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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Two Weeks...and then...


Two weeks have gone by since Emmi crossed the Bridge and it still seems like she will come walking into the room at any moment.

I got some nice cards and emails of condolence...thanks so much.

This past week I got a chance to stop by Bristol Animal Shelter and got a huge reminder of just how adorable kittens are and the temptation was great but with Lizzie being 13 yrs old in a few weeks, it is just not the time to go down that road.

But...the joyfulness of cats and especially kittens...oh my! They have 2 little tigers (and many other wonderful animals for adoption, I might add) that are about the age of when I brought Emmi and Dinah home.

I was in heaven watching them pounce and tumble and play together. Ahhh.

I can't help it but I keep thinking of girl names....hahahaha!


I also think about the paintings that will come from that whole experience so I DO look forward to when the time is right.

In the meantime...Lizzie is more precious than ever...and I am so thankful for her generally good health. The age issues are manageable.

Leo and I spend a fair share of time kissing her and showering love and attention, as if she would ever be denied!

I am also looking forward to Fall and returning to the studio with new eyes.

I am hoping that starting out small and testing the waters with some painting time will work well with all this therapy to the right shoulder.

Somethings got to give.

That is the intention I have put out to the we shall see.

Who knows where it might take me.


The painting above is one of my personal favorites ...I painted this one many years ago of my Emmi and it was the painting I used to teach myself about painting eyes.

It is 14x18 and it hangs in our living room in the Lizzie and Emmi collection of portraits.

I am very fond of the close-up contemporary composition of this painting.

It is not a large piece but it commands attention on the wall.

Fun to paint with all the color, strokes and details in a small format.

So happy now that I did this piece. She had "the look" and it still gets to me.


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