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Friday, August 28, 2009

PROGRESSION - Dachshund Art - 3 stages...

As I continue on with this piece you see the progression from last week when I first posted the initial footprint.

Stage 1 getting the basics down.

Next a little defining...
Truly on the easel...will wrap it up on the final pass and bring it all together...
"Tangled Up In Blue...Flowers"

Thanks for looking and please STAY TUNED!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Beginnings - First Look!

The studio is humming along. Just wanted to share 2 that I started yesterday.
The Dalmatian is in the VERY bare bones stage ...I put in a few markers on the canvas yesterday just to get a sense on a start...This Dal is at the Rainbow Bridge and was an old friend of ours, a "DalPal" is an honor to paint him. He has a gentle soul. There will be many changes to this piece to find "Mercury" in this canvas. I hope to do him justice.

The second painting is a 100% donation winning portrait from the Jack Russell fundraiser in June.
The JRT is "Cleopatra" and this is the second pass ...from here I will correct and detail the painting to capture Her. You can see the difference in the first and second passes of the two paintings.
I always start with a very loose line drawing to put some landmarks down as a guide. In animal or people subjects I start with eyes...after all who wants blank eye sockets watching them paint? And it is the window to the find "life" staring back at you. Stay Tuned for a whole group of finished work coming soon to an online site near you!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy 11th Birthday LIZZIE!

11 years ago today our Spotted Girl was born.
We can't believe how fast the time has passed and how much one dog can be loved.
Well in fact, she was loved before she was born as we waited for her a long time.
Lizzie has been my Dalmatian model, a wonderful model who works for food.
It is amazing she is not overweight because food is her life!
The day I brought her home at exactly 8 weeks of age the only way she wouldn't cry as I held her in the car on the ride home was to let her eat little puppy chow nuggets and she cried after each one was gone.
The training of "Mom" had begun and she was on the road to teaching me everything she wanted me to know.
Leo and I laugh at this story ...his philosophy is "They deserve to be spoiled" ...he is not the dog whisperer.
But here is the thing about Liz....she has been a wonderful girl. Happy and full of life, never destructive, trust worthy, yes a tad spoiled, very very smart and extremely loving to us. Pretty darn healthy too. Thank Heavens!
So Happy Birthday our Lizzie and we wish for many more birthdays and tons of inspirations for paintings that help ....Dalmatians in Need.
Lizzie was not a rescue Dalmatian...we don't have many Dals at all in these parts but her likeness has sold around the world in oil paintings and those donations are our way of giving thanks for her and her contribution for being my Muse for shelter dogs everywhere!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Donated Art for Charity ...Summer 2008

These two paintings were oils that I was able to do this summer for FUNDRAISERS.
100% was given to the charities.

The top piece, "GABE" was a custom portrait that benefitted an Educational Memorial Scholarship fund in honor of Dr. Lincoln D. Lynch for the Middleboro, MA school system.

"AS FREE AS THE BIRDS" was painted and auctioned for Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay
generating funds to help with the costs of veternary care for some of the neediest Dals in their care. The rescue is in Florida and the painting was won by a wonderful supporter in Texas!
It takes many hands to help the animals who wait in rescue for the chance at a new life.

STAY TUNED for the finish of
Foley's Portrait
as always thanks for supporting Rescue with art!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Recently Painted, Recently Sold.

These two paintings are part of the 8 recent pieces I have been working on in the last two weeks. Both paintings sold almost as soon as they were listed. Much appreciated with 20% going right to rescues!

The top painting sold to help SAVE THE DALMATIANS located in So. California.
The second was listed today for my weekly contribution to DAILY PAINTER'S GALLERY where every Thursday I list a new piece of work representing my artist fellowship, Art Helping Animals. The donation helps TURTLE RIDGE WILDLIFE CENTER.

"Dalmatian: With Ocean View"
oil on canvas
"If Only..."
oil on canvas
Both of these paintings are focused on using light to create a sense of atmosphere and
emotional pull.
they were a joy to paint.
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

IN THE WIND - March #3 -Year of the Cat

oil on canvas
This is the latest painting in a 12 painting series the first 2 have sold.
Representing the month of MARCH this painting is inspired by the work being done by
a cat sanctuary
20% of the sale goes to this wonderful rescue.
The series is a very fun challenge to myself to imagine this whole group of totally original paintings by either finding the cat that inspires the scene or planning the scene and then finding the purr-fect cat!
Below is a little collage of what we have so is always neat to see them together.
I think it is an elegant series so far and even I don't know how it is going to unfold!
The artist is also the observer...and that is exciting for me.
The next painting is representing APRIL will be based on my idea for a vintage scene
but the cat model hasn't been decided as yet.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Painting away....progress?

