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Monday, February 28, 2011

Scout....a work in progress


A work in progress... The very rough beginning to convey the idea. I start with some simple lines to place the subject on the canvas.

Finding the personality and emotion.
I like to go straight to the eyes to start. It is eerie when you have vacant eyes of a living subject and also I find that I am in "their company" once they are "there" with me in the studio. All the inspiration, for me, comes from the subject and what they mean to their person.

Now we are getting somewhere.
Color for background and collar have been discussed and approved. Scout is taking shape for sure and I am enjoying the process.
This canvas is 14x18 and a pleasure to be painting him in the close up format.
He has very beautiful eyes and markings and this will be a keepsake portrait that will draw the viewer in and touch the heart of Scout's mom.
This is the 3rd pass, and with another session or two I will have completed the piece.
Like negative space, the time between actual painting sessions gives you a chance to study the work and where you want to go next. This is all part of my working process.
This has been posted with permission of the client to share the process.


Scout is an almost 10 yr old hound/shepard mix who was adopted out of a Washington DC shelter. His "mom" says he started with, and still has, an over abundance of energy.

Scout has a few hobbies that include "counter surfing & snagging" and taking things from the bookcase, along with rifling through a purse or two and finding money! He LOVES the park.

But..."he makes me happy, he is like a little person and understands almost anything you say, even when he doesn't want to listen to you" ...Scout is "stubborn, spoiled, and has the most personality his mom has ever had around"...that is a testimony many of us share about our beloved companions. (just ask my Lizzie! LOL)

Scout is a "velcro" dog. :o)


All my work provides a donation to a rescue when completed.

PLEASE consider an adoption from your local saves lives.

And if possible, consider supporting a shelter with needed items, time, fostering or donations.

Thanks for looking and supporting rescue with art!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Loose Ends and New Things....

Munchkin's Painting for Falmouth Friends of Dogs rescue in Falmouth MA
has found its home.
I received a nice email that they forwarded to me from the winner of the fundraising raffle.
A true coast to coast effort, the painting is now in New Mexico.
Ellen B. loves the painting and the work done by this rescue and the knee surgery that gave this dog a better future.
It is nice to know that people help from all over the country!

On the easel:
(a work in progress)

This week has seen some requests for commissions in my inbox...I have been moving slowly since the first of the year. Some of you may know from my FaceBook postings that I have been
doing some therapy on my "painting arm" and trying to get back into the work of helping rescue with art but the pace is slow.

One of the commissions I started a few weeks ago is of Halifax the beagle.
( I have permission to share some work in progress from Hali's dad.)

This painting will be done this week. The charity that will benefit will be BONES at the client's request.
New work is about to start. I look forward to "picking up the pace" and getting some
good rescue work going.
Thanks for looking...updates coming soon.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day...

Wishing everyone a day of Love.
And have a wonderful day.
Please support your favorite rescue,
Give your heart to a pet up for adoption.
Sponsor a pet in foster care.
Volunteer with a local group.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Help comes in many ways...

Dayna Hilton (please see this link to learn more )

is a firefighter dedicated to educating children about fire safety.

Sparkles, a wonderful Dalmatian teacher, traveled the country with Dayna helping in this endeavor. Now Siren has stepped up to help carry on the teaching with her buddy Tango, Dayna's other fabulous dalmatian helper.

Siren, still a pup but growing fast, is a beautiful dal in training for the tasks he will assume and I was lucky enough to have permission to paint him in hopes of helping with some fundraising for the cause. I was inspired by his beautiful eyes, the idea of him answering a call to duty, and also as a tribute to Sparkles' memory.

All proceeds go to the fund.

And now...

I want to share this link that will help provide the funding that takes teaching children about fire safety to schools around the country.

If you would like to help please shop here...and share the links ...every bit helps raise awareness and can save lives.