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Saturday, July 08, 2006


When I was a kid, about 150 years ago, I was never aware of time, time limits or running out of time. Summer was a long and far expanse that had no boundaries. The days were their own and you just kind of meandered through them.
It will never be like that again, I should say it hasn't been like that for a long, long while...not since leaving Neverland. That was the moment when "Time" made itself known. Now we race with the clock, the day, the weeks, the months, the seasons, the years.
It can be exhausting but these parameters are what we have to make peace with. The luxury of procrastination is not one I can afford. In my wise-woman years I am finding that it is easy to become immobilized and overwhelmed if I focus on the BIG PICTURE of things. When I work at the step by step level I seem to get there.
I arrive a little behind schedule once in a while but I am working with life in a partnership and even though I am not sure where the finish line is, I think it will all come out ok.
Take some time today to do something you love. It makes it all worthwhile!

Today's photo and painting...Lizzie spending her time exploring her world...and the painting "Dad's Home" that was sold for animal charity to help Save the ...another Lizzie moment that is like clockwork! Pictures published here are copyrighted 2006 CHRETIEN.

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