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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Merry Christmas! oh, you heard right...

A Christmas Carol
Christmas is coming
the goose is getting fat,
Please put a penny in the old man's hat.
If you haven't got a penny,
a ha'penny will do,
If you haven't got a ha'penny...
then God Bless You!

You can COMMISSION an original OIL painting to give this Holiday
if you book with me by
The closing date for a painting that you will receive in time for gifting is
firmly set at NOV 1st.
EVERY Painting will give a SECOND GIFT,
a donation to your or the giftee's favorite charity.
For homeless animals and your favorite giftee!
The images above are also showing what you can give
(if you would rather send)
& let your giftee decide what they would like painted
for themselves.
Closing date for me to mail out the Announcement Gift box
as seen in the example above:
email me today (or VERY SOON!)
for a consultation
and details!
Time is precious and the magic of the best gift under the tree awaits!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lost in the it would seem.

"Like a Spiral in a Spiral..."
(sold oil painting)
Just an illustration of where the rest of this month has driven me.
Funny I should say "driven" as I have one dead car sitting in my driveway just as I was in the final stages of replacing it with another one.

But...I keep asking myself as I resolve this little matter ...What is the Universe telling me. Last week I was under the weather and rested. Then I wasn't going ANYWHERE literally!
I am not a person who believes in randomness. I do believe there is meaning to be had from life's experiences. So is it telling me to go slower? To stop and look around at what I am doing?
To be more deliberate? WHAT?
I am in the middle of 10 things and the last two weeks keeps sending me to the bench.
So I have to step back yet again and try to sort this.
I will do it. It will be all resolved.
I am asking for the powers that be to lend a hand, toss me a rope, give me a boost up...Patience?
maybe that is the lesson.
I will ponder that as I go through the day.
Wishing everyone smooth sailing today!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moon Madness! What does that get you?

Dalmatian Moon
Because this is an ART BLOG as well as a chatty patty blog I share this painting that sold last year to help DRTB to illustrate how this week has made me feel!
Yesterday it was a day of taking a step forward and hopping about 6 steps back.
ARGH! Frustration!
I really hate days like that but I ask myself what can I make out of it?...I ask this once I get a little distance, a little perspective, a glass of wine maybe.
So this morning after a good night's sleep I am able to say that the
Waxing Moon, that will soon be full and bright, just slowed me down to a reflective state instead of a high energy, buzzing around and bull in a china shop momentum.
Well what did that get me? a chance to decide to catch up with some life and home things before they get away from me.
It made me rebalance.
I could stop being frantic and realize that I have work that is getting finished and ready to go.
I have work in progress that I personally like and I have a plan to begin the 30x48 dalmatian seascape that is a commissioned piece.
So in other words... in a note to me from the Universe...
Take a break, take a pause, take a look around. Look at the bigger picture.
Oh,.... OK. I can do that.
I tend to jump up and run in 10 directions at once and wonder why I hit the wall every so often.
So I will heed the wisdom of the Universe...
I will howl at the moon and pay attention and find a pattern of order.
It's there I just have to SPOT it.
this is the way to enjoy the process that gets lost in the flurry of confusion of activity.
The Universe is Wise when you step to the side and stop and listen.
Have a great day...go at your own pace and remember to breathe!
If you have a minute please check out the fundraising event at
See where the cost of a LATTE can help save a LIFE!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Labor of Love...

The Call Home
oil on canvas
This is the updated version of the work in progress.
This painting is based on the idea that each animal is accompanied over the Rainbow Bridge on their way Home with a guardian that helps make the transition easier for them.
I love painting my vision of Angels with gives me great joy while I paint this topic. I know we are surrounded by the grace of angelic presence throughout our lives and their assistance is always available to us when we need it most.
This painting is available
with 25% of the sale going to
Friends of the Bristol Animal Shelter
Please visit their site to see what pets are ready for adoption.
If you would like to purchase this painting and help the rescue just
email me.

Art Helping Animals

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Call Home - a work in progress

The Call Home
new work on the easel
The latest work in my continuing theme of Angels and Animals.
This painting is at its start and will help support the work of
with 25% of the sale going to the rescue.

If you would like to reserve this painting before it is listed for sale at the finish
just email me.
25 % to rescue!
free domestic shipping
The style of the painting will be soft and luminous with a serenity that is part and parcel of
the Rainbow Bridge
where all our pets wait patiently for us.
On this day of 9/11
wishing all a day of reflection for us and prayers for our fallen
and support of our heroic citizens and soldiers who fight insidious evils for the good of our country.
God Bless America

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Latte ~ A Life... ANNOUNCEMENT!

original oil


In the truest sense...

Most every artist (in their chosen sense of self expression )has their own reasons for sharing what they create with those who will make a judgement of the value of their work.

