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Friday, July 07, 2006

Something New.
The host of my website, Artspan (,) is improving the site as it grows. We now have a new "forum" machine that makes it easier to communicate with other artists who make up Artspan.
It also makes a new connection to view the work of these artists and share yours.

More News....Yesterday Art Helping Animals published the 3rd installment of our Newsletter. What a great job Stella Violano did with the issue and all the content submitted by the group of artists.
I have to say that the ZANY CATS page was my favorite. This is really worth a look.
A link is there to to order the products with these designs by the artist Zain. Check it out for a smile!
Today's photo and art are of my own "zany cat" Emmi.
She is a legend in her own time!

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