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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


If you would like to choose a Gift for your loved one
this Christmas
you want to support your favorite rescue...
(a donation will go to rescue)
PLEASE don't wait:
Available until DECEMBER 7th
I will send out to you a Christmas Box full of giving joy
as an announcement for an
of your giftee's favorite pet!
The box will be festive and ready for gifting.
details will all be included for them to contact me after January 1st
and we will create something they will treasure.
something that will not get lost in the gifts under the tree
or forgotten in a few weeks!
Happy Holidays
email me soon to book a gift announcement!
gifting that helps homeless animals!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Healing Art....

We who love animals, are IN love with animals and are owned by our "pets" (if you remember your 101 Dalmatians you remember that "Pongo" called Roger HIS "pet")...same applies to our situation.

Our 2 animals are growing older and it hurts to see time passing. I am comforted by the fact that all the love given to them comes back to us 10 fold. They have wonderful lives.
It is our duty that we make it our duty to give them the best.

I have had the opportunity to make a friend on Facebook because of my love for all things Dalmatian and yet it is a little bittersweet.

I discovered Dayna Hilton, a firefighter and her dog SPARKLES the FIRE SAFETY DOG and all the great work they have done teaching children about how to stay safe and about fire prevention.

Sparkles passed on shortly after my finding out about her.
Dayna Hilton is going on with the work and has two beautiful Dalmatians in her life. One of them is Tango and one is a young pup named Siren.
Siren is a striking blue-eyed boy who has some big paw prints to fill.

When Dayna posted a pic of Siren I was so taken by him that I asked if I could paint him...I saw in him the idea that He would go on and maybe be the healer for her and be the light for lots of kids, maybe continuing with Sparkles' work going forward.
She gave me permission to paint Siren and below is the finished painting and my concept of Siren answering the call to duty.
I hope the painting helps Dayna's heart heal along with Sparkles' legacy....and all the good things that Siren will bring to many lives. This painting is my gift to Dayna and to help with her work.

Siren's Call To Duty
oil on canvas
gifted to Dayna Hilton in memory of Sparkles.

All proceeds from this painting's use will benefit the foundation for teaching children fire safety.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why Oils?

Why do I choose oils? I so admire many of the other mediums but no matter what I have tried, I always return to my first love...
Oil Paint.
Wild Woman
available oil on canvas

I fell in love with them in my teens and many decades later still appreciate the light and depth of oils.
They really depend on the lighting they are viewed in. You can move an oil painting from one source of light to another and see a whole different painting.
I notice this particular characteristic when looking at landscapes. The light in the painting changes.
This works because the light shines through the oil paint to the canvas and back out to the eye.
You will notice how certain passages will almost have a "light from within" warm light really brings the warm colors forward.
One of the challenges of taking photos, and now with digital sharing, you try to get the best light for images in afternoon north light.
What you see on your computer monitor may still be nothing like the actual painting.
When I send out my paintings to the client I am always hopeful they will see the work as so much more dynamic and full of life. Especially animals. Those faces and eyes are very lively and dimentional when you are looking at the actual canvas.
You also get the benefit of the brush and daubs of color that are missed in the digital example. Texture is also missed unless you are looking at the real thing.
But we must work with what we have and the images travel far and wide online and really have impact in audience reach.
One of the nicest and poignant comments I get is that my works makes the viewer emotional. That is pretty cool when you think that I am taking pigments and materials and arranging them on a piece of cloth to transform into something that has heart.
That is Alchemy in the truest sense. It is a magical, mystical thing even to me.
Where does it come from?
I really do have the best job in the world. Sometimes I don't even know what will appear on the canvas as I go. It often seems like it is already there and I just seem to uncover it. That is something most artists must encounter.
Another of the attributes of oils is that the paint often suggests where to go next. This is hard to explain except to say it remains a teacher of sorts for me.
This is today's ramble. :)
If you would like to shop for a Christmas of Holiday gift that will provide a donation to help an homeless animal and make your giftee happy:
or email me to see about an after Christmas gift certificate for a custom painting.
Have a grace-filled day!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


New Additions to the first STUDIO "C" Art Sale have been entered here:
"Waiting At the Gates" (above) is included!


Click the link to see what paintings are available to purchase before



will be the distinctive gift under the tree!

You will help a rescue and be the best gift-giver ever!

Variety of subjects available.

Also see the PAGE 1 LINK

and which paintings are STILL available.

Some have sold and rescues have received donations.

Each painting is an original oil and each is 75.00

of which 15.00 goes straight to rescue.

