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Saturday, February 06, 2010

And for Fun ... Work(s) In Progress


Liver pups inspired by Joan Murphy's images of her own Dals.
The top painting is based on a pic of her Hombre when he was a pup.
He has just the right pose and attitude for
"Life Is A Party"
I saw him surrounded by colorful balloons and his beautiful self making a fun design.
This oil is 12x12 and will be available in the next week when it should be finished. It is a fun process painting the balloons in thin glazes, this is at its second pass.
The seascape based on Brulee suggested a curious pup discovering a new "friend" in the tide line on the shore.
"Diversity of Friends" 10x10 oil It is in a drying stage waiting for the next session. The beauty of oil paint is that you can work on several at the same time which gives you a chance to make decisions of where you will go next, or in many cases, where it will take you on the next pass.
If you would like to reserve a painting to purchase when done...
If you REALLY want the painting for your own, please let me know because I always get emails after the painting has sold asking me if I can paint one like it. I don't. It doesn't work that way.
But I do appreciate the thought!
ALL my work when sold gives 20% to non-profit rescue helping homeless animals.
Stay Tuned!
thanks for looking!

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  1. These guys are sooooo sweet Carol, love the Dals.