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Thursday, July 06, 2006

I was thinking about how we live with magic around us all the time. We probably don't even notice or realize it. Life is so busy, we put our heads down, we move forward and go, go, go.
Once in a while we are caught by something that cause us to look up, pause or even HALT! These moments usually involve our senses and at times can even mezmerize.
This lead me to thinking about the magicians of life. And there are many. Not talking about the David Copperfields with lights, bells and whistles...more like the magicians who fly under the radar a bit.
Moms who make things "all better" with a kiss, the kitchen whiz who creates a magnificent meal out a a few ingredients on the spur of the moment, the "mess" who transforms from raggedy to absolutely fabulous and "company ready" in a snap, the family that stretches the ever shriveling dollar in a family a four or more, the volunteer who brings the therapy pet to the Alzheimer unit and elicits a positive response from someone who became lost, faraway within, the parent juggling their job(s), family, school,....the artist who recognizes the muse and creates something brilliant, provoking, evocative.
When I have listened and looked up and have halted for a moment, I have heard that muse. The thing is to stop once in a while and just look at the possibilities. You might recognize a magic moment.
Today's photo is one of my favorite muses... Mizz Lizz who knows how to transform a dull moment into gold.
The painting is an oil "Keep Looking Up" copyright 2006. website:

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