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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Light In The Darkness - Dr Cathy Grossi DMV

I want to say a warm and public Thanks to Dr. Cathy Grossi from Acoaxet Veterinary Clinic in Westport, Ma.

She first saw Emmi in May when I thought that we were going to have her euthanized. Emmi had a sudden respiratory problem that I thought might be her heart and lungs giving in to old age. I was wrong.

Dr. Grossi gave us the option to try an antibiotic and see if it would help...She determined Emmi's heart was strong and her lungs seemed clear...she was so right. Emmi rallied and we were given the gift of time.

Dr. Grossi showed us the most compassion and care that we have ever encountered in first hand Veterinary care. We have had many capable Vets help us but this was the exceptional care you could only wish for in this kind of situation.

Emmi went back in once more with one more attempt to stem the tide and buy a bit more time and once again it was granted. ALWAYS with the idea that ONLY if it was the best thing for Em. We did hospice care this last week. Emmi died at home with us. Peacefully on her terms.

Yesterday I dug out the old photos...pre-digital...and scanned in a few gems of the the "girls" ...those pics did not make me sad at all. They brought back the FUN and light hearted moments of Emmi and Dinah...Leo and I laughed at the memories. We had such good years with them. So Thankful.

Dinah left us much too soon and has never, for a moment, been forgotten.

Em and Di are now reunited I am sure.

Many, many thanks go to Dr. Grossi for her compassionate care of Emmi and of us. There just are not enough words to say what we feel about her. She is gifted in her work. She was the light in our dark time.

Emmi two months after she became ours. Look at that little face!

Emmi and Dinah circa 95

The princess in 97 ...pre-Lizzie.

She never gave up the top spot in the pack order.



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