official" AHA charities and others are the local or favorite charities of the artists themselves. The important point being that the neediest animals are receiving the benefits of the art work sold to help them.

Please visit the AHA BLOG ... where new work can be viewed or for sale is also linked to live auctions on eBAY.

Be assured that the artwork is professional, highly collected by art enthusiasts around the globe, and varied in style and media.
Any me at signup for updates of new art at the main site.
View the animals we serve, read their stories and so much more!

It is going to be a great year helping homeless animals through ART!

Link to current auction:
eBay: Mardi Gras Mask ACEO by CHRETIEN Best Friends KATRINA (item 120072540397 end time Jan-14-07 05:52:01 PST)
Image copyrighted to Carol Chretien 2007.
"Royal Masque" new original ACEO oil on canvas, miniture collectable art card in the Mardi Gras tradition.
This is the first original in the series offered to assist the animals of Hurricane Katrina...STILL IN NEED!...offered on EBAY.