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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Success Has Many Faces

What has the year brought you? Have you made it a Success?

Painting has given me a great way to express myself and show the world some of what goes on in my mind in a way that says it succinctly. For me, making art is about using creative energy in a positive way.

This morning as I was gathering up paper work that follows the art work (only part of the work I don't enjoy!) I was amazed at how many of my paintings this year have gone to homes around the USA and even as far away as Australia!

I am not sure who the official "powers that be" are that decide about who or what is a "success" but I am sure I am humbled by how many new people are enjoying my original art work and how it has helped to make some forgotten and abandoned animals a little more comfortable this year through creative giving.

In that regard, ART HELPING ANIMALS is an astounding success for that alone.

"Success" has many faces and most of them have been of needy and homeless animals waiting for their own adoptive homes or of my own animals who continue to help others by being inspiration and models for much of my work.

I recently listed for charity a painting of our cat Sesby who was with us for 18 yrs and even though she has been gone for over 13 yrs she is helping unfortunate animals through my memory of her in oil paint.

It has been a great year for sending this work out and getting wonderful response and feedback. I think of it as sending this heartfelt energy into the world, letting it go and hoping that it makes an impact that's for the greater good somewhere. We all create this kind of energy with every contact and exchange we make all day long. Everyone has choices and chances daily to AMP up and get that energy moving.

I am so thankful to the following artists who have inspired me all year and everyday...
Stella Violano, Melinda Dalke, Vernita Bridges-Hoyt, Robin Joy Andreae, Tanya Amberson, Sandra Merwin, Andy Mathis, Peggy Henderson,Cori Solomon, Cathrin McMillan, & Amber Lowe.
Talented, Accomplished, Giving, Inspirational ...every one.

Go out...create some energetic good and see success looking back at you from those many faces.

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