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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


(Under the Tree - original oil)

Carol Chretien



Today is the end of is going out like a lamb!

For New England, 60 degrees and more is a gift at this time of year.

It is saving us heating costs and letting us get out and get things done without freezing our ornaments off!


Times are tough for many but it is the season of giving.

Please remember our shelter pets along with the other charitable giving that you normally do at this time of year, or all year, as is your way.


Your local shelters and rescues have needs lists and donated items are always appreciated and/or any extra dollars donated goes a long way.

Please keep them in mind as you make your lists and check them twice.


On a personal note: this year we lost our beloved Emmi cat. She is missed but I will be giving in her name so she lives on. That brings happiness in memories.


I continue with my "Frozen Shoulder" rehab and am finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! I have much improved range of motion and all the time and money spent working on getting "my painting arm" well is paying off.


My part-time job is almost over and I will be saying good-bye to 37 years of my old life in "health care" in exchange for a great new period of happy creativity making Art my joyful focus.

I welcome that Peace filled heart and soul work!


I KNOW in 2012 I will be back in the studio beginning from scratch with some new work behind the scenes to get those artistic muscles back in shape.

I will not be selling work right away but I WILL be working on my craft and finding my Muse with hopeful anticipation, again.

I do expect a good period of time when I will be reacquainting myself with my love "of painting just to paint" and perhaps be able to help once again with the charities I love.

That is what my hope for the new year will bring.

Health and a Peaceful Heart.


as we kick off DECEMBER and celebrate the magic of the


of light and hope.

All my very best,


Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Up Before the Sun This Morning...

Sunrise somewhere in the universe...(photo credit Morguefile.)

Life has been a rollercoaster in 2011...not horribly "bad" but definately challenging. Physically, mentally, spiritually ... a challenge.

Make no mistake, there are many more things in my life to be thankful for than not. So I am not really complaining but just trying to make sense of things and find a way to express it.

My studio is closed into 2012.

I make this announcement with mixed feelings ... I do miss painting and having a schedule and purpose and being able to make donations as I have in the past. That last is the biggest change to deal with.

Some of you know that while I painted almost a full time schedule I was also supported by a part-time job as a nurse working evenings for the last 33 of 37 years. These hours allowed me the freedom to paint as much as I pleased and the freedom to give as much as possible while covering our health insurance with my part time job.

That job has come to an end and now and I am in the process of wrapping up an entire portion of my life and restructuring the way I have done things for so long.

There are many changes involved in this for me in all spheres. Not in the least is trying to envision a whole new life plan. It would seem that it would be simple, "Just Paint" ...but the practical elements need to be addressed first and eventually it will come to painting again. That is my long range plan.

Knowing that this job change was coming, I have been preparing for this for a while but there are so many unknowns just ahead. I was working myself into a frenzy thinking I had to have everything figured out and wrapped with a bow, having everything in place and knowing every move ahead of me. I can't. I realized yesterday that this was just not possible. But...I am a Capricorn and that is always my approach.

Yesterday I had a moment of clarity regarding "plans" ...I do not know exactly what the plan is going to be just yet except to say that I am going into uncharted waters for the first time. As a nurse, I will be unemployed. Having never been unemployed it is a whole new world for me.

As an artist, I will be beginning from scratch when I reopen my studio at a future date and make Art my full time passion once again.

My "job" in the next year will be to sort out life details, see what works for us here, and find my way again. These changes have wrecked havoc with my creative abilities and keeping focused, so rather than force things I do not really feel where art is concerned it is less stressful to just step away.

Saying goodbye to a whole segment of my adult working life, and more importantly, the people who inhabit that life, is more difficult than I ever imagined. I thought it was a matter of just substituting one schedule for another. No so.

I am learning as I go...I will get to that place of reconcilliation with change and find light on a new path. I am learning to rely on my internal compass in a whole new way.

I will be putting a notice on my WEBSITE and if any prints should sell from the site ALL profits from the sale will go to charity of the buyer's choice.

I will be working behind the scenes and when the reopening is ready I will let you know.

Thanks for following my work all these years and helping as you do to give homeless animal rescues funding through art.

This message will go out through several outlets, you may receive a duplicate message if you are on also in my opt in list from the website, for that I apologize.



Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gifts ~ who is the REAL beneficiary?



I did...he is a beautiful and gentle boy cat who meets and greets you by climbing into your lap and giving you so much peace and joy just to pet him.