I have spent the better part of the last 10 years using my skills with oils to help rescues save animals. I have done this work with love and dedication.

Mostly I have been in awe of the great hearts and souls of the frontline rescuers and have gotten to know some very hard working and hard loving people who I can now call friends because of this work.

It takes a lot of hands and invested humanity to pull a discarded pet from a kill shelter, provide a safe haven, medical treatment, transportation, forstering in a real home and them finding the right family to match the pet.

It also takes CASH, lots of DOLLARS, plenty of MONEY and most of the time the one saved pet is replaced in that same Kill-Shelter by 10 more just like him...yet we must keep trying to win.

is hosting its yearly


details will be found very soon on their site
this painting is part of the fundraising effort.


you can support the rescue and WIN this original Oil Painting
inspired by Dusty, a Dal-mix, painted by yours truly with
100% of the proceeds helping this wonderful rescue.


My work is all about how fine art can help impact a life in a real way.

I am very fortunate that I can create a piece of artwork that lets me be able to donate real money to save homeless animals so that rescuers can continue their work.

My contention is that each life should get a chance to thrive.
We can help one at a time but when we all pull together we can multiply the odds of doing so much more!

This painting is stunning in person...the eyes will draw you right in.
It will compliment your dalmatian or canine art collection
It is 12x12 on canvas that does not require a frame.

YOUR ENTRY of $5.00
can be gifted to

DRTB via Paypal
or by Check to their address
details on their site soon.
Thanks for helping rescue with fine art!

I am a proud founding member artist of

Wednesday, September 08, 2010



Donation has been made to:
Cascade Beagle Rescue (east)
please visit their site to see who is ready for adoption!
The painting in progress below is shown updated but only hints at luminosity in this digital image! More to do, spots to paint.
donation will go to
they have inspired this painting.
Please visit their site to see which dogs are ready to go to their forever home!

Please scroll down to see other still available work on the easel...
so much more work to do to help rescue with fine art!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

What's On The Easel? Variety!

Sharing some work in progress is always fun for me...these are in varying stages of completion and all currently on the easel. Thanks so much for looking!

Under the Autumn Moon
is a doggy noire for Fall...the story of two friends wandering under a rising moon at the farm.
In a state of near completion this will soon be offered to assist
Cascades Beagle Rescue.
Early in the Morning
This oil is in a very early stage and my plan for it is to convey the promise of sunrise with my favorite breed (Spots have yet to be placed) catching the early rays. Enjoying the different colors
for this seascape from my usual blues and greens. Like Dalmatians waiting for adoption there is something about the colors of morning that convey hope.
Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay inspired this one.

A Gift for the Season
Ah yes...Oscar my little Muse (Pam A's Boy) has the most expressive eyes...I love the light in his and his winsome expression...can he be resisted?
The colors of the season will surround him.
He will be helping Coast To Coast Dachshund Rescue.

Store Up Your Treasures
A new oil still life in one of my favorite subjects that I just enjoy painting.
It is for my pleasure of working through the puzzle of patterns, reflection, transparency, light and shadow.
This is play time for me.
Thinking about a special gift? Considering a Commission?
email me!
All of the above will be available soon.
If you have a desire to purchase and want to reserve in advance
and wish to know more about them
Please just email me.
All my work will benefit a charity.
Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Your Point of View....My Point of View...

The glass HAS to be half allows you to keep going forward!

Today I had the wonderful experience of hand delivering a painting I had completed t0 the couple who commissioned the work. It is a little bit nerve wracking when you hand the painting over, they unwrap it and you hope they will love it.

Most of my work is done over the internet, I paint and ship and get feedback by email. It is something when you actually meet the client and see their reaction. People react emotionally to see their pet as Art.

A funny thing happened with this particular painting. I worked from snapshots. I used 2 of the better ones to try to capture the dog and meld my vision with what they described to me about this dog that had crossed the Bridge a few years ago.
When they saw the painting I explained that I did my best to recreate their dog on the canvas, the snapshots were a little distant so I did my best with them.

They say they see their dog looking back at them and couldn't be happier.

Then they showed me a picture of the dog that not only WOULD have been an excellent reference but my painting actually matched exactly! The client explained that she was afraid to send me the image incase it was damaged or destroyed and it was their favorite image of the deceased pet!
What a surprise for both of us...LOL!

I always explain to clients that it really does help me when they can tell me about their pet's particular characteristics it makes a huge difference in the quality of my painting if I can connect with the subject at a deeper level. There is nothing generic about painting portraits, be it people or animals. You have to find that spark or twinkle that makes them...them.

The other most wonderful aspect of this whole thing...I got to make a donation today to help homeless animals. The best blessing of my work selling!

Art helping really works. And is a Win-Win-Win!

thanks for following!