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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Help comes in many ways...

Dayna Hilton (please see this link to learn more )

is a firefighter dedicated to educating children about fire safety.

Sparkles, a wonderful Dalmatian teacher, traveled the country with Dayna helping in this endeavor. Now Siren has stepped up to help carry on the teaching with her buddy Tango, Dayna's other fabulous dalmatian helper.

Siren, still a pup but growing fast, is a beautiful dal in training for the tasks he will assume and I was lucky enough to have permission to paint him in hopes of helping with some fundraising for the cause. I was inspired by his beautiful eyes, the idea of him answering a call to duty, and also as a tribute to Sparkles' memory.

All proceeds go to the fund.

And now...

I want to share this link that will help provide the funding that takes teaching children about fire safety to schools around the country.

If you would like to help please shop here...and share the links ...every bit helps raise awareness and can save lives.

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