PURRFECT companion for the person who wants a feline friend to sit with, read, watch TV or a movie and find your zen moments with.


at the


10 Minturn Farm Rd

Bristol RI

and Friends of Bristol Animal Shelter

(raising funds for the new facility)

have only one thing that you need to know....




Below is the link to the FACEBOOK PAGE of those needing homes.


Recently they put out the call for DONATIONS of cat food.

Always, there are cats and kittens needing care and a place to stay while awaiting adoption.

Several people stepped up to the plate and stopped by (see address above) to drop off some food.

THANKS on their behalf.



Times are tough for the whole country...every little bit helps.

Whatever you can extra bag while you shop or a Grocery or Walmart gift card designated for pet food. ANYTHING! is SO appreciated for THIS shelter or YOUR local one.

It's all good.

Please give what you can. Time is also something these non-profits can use.

Walk a dog, pet a cat.


YOU will be the beficiary of the Blessing!


Those of you who know me...

(Keeper of Secrets)
...know I have a passion and mission to use my artwork to help wherever I can.
You also know the last year has been pretty tough for me to be able to do that with a miserable shoulder injury that I am fighting my way back from.
I was given the GRACE to paint this little painting above (using my Rainbow Bridge cat Emmi as my inspiration, yes, she is STILL helping homeless cats!) and to my great surprise it sold internationally almost as soon as it was listed.
(PLEASE visit ART HELPING ANIMALS , link is on the page here, to see the work of artists with a passion to help!)
That little painting helped
with all proceeds going to both.

So who gets the true blessing?
In this case ....ME!
I got to give once again to honor my EMMI who provided the inspiration,
and do the work I seem to be called to do.
Give what you can, the delight in doing it is multiplied many times.
Help homeless animals...they need us!
Thanks so much!
and please check out the animals in your shelter who are looking for your love.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Twice Blessed ~ Print gallery updated!

These three images as well as others have recently been added to my website

you can access here:

The sizes and prices are as listed. A donation to charity is given as always.

I recently purchased the Dachshund Print for myself to frame and donate to a fundraiser (more to follow about that) for homeless doxies...and I was very pleased with the quality of the print.

I have had good feedback on the Dalmatian print also.

Any questions? You can always email me.

These make a great gift or print art for yourself.

Two weeks approximately for delivery. My print arrived to my PO box in a secure mailing tube.

I will be adding more prints from sold work in the future.

Thanks for helping animals in need through a purchase of art!


Monday, August 29, 2011

After the Storm

Sometimes you are the Wave pounding the rocks, Sometimes you are the Rock being pounded by the waves...

In the end the light shines through again and the waves and rocks are covered by light and calm.

Being that I (like everyone else) am a living work-in-progress...we get to play all the parts in our passion play. Roles shift, superficial identities change but underneath it all we remain who we basically are, that minimal canvas we get to work from.

The good news is that we always can work to achieve more in our becoming...building on the basics of our core beliefs and modifying our positions on things as we evolve.

I am always in awe of the opportunities I have been given in my life. I am thankful and hope always to be able to find a way to give back. Why else am I here?

We just came through the Storm known as "Irene"...the havoc it wrecked on many lives is too much but it could have been so much worse. Really wish it had just stayed over the seas and away from people and land but so glad it was not as bad as predicted.

Giving thanks again today for the beautiful day after the storm. Sending up prayers for those who have been dealt severe consequences of Irene's path.

Glad for the good people who find ways to help others at this time. Looking ahead to days of calm.

How we shape our life and time is up to us. When we are dealt a hand we never wished for we play it out or fold and see what good we can do with the next one.

Wishing everyone brighter times ahead.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Old Visions ~ New Options!

"All things old are new again"

...I have added some new PRINTS to my website

they are available now with others that will follow.

I have the "print on demand option" for approximately 8x10 sized prints.

Welcome Home

(original sold to help rescue)
You are able to view the enlarged version on my website for greater detail.
As ALWAYS my work will generate funds for rescue.
I am currently reviewing and updating my site to reflect and acknowledge the changes in the economy. As my artwork is the means of my ability to donate as much as I can to non-profit rescues, I am trying to find a better approach to helping than just Original Oils.
I am offering Original Oils again as my main focus as an artist and will be accepting commissions again in the near future as I return to full time painting and my passion for using my art to help others.
I am offering FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all my original oils
and have included the PAYPAL option that accepts payments of all types with each piece on my website.

