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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Right Place, Right Time - work in progress!

FIRST LOOK! Work in Progress....

Right Place, Right Time
oil on canvas
On the Easel...this black labrador is right where he needs to be...on a shore by the sea.
Black Dogs get adopted last but Black Labs have to be one of the most popular family dogs on the planet. They just aren't so flashy in the local shelter, sometimes they get overlooked!
OLD DOG HAVEN rescues many old black dogs and Judith, their founder, remains dedicated to helping these old dogs find dignity, love and comfort in their last years.
Old Dog Haven is a final refuge rescue.
Many live out their lives in that hospice care and many still have homes waiting for the adopables in their care.
Please visit their site for more info. and to read about their good work.
ART HELPING ANIMALS artists paint to help this rescue.
Come back to see the finish soon.
available when done
20% goes straight to the rescue.
email me!

Monday, January 25, 2010

UPDATE! regarding Prudence!

Just got the news! SHE GOT ADOPTED and the painting has SOLD!
Thanks for the great comments received from sending the image and word out on Twitter and Facebook and of course through this BLOG!

I am humbled and gratified to help and the donation is being made as we speak to help DALMATIAN RESCUE TAMPA BAY...they work hard, are grass roots and non-profit and go MILES beyond the norm for these dogs (and some not so spotted ones) and I mean MILES literally!

I stand and applaud them all. Thanks for tuning in....more to follow.

Dear Prudence - FIRST LOOK!

oil on canvas
This painting is available for
inspired by "Prudence" a senor up for adoption.
DEAR PRUDENCE by the Beatles does come to mind...but she is "dear" and she needs her own bed, your bed? and a forever family.
you can find her on the DRTB website.
Also I would like to say it is a poignant reminder to me of time passing. Our own Lizzie, the central figure in our home , is aging and my connection to every single senior Dalmatian is so evident in my heart and in my art.
I live in that state of denial and see her as the "puppy" she has always been but the reality is she will be 13 in August and I am keenly aware of every moment of her time.
Our time with her.
I think she keeps wondering why we are always kissing her. LOL
If you want to purchase this painting before I list it elsewhere for sale
once it is is gone.
20% to the rescue!
free domestic shipping.

THE PAINTING HAS SOLD...................

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Business As Usual...The Muse is Home!

WORK IN PROGRESS ....first pass....
This new painting (ABOVE) is a work in progress for BRISTOL ANIMAL SHELTER
this painting is inspired by one of their adoptable young white cats..."BRIE"
Who could possibly say NO to those blue eyes? If My 16 yr old thug of a cat named Emmi would allow another cat in my house I would be first in line for this beauty.
When the painting is done I will list it for sale with 20% going to the rescue when sold.

AND...below is the finished painting first posted yesterday for RIMROCK of their adoptable "Honey."

Just on the easel this afternoon is a Dalmatian for DALMATIAN RESCUE OF TAMPA BAY
and a new black lab seascape for OLD DOG HAVEN...yes...the Muse is kicking butt and taking names!

Stay tuned....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Like Honey...

To the bees...

Like Honey To The Bees
oil on canvas
I walked into my studio today with my spine straight and my resolve intact...
The Muse walked in behind me, dropped her travel bags and pushed up her sleeves.

She said, " Lets get to it." ...and we did.

Two hours later...and I am here to tell you it was only about 20 minutes in my internal clock, we have the painting you see here. I have a few details to add when dry enough but I am thrilled with the start of 2010 and my painting efforts. There is no place in my life that TIME is suspended like when I am at the easel. The "Zone" does indeed exist.

First time I have put oil paint brush to canvas in '010.

I feel like I just let out a LONG held breath. Yes, this is breathing to me.

OK...the nuts and bolts: This is my rendition of a beautiful cat that is up for adoption at RIMROCK HUMANE SOCIETY in Montana.
She is waiting for that forever home. Her name is "Honey" I will be posting this for sale on the ART HELPING ANIMALS ART BLOG as soon as it is done.

If you are interested in it before I list it please know 20% goes right to this rescue.
It will be 125.00 with free domestic shipping!

please email me: to reserve it. Once it is gone, it is gone for good.

Back to the studio and back to work.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Regrouping ....In need of inspiration.

