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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Sometimes in life you are REALLY lucky and you meet people who become like family in your heart.

A very LONGGGGGG time ago I met a girl named Kathy who was one of the funniest, upbeat, energized characters you just had to become good friends with.

We became part of a larger group of friends and we named ourselves "The Breakfast Club"...but we never did breakfast as a group! No matter where the paths of life took us we kept in touch, getting together several times a year and especially at Christmas time.
We meet for a Holiday Celebration every year at a restaurant called BENJAMIN's that is a beautiful old victorian house that is decorated to the nines and so festive for Christmas.

Tonight is our first gathering without our friend Kathy (the life of every party she was ever at!)...we lost her this past year to breast cancer although she gave it a hard fisted fight and was Kathy right to the last.

I just want to send out a thought about friends and the meaning they hold in our lives...we may not see each other everyday but we hold them dear.
Treasure your friends, keep in touch, time is always much shorter than we think it's going to be.
This Holiday Season I will be remembering my good friend with a donation to a charity in her memory. I am happy to honor her memory, it will be her helping others...but I wish I could hug her really tight once again.

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