The PRINT feature is pre-programmed through my site host (ArtSpan) and has the shipping calculated for the work. They will ship to you directly.

Original Art purchased from me is set for free domestic shipping as noted.
If you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at any time.
I am always available.
So please take a moment to consider a PRINT of my original work at a reasonable price and I will make a donation to the rescue of YOUR choice from every sale.
I will be adding more and more work as I revise, review and yes...paint new pieces!
Stay Tuned for Updates
All my best,

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Enjoy the Sunny Hours...

Dachshund Print

from original oil painting

"Beach Days"

The studio is getting prepped for re-opening as I look forward to starting some small pieces to try out my rehabbed shoulder.

The plan is to go slowly and small and see what I can build myself up to.

The goal is Full Time once again.

I was just telling my husband that I have started to entertain the ideas that my Muse is sending me ...I have a few thumbnails drawn and I am getting that excitement to begin, building up in my gut.

I was staying away from new inspiration while the shoulder healed and now the dreams are coming and the ideas are finding me once again.

The end of the season will soon be with us and the time of new beginnings is right around the corner.

Now paintings are swirling around at the edges and I am seeing some great possibilites.

This new time is going to be amazing and fun!

Hope you come along for the ride.

As work will help homeless animals in need.



the painting above sold to help Dachshund Rescue...

This print is available on my website.

Friday, August 05, 2011

August ~ Dog Days

One of my old favorite Beagle paintings.

The thing about August is that you know what comes later!

For me, it is always the time of anticipation of things to times, new places, new ideas, new plans.

I think it harks back to being a school kid when September was the true start of the new year. I know that was a long time ago but it is so ingrained in me.

Also, I am all about autumn so that adds an energy of spirit to my thoughts.

So as I plan for the future and the re-opening of my studio this fall I look back and see where I've come from and think about where I want to go.


One big change for me will be painting without my studio companion, Emmi.

Something tells me that she will somehow be with me.

It is an adjustment for sure even though.

I have a few things I have to do for behind the scenes prep as I gear up to start.

It is a little exciting starting over...and that is what it feels we will see where we can take this.

My goal remains to help as many homeless animals as I can with my artwork.

I am looking forward to what lies ahead.


as always



Sunday, July 31, 2011

Two Weeks...and then...


Two weeks have gone by since Emmi crossed the Bridge and it still seems like she will come walking into the room at any moment.

I got some nice cards and emails of condolence...thanks so much.

This past week I got a chance to stop by Bristol Animal Shelter and got a huge reminder of just how adorable kittens are and the temptation was great but with Lizzie being 13 yrs old in a few weeks, it is just not the time to go down that road.

But...the joyfulness of cats and especially kittens...oh my! They have 2 little tigers (and many other wonderful animals for adoption, I might add) that are about the age of when I brought Emmi and Dinah home.

I was in heaven watching them pounce and tumble and play together. Ahhh.

I can't help it but I keep thinking of girl names....hahahaha!


I also think about the paintings that will come from that whole experience so I DO look forward to when the time is right.

In the meantime...Lizzie is more precious than ever...and I am so thankful for her generally good health. The age issues are manageable.

Leo and I spend a fair share of time kissing her and showering love and attention, as if she would ever be denied!

I am also looking forward to Fall and returning to the studio with new eyes.

I am hoping that starting out small and testing the waters with some painting time will work well with all this therapy to the right shoulder.

Somethings got to give.

That is the intention I have put out to the we shall see.

Who knows where it might take me.


The painting above is one of my personal favorites ...I painted this one many years ago of my Emmi and it was the painting I used to teach myself about painting eyes.

It is 14x18 and it hangs in our living room in the Lizzie and Emmi collection of portraits.

I am very fond of the close-up contemporary composition of this painting.

It is not a large piece but it commands attention on the wall.

Fun to paint with all the color, strokes and details in a small format.

So happy now that I did this piece. She had "the look" and it still gets to me.


Monday, July 25, 2011


Oscar's "mom" Pam reports that her boy is home and trying to run and play "as if nothing happened" to him.

He is doing well as he recovers from surgery at home with his family.

It really is wonderful when you know you can bring them home from the Veterinary hospital and get to enjoy and appreciate every moment of their lives.

