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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Beginnings - First Look!

The studio is humming along. Just wanted to share 2 that I started yesterday.
The Dalmatian is in the VERY bare bones stage ...I put