Happy Shopping!

thanks for looking and please share the link with friends.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Time For Giving...

From now until the end of the year we are thinking about
How Can We Help?
The 14th Annual Four Paws Charity Auction for Homeless Cats and Dogs
November 20th 6:30-9:00PM
Dartmouth, MA
These 2 framed prints of my original oils will be part of the Auction this year!
100% donation

If you are in the area, please consider this event for helping homeless animals!
There will be many different items available beside artwork.
They do a wonderful job all year long working to help homeless animals.
share your blessings!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That Christmas Feeling

For me....Is about creating moments on canvas that will help homeless animals.
Giving with an open heart...these Christmas paintings will help rescue.
25.00 from each sale goes straight to rescue.
Free Domestic Shipping!

He's A Gift
25.00 donation to a BEAGLE rescue!
please send payment to


oil on canvas
25.00 DONATION to the rescue of YOUR choice!
please send payment to

Cape Cod Beagle Christmas

available to
GIFT for the Holidays
Book a painting for the
details below!

details below!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

ART SALE! gifting and keeping....

Introducing....Studio "C" sale blog.

Did you see something I had painted before that you liked and want to gift or keep?

I am cleaning out some studio space and have a few unsold paintings to offer at a "sale" price of

75.00 and...

15.00 of every sale goes to help a rescue!

Free domestic shipping.

Please ...take a peek.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Where everyone wins... It starts with US!

All of us.
One of best things I have experienced over the last decade is having met some of the best and most generous and hard working people in the world. Big statement, I know.

Most of these "meetings" have been on line or by phone or email, but none the less, very special.
It has prompted me to want to work harder to raise money for homeless animals and work harder to be able to give all that I can.

The project we just finished together is one that helped People and Animals! It was a great idea lent to me by a Facebook friend (Rebecca) as I have mentioned before but it was also a way of helping me learn about another wonderful rescuer.

Judith Farrar was the winning name that came out of the hat. I had never heard of her before the raffle but have heard alot about her since! :o)

She has been one of the best helpers and "foster Moms" for Dalmatian Rescue Tampa Bay.
I was told by Susan and Pat of DRTB that she has fostered 24 dalmatians for that rescue! That is 24 dogs that definately have been given a headstart of a new life.

She does not have a dog of her own, much less a Dalmatian! She has made herself available to helping reshape the lives of these rescue dogs so that they may be ready to go to their forever homes.

What a gift of a volunteer she is to that rescue. Judy told me in an email that she has a siamese cat "Simone" that is the official "Cat Friendly" tester for rescue dogs who stay in her home. A little 8 lb cat will let her know who is the dal that will go to home with a cat in the family. is so great to "meet" you. The painting is on the way!

So once again...EVERYBODY WINS! and I am so proud to know so many good people.

A packet of info that went out with the check.
YOUR donation mattered and YOU can claim it on YOUR taxes.
I will not be claiming that check on mine.
Your gifts were so appreciated!

Carol Chretien

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Munchkin ...a dog with a chance!

Meet Munchkin!
oil on canvas
Munchkin Gets A Chance
Falmouth MA
is helping this dog have a real chance at a comfortable life.
Meet Munchkin (below) and read the story of what they are doing for this wonderful young dog.

Bilateral Knee Surgery Dog With a Chance At a Good Life!

5.00 or the cost of a fancy "drive-thru" coffee will enter your name in the raffle for this painting.
I hope you can see some love in those eyes.
Munchkin is a dog who has some good people on board to help.

If you love to help and love Original Canine Art...this is a WIN - WIN for you.
Please click the link above and do what you can.
The drawing for this painting will be done in January.
Please pass this link forward to anyone who might be interested in giving Munchkin a Chance.

Many Blessings To You!

Monday, November 01, 2010

We have a Winner! Thanks so much!

Judith F of Florida
you are our painting raffle winner!
Many thanks to all who participated in this spur of the moment campaign to paint for
On October 15th the idea was supplied as a suggestion by Rebecca Gott who asked if I had a Pink Dalmatian for BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH!
Well I did not...but then a half hour later ...I did have a start.
Using the inspiration from her idea and the pose of her Dal I was compelled to paint this little 10x10 Special Edition, one of a kind oil that allows us to send the donation to the cause that enables free mammograms for early cancer detection!
I could not resist the idea and now I think we could double that NEXT year and maybe do something completely different for this event.
You all are wonderful giving people.
we will keep paying it forward.
Remember...early detection helps save lives!