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Sunday, July 16, 2006

When Little is BIG

Did you know it isn't easy to find the correct spelling of "Chihuahua" in the dictionary if you don't already know how to spell it????
That is annoying, just let me say for the record.

I just had the pleasure of painting a group portrait of Yorkies and their little brother, a C H I H U A H U A...and they were all adorable but I found myself being drawn to one of the Yorkie girls named Victoria.
"Tori" is just too darn cute. Her mom tells me she is maternal to all the fosters they have helped...she is a little shy at first and definately a Daddy's Girl. Tori's mom gave me permission to use some of the photos for paintings for charity.
That means that Tori will be a help to other less fortunate animals when her portrait is listed for auction to help homeless animals.
I've asked her mom to not tell the others that Tori is my favorite...I wouldn't want them to feel bad, after all.

Today's photo is Tori painted in all her glory. Her presence in this portrait makes me want to title it "As Proud As Punch" ...Copyright 2006 CAROL CHRETIEN.

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