Last year was a busy year. At the end of the year I made a few calendars of the year's work for family and myself, as I have done the last several years...thought I would share a page from the 12 months.
I am spending the day sorting and finishing up some loose ends and reliving my older work as I start preparing for the new work to come. I really enjoyed doing these pieces and still enjoy looking at them.
Stay tuned.........

Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Empty Bowl - not so empty!

A metaphor for being open to all good inspirations, aspirations...and keeping my lines of communication open.
Yesterday I sent out my thoughts to the Universe (and a call to my Muse who I envisioned was away on vacation...still) although I have a different perspective on this today.
I have come to realize she has been giving me some space.
I needed a break, a pause, a deep sigh. I was beating myself up with the idea that I was stepping away from the canvas for too long. Realizing that I have been painting hundreds of works with a feverish need to make my donations that help.
AH.....this morning I made the donations without painting! Without lifting a brush to canvas. It doesn't feel the same obviously, when a painting sells and I make a donation then it is a 3 way WIN and it has that added magic to it that makes it all worthwhile. The painting gets a home too!
HOWEVER....I was inspired to give to a local rescue FAXON ANIMAL RESCUE FALL RIVER MA. as someone told me the story yesterday that they rescued a cat, brought the cat for vet care to the Sylvan Vet Care that is attached to Faxon, saw my name and website on their "CREATIVE WAYS TO GIVE" page.... I didn't even realize they had me linked there...and I thought it was a good way to start my January.
This morning on Facebook I read about RESCUE INK and the work they are doing for the neediest animals....BINGO! Donation sent.
I will start painting soon...there are many EMPTY BOWLS out there that need filling. Money is GREEN have to keep the energy moving. It is GOOD KARMA. Helping feels GOOD.
The Muse will be joining me soon ...all tanned and rested I am sure. I have a few conversations planned. I'll be happy to see her when the timing is just right.
She has worked awfully hard beside me the last 4 years. I guess she deserved a break.
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Quiet Contemplation...In a Capricorn way...

This is pretty much where I am at the moment.

I have been reading my horoscope the last week or so and it seems that by that measure I am finding myself reevaluating all my methods of operation. Mercury is in retrograde and things seem to be spinning backwards.

I am working on refining my website and reworking my schedules to help me get into that place where I can be my most creative. What does it all mean?

Every year my resolutions (some say you should not make them as you set yourself up for failure) seem to involve 3 things: the search for CLARITY, better ORGANIZATION, and BALANCE.
Here I am again. So THIS year I am calling them "ASPIRATIONS" (thanks Stella!) and looking at what steps will get me there. SO Capricorn.

I just read that one of the traits of a Cap is that you want to SEE the net before you leap...but if you don't see it... YOU want to make it yourself. LOL!

Seems what drives me is that I need to have a purpose. I need to make a difference. That is very much me. "You can see the wheels turning" is what one of my instructors once said to me in a post class discussion. Another told me to STOP! working on my work. I was obsessing I guess on some type of perfection. I can't seem to just cruise if I am doing something worthwhile.

Ah well...I am finding ways this month to make life more colorful for my Mom as we repaint her living spaces in new and refreshed colors!

I have a call out to my MUSE....waiting for the call back! ...I hear distant laughter I think.

I hope your day is going in a forward motion but ...if you are in the retrograde spin ...look within, and, if you see me...WAVE! :)

The painting above is available and listed on eBay as we speak.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Two Sides of the Coin...

Standing right behind the house and looking out toward the east is the cove of the river that is the scene I see from up in the studio. This is the beginning of the New Year with a fresh, clean and sunny point of view.
Now flip around 180 degrees...

... and look west from the previous image and you see my studio up in the trees. The last window on the left is where my easel is and that corner is the south side, so on a day like today it is pretty warm and bright. I have removable frosted panels in the windows to cut the bright glare and still let in the light.
Letting in the light in this darkest season of the year is what we do here at Casa Chretien. We aren't very fancy or have many things but it is a wonderful home base to create from.
I count my blessings everyday.
Today I am still getting all the loose ends together and prepping for a month of creativity. I hope you can join me on this 2010 Odyssey...Let the games begin!

Wishing everyone a wonderful start to their NEW YEAR!