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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Art Helping Animals

ART that HELPS...what a wonderful thing it is to be able to create something that people find interesting and want to own and enjoy in their homes and share with others.
THAT is good...but what is BEST is that the artwork actually helps animals in need when purchased at the art auctions that are featured on ART HELPING ANIMALS website.

And it is catching on...charities are asking to join us, artists are applying to become part of the fellowship of the artists of this excellent site.

We are about more then artists selling art work. We are committed to making the lives of the neediest animals better, one animal at a time.
The site has a rich content that educates, entertains, enlightens, enriches and also provides fine art of the highest quality by professional artists. What is the website really made of?

The NEWSLETTER...there are 3 editions available to read or print out and share with your animal loving friends! It is published every other month full of articles and photos submitted by the artists themselves.

The BLOG...chuck full of art and easy quick look at what is the link to everyone you know!

The ANIMALS...These are the FACES of why we do what we do! Animals in need of help, adoption, of the animals we serve! share the link with someone you know that wants to help a pet!

The ARTIST's the artists up close and indepth...see what they do!

The TRIBUTES...some lovely memorials of pets we've known and loved.
and more.

Today's photo: the Art Helping Animals flyer...designed by artist Stella Violano copyright 2006.

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