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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Catching Butterflies

This painting of Emmi sleeping in the studio was briefly offered for sale last Spring. It was a moment I caught of her at her most angelic time. I pulled the listing and decided I loved it too much to sell. I am glad I painted it and still have it in my collection. Emmi is 16 yrs old, she was 8 weeks old when we got her.
Hard to believe the time flies by so fast....but it does. She is still the feisty little thug we know and love (well maybe Love is too strong a word from Lizzie's view point! Ha!!!) but she is adorable in her own Emmi way.
I am so thankful she is still in our lives!

The original painting is not for sale but the print is now available on my website if you are interested in seeing the prints I have included (so far) in that grouping...just take a moment to view.
As I go through some of my image files I will be adding more to the collection.
As with all my work a portion will be donated from sales as promised to help homeless animals.
thanks for visiting!

1 comment:

  1. This one just speaks! I am a bit of a cat person, so am immediately drawn to this type of painting.

    Roy (paint my photo)