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Monday, February 15, 2010

Exercising My Art Muscles

Sunday I was in the studio I worked on a couple of things that were close to being done. One was for our Atlanta mini show that AHA is going to do thanks to Andy Mathis our co-ordinator for that venture. One was the Penny Experiment...needed to finish that too.
So I did that. Then I sat.... and stared.... and sat looking and thinking.... had so many thoughts buzzing by, I wanted to paint something unrelated to animals or my usual...I have been having this image of an "African" inspired (ie: my version) head wrap and beautiful dark skin tones both of which I have never painted.
So the figure is a composite of many black women who are regal and beautiful and now I am going to find some great fabric to paint for the piece.
It is fun to do something unexpected...even for me. I was sitting there with that a blank canvas and was interested to see what was going to come out of the brush.
Today I will finish two Dal pieces and continue on my painting journey.
When the figure piece is further along I will post the update.
It has been a while since I painted a figure in this way but I am in love with the colors and can't wait to do the material. Should be fun.
Did I mention my Muse has been running around like a crazy muse waving her arms and shouting in my head with so many ideas that I can't do them all? I need to sit her down and have a chat. I LOVE the ideas but there are just so many hours in a day. And...some of them take some research and prep time. Yikes!
That was part of what happened yesterday. Even I was happily surprised when I started the painting above. Everyday something new.
Stay tuned!

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