What a great thing when you can share GOOD news!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Get Well Oscar!

Oscar recently had emergency surgery this is a shout out to say we wish him a quick recovery.


I have had the pleasure of using his likeness to create some fun paintings

that have generated funds for helping homeless animals. He is an inspiration and has helped friends in need!

Oscar's images have always been used with permission as with all and any references for paintings.


We wish our friend Oscar a big


Dachshund Blues

(model in the painting: Oscar)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Jimmy Fund ~ Help Make a Difference!

What do you do with negative energy that you feel with personal loss?

I have always turned it around with a focus on CHARITY for others...It is a purely selfish way for me to help me feel better! And it has always worked.

REFOCUS off my own wallowing misery and blast the negativity with POSITIVE energy. Unfortunately there is no lack of need for charity in our world.

One of the threads that runs through my life is Cancer and Cancer Treatment.

My family has had its share just as many other families have. It is a horrible common denominator. One I wish we never shared.

My sister, father-in-law, nephew, cousins, aunts, uncles and dearest friends have been down that road. Almost all have been treated in Boston, Ma. We have been fortunate to be so close to world class care.

Massachusetts has the DANA FARBER CANCER INSTITUTE that treats people from around the world.

My own cousin Pat has been the most current patient in the family who is in a treatment plan at DF that is keeping brain cancer at bay. We are thankful for what they have been doing for her for the last 5 years. It is a miracle of healthcare.

And then there are the Children....

The JIMMY FUND is another part of the cancer care of Dana Farber's outreach.

You can read about them here:

Children and's just WRONG.

We need to keep beating the hell out of those cancers with support of funding for treatment and the good work they are doing to keep kids surviving and thriving.

I am supporting the August effort of the PAN MASS CHALLENGE.

If you would like to make a donation to help Children through the Jimmy Fund you can read more here. Vet, Dr Cathy Grossi is riding in the challenge and we support her effort.)


I will be posting this on TWITTER and FACEBOOK and if you feel like sharing it with others PLEASE DO! Helping comes in many ways and sometimes it is just to get the word never know on what fertile ground those seeds will fall!

As always...thank you for your support and friendship through the years!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Light In The Darkness - Dr Cathy Grossi DMV

I want to say a warm and public Thanks to Dr. Cathy Grossi from Acoaxet Veterinary Clinic in Westport, Ma.

She first saw Emmi in May when I thought that we were going to have her euthanized. Emmi had a sudden respiratory problem that I thought might be her heart and lungs giving in to old age. I was wrong.

Dr. Grossi gave us the option to try an antibiotic and see if it would help...She determined Emmi's heart was strong and her lungs seemed clear...she was so right. Emmi rallied and we were given the gift of time.

Dr. Grossi showed us the most compassion and care that we have ever encountered in first hand Veterinary care. We have had many capable Vets help us but this was the exceptional care you could only wish for in this kind of situation.

Emmi went back in once more with one more attempt to stem the tide and buy a bit more time and once again it was granted. ALWAYS with the idea that ONLY if it was the best thing for Em. We did hospice care this last week. Emmi died at home with us. Peacefully on her terms.

Yesterday I dug out the old photos...pre-digital...and scanned in a few gems of the the "girls" ...those pics did not make me sad at all. They brought back the FUN and light hearted moments of Emmi and Dinah...Leo and I laughed at the memories. We had such good years with them. So Thankful.

Dinah left us much too soon and has never, for a moment, been forgotten.

Em and Di are now reunited I am sure.

Many, many thanks go to Dr. Grossi for her compassionate care of Emmi and of us. There just are not enough words to say what we feel about her. She is gifted in her work. She was the light in our dark time.

Emmi two months after she became ours. Look at that little face!

Emmi and Dinah circa 95

The princess in 97 ...pre-Lizzie.

She never gave up the top spot in the pack order.



Thursday, May 26, 2011

Emmi Chretien ~ 1993-2011

Today at 6:15 AM July 17th Emmi crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She did it HER way at home with Leo right beside her. My husband is the very best of the best and his wish was that she stay home with us until her last day. He has stayed with her for the last week every night downstairs in the fish room where she was most comfortable. She was not alone, she was loved until the last.

Emmi gave us everything she had. She rests now out front under the holly tree with her companion cat Dinah.