Work In Progress....

This is the 3rd stage of a formal portrait of FOLEY it is 14x18 oil on canvas and I have been working away on 8 different pieces of art including this one. I feel like I am making a dent now on this oil...It is for a special purpose. And it is my great honor to do it.
I will post the finish and his story when it is done.
When painting a portrait it takes a different kind of concentration and patience with myself.
You need to appreciate the stages...take time to evaluate the details...and in the process you do develop a bond with the subject.
While I have rarely met the subjects of portraits in person, I have gotten to know some of them through their people.
While I paint them I am aware of what their loved ones have told me about them so I have that reference point that I always hope adds the extra ingredient to the meaning
behind the work. People trust me with these captured moments of their most beloved pets
and that is pretty amazing stuff to me.
I haven't taken this work lightly. The deeper and deeper into these waters I venture, the more I appreciate the impact it can make for healing, or uplifting and to even help the rescuers who save some lives they find hanging in the balance in shelters is very humbling to me.
Happiness is having a chance to say it with paint!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Organized Chaos?

The Organized Chaos... that is my work corner of my studio.
Some things that are currently "works in progress" to share in their earliest stages can be seen below...

The official count is 8 in progress pieces of art but 4 are very near completed.
The following are in the Ugly Stages of near-new. Very raw but it gives a glimpse of how I start if you are interested in my process.

Year of the Cat series # 3 ...MARCH "In the Wind"

The next two are for our ART HELPING ANIMALS
September Focus on Rescue

we will be highlighting
Saluki Rescue STOLA


And lastly...the newest Dachshund Rescue painting in the works
with "Oscar" once again as my furry Muse.
His mom (Pam) keeps me inspired by sending me reference images that I keep on file for that moment when a Doxie is just the right note for helping rescue!

a LONG way to go as you can see.
And it is all good... as I work to wrap them up and look forward to some new plans for Fall,
that will include a special piece for Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay for their
yearly OCTOBER event.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On the Easel...FIRST LOOK!

As yet untitled.
oil on canvas
Its been busy in the studio the last couple of days.
This is new on the easel...I had taken some great shots for reference of this white Chow Chow in bright kitchen light and knew there would come a time when I would want to paint him. His name is Bear...I painted him as part of a group portrait a few years ago.
I have always loved painting white animals or subjects in bright light for all the colors you can find in their reflected shadows.
When finished it will benefit homeless animals when it is sold.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Patterns and more patterns... An update.


First Light of Fall
oil on canvas
Not sure how accurate the color is on any given computer screen but in reality this painting conveys the first light of favorite season.
It was painted with the impulse to create heat and light and interesting shadow patterns along with a "patterned" dog.
(Well let's be honest my Lizzie stood in as my model but I have added a different pattern than her own.)
Also the colors within shadows, their own interesting contribution from all the various light sources and bouncing reflections and then my own creative description as seen though my own artistic eye is brought together in a piece like this.
Then it begs the question of how does that translate on any given screen in digital mode?
My collectors (and you know who you are...) tell me that when they get the painting in their hands it looks "even better"....whew! that is a boon to me to know that.
We do what we can via cyberspace and digital photography but there is nothing like the original in YOUR light in YOUR hands.
I can say this as I look around the room at what hangs on my walls!
so...this painting is for
and the price is 125.00
and the shipping is
and you can purchase it is NOT reserved!

20% or 25.00 of the Sale goes straight to the rescue
to help their great work!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

August - New Month, New progress

This first piece is the inspired by photos I took of a friend's dogs and this is the "blocking in stage" of the first pass. I will be offering this oil painting to help one of our Art Helping Animals supported rescues. This husky is so beautifully marked. She is a very shy girl and that gave me the working title:
This new Dalmatian piece is all about temperature and seasonal color along with pattern and light.
I will list this one for SAVE THE DALMATIANS one of our Dalmatian rescues that Art Helping Animals supports through art sales.
UP DATE ....
Adding pieces of the gate to this one .... designing as I go.
Will be adjusting here and there before it is done.
You have to enjoy the journey and not just the destination in creative projects.
I do enjoy sharing the process...hopefully you enjoy watching the paintings develop.