I wanted to share a few of the paintings Emmi inspired that helped a lot of animals in rescue. She was my constant companion in the studio. My sweetie.

"Ironic...Isn't It?"


"Pick Me Up"
(should read, "Feed Me")

The Story Teller


A Nap Among the Toys


And my very personal favorite
and an actual studio my collection...

Catching Butterflies



This is our Emmi herself in her


Emmi in the studio (photo from 2002)

Emmi's Story

In 1993 a little gray, peach & white kitten became part of our family. We named her Emmi and she was the most adorable addition to our life. She was the wildest and funniest little kitten among 2 big litters in the pet store.

Yes...I bought her and her "sister" Dinah from Rumford Pet Center in East Providence, RI. That was before I knew about shelters and adoptions, and it was also at a time when that store took in litters from the local neighborhood...average domestic non-pedigreed cats and sold them for 19.99 each with first shots and worming AND a 5 lb bag of kitten chow. You might just as well say they were adoptees.

When I went to pay for them at the register the cashier yelled across the store to a co-worker "SHE's TAKING THE LITTLE GRAY ONE!" that was hint of the fun to come. And we did have fun.

We lost Dinah to cancer at age 12, it came about seemingly suddenly and then she was gone. Dinah was a beauty, very elegant, sleek and graceful, shy and regal. Emmi...not so much.

Short little cobbie cat. Short legs and round body, the most beautiful fur and what a little clown.

Personality enough for a dozen cats, a lovable and chatty character who loved to climb as high as possible. Where Dinah would NEVER venture above chair seat height, Emmi often would leap up to a beam 12 ft high in the kitchen and would almost give me a heart attack when she had to get down from there. I would grab a sofa cushion for the top of the china cabinet so she wouldn't pound down hard on her legs from so high.

Loved to eat, always wanted to be first with my attention, over the years loved to put our dog in her place (Emmi was a little Thug in that dept) but she loved Leo and me. She had so many nick-names, "Emmi-tubba-lada" or Thuggie, or Cranky Pants Emmi or Emmi-kins or just... Sweets.

In '93 Those kittens came to us when we were suffering so much grief, we had lost both our Dad's in 2 years...then all 3 of our elderly pets inside of a month, 4 months after my Dad's sudden death. Our house was so empty and we were so sad I can't even describe the incredible feel of the blackness. Joyless and quiet with no feeling of life in our home.

5 days of a no pet home and then we found Emmi & Dinah. Suddenly we had joy and laughter and antics that only 2 adorable little kittens forever playing together could bring back to a home. We loved them from go. They had 4 years before Lizzie our Dalmatian joined the crew. But it all worked out. I would not have traded a moment of them in my life even for the bleakness of the last day.

My very constant studio companion, Emmi pulled through a near fatal bout of hyperthyroidism a few years ago and we were greatful for the time with her...knowing that the reprieve was a gift of time.

She gave us all she had. We will miss her more than words can say. I hope Dinah came to greet the Bridge.

Emmi was the inspiration for many, many paintings that ultimately gave funds to rescue and helped other cats in need. She was my muse, my model extraordinaire.

She will always have a piece of our hearts. There will never be another Emmi.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Life and Making Choices...

Hello my fellow is a journey and you are either on board with that or not. Right now I am like the painting subject above...looking out to sea and wondering what is coming over that horizon in the next blink.

Some of you know that I have been trying my best to manage a miserable orthopedic problem with my right shoulder that is just not working out for me.

With the help of a wonderful massage therapist I have taken it as far as it can go and have given it a good fight to keep from even a hint at a surgical solution.

Yesterday I finally gave in and now my next step is to have an orthopedic surgeon weigh-in on what will happen next.

I am suspending my painting for now and just wanted to let you know that I have so appreciated you following and supporting my efforts on behalf of the animals in rescues that I have been privileged to work with.

I am hoping that I will be back at the easel before long if things go well with whatever options I am given and path I must take.

You can always send me a Hello on my FaceBook page or email anytime.

Thanks for your friendship and support and I will catch you on the flip side!

All my best...Carol

(I will also post this in an email through my website ...sorry if you get to see it twice!)

Monday, February 28, 2011

Scout....a work in progress


A work in progress... The very rough beginning to convey the idea. I start with some simple lines to place the subject on the canvas.

Finding the personality and emotion.
I like to go straight to the eyes to start. It is eerie when you have vacant eyes of a living subject and also I find that I am in "their company" once they are "there" with me in the studio. All the inspiration, for me, comes from the subject and what they mean to their person.

Now we are getting somewhere.
Color for background and collar have been discussed and approved. Scout is taking shape for sure and I am enjoying the process.
This canvas is 14x18 and a pleasure to be painting him in the close up format.
He has very beautiful eyes and markings and this will be a keepsake portrait that will draw the viewer in and touch the heart of Scout's mom.
This is the 3rd pass, and with another session or two I will have completed the piece.
Like negative space, the time between actual painting sessions gives you a chance to study the work and where you want to go next. This is all part of my working process.
This has been posted with permission of the client to share the process.


Scout is an almost 10 yr old hound/shepard mix who was adopted out of a Washington DC shelter. His "mom" says he started with, and still has, an over abundance of energy.

Scout has a few hobbies that include "counter surfing & snagging" and taking things from the bookcase, along with rifling through a purse or two and finding money! He LOVES the park.

But..."he makes me happy, he is like a little person and understands almost anything you say, even when he doesn't want to listen to you" ...Scout is "stubborn, spoiled, and has the most personality his mom has ever had around"...that is a testimony many of us share about our beloved companions. (just ask my Lizzie! LOL)

Scout is a "velcro" dog. :o)


All my work provides a donation to a rescue when completed.

PLEASE consider an adoption from your local saves lives.

And if possible, consider supporting a shelter with needed items, time, fostering or donations.

Thanks for looking and supporting rescue with art!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Loose Ends and New Things....

Munchkin's Painting for Falmouth Friends of Dogs rescue in Falmouth MA
has found its home.
I received a nice email that they forwarded to me from the winner of the fundraising raffle.
A true coast to coast effort, the painting is now in New Mexico.
Ellen B. loves the painting and the work done by this rescue and the knee surgery that gave this dog a better future.
It is nice to know that people help from all over the country!

On the easel:
(a work in progress)

This week has seen some requests for commissions in my inbox...I have been moving slowly since the first of the year. Some of you may know from my FaceBook postings that I have been
doing some therapy on my "painting arm" and trying to get back into the work of helping rescue with art but the pace is slow.

One of the commissions I started a few weeks ago is of Halifax the beagle.
( I have permission to share some work in progress from Hali's dad.)

This painting will be done this week. The charity that will benefit will be BONES at the client's request.
New work is about to start. I look forward to "picking up the pace" and getting some
good rescue work going.
Thanks for looking...updates coming soon.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day...

Wishing everyone a day of Love.
And have a wonderful day.
Please support your favorite rescue,
Give your heart to a pet up for adoption.
Sponsor a pet in foster care.
Volunteer with a local group.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Help comes in many ways...

Dayna Hilton (please see this link to learn more )

is a firefighter dedicated to educating children about fire safety.

Sparkles, a wonderful Dalmatian teacher, traveled the country with Dayna helping in this endeavor. Now Siren has stepped up to help carry on the teaching with her buddy Tango, Dayna's other fabulous dalmatian helper.

Siren, still a pup but growing fast, is a beautiful dal in training for the tasks he will assume and I was lucky enough to have permission to paint him in hopes of helping with some fundraising for the cause. I was inspired by his beautiful eyes, the idea of him answering a call to duty, and also as a tribute to Sparkles' memory.

All proceeds go to the fund.

And now...

I want to share this link that will help provide the funding that takes teaching children about fire safety to schools around the country.

If you would like to help please shop here...and share the links ...every bit helps raise awareness and can save lives.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's a New Year!

" Bobby Boo"
a Christmas commission 2010
Wishing everyone a wonderful NEW YEAR!
I am in the process of getting the studio up and running for 2011.
Commissions are already booked and work will resume shortly.
(every piece of work I do gives a donation to a non-profit rescue)
It was a crazy finish to 2010...
The old year ended not as planned...with blizzards and cold bugs and cancelled travel plans.
Not a great ending, I did however get all my commitments completed! WHEW!
The new year is a new beginning and hopefully we will be able to help many homeless animals again this year with sales of art and art related items.
continues to grow as well!
we have new artists joining us and new work to celebrate
we have almost reached the
mile stone of funds donated from artists helping animals in need.
I hope you can coninue to join us and follow our journey with art that helps.
Have a healthy and happy New Year everyone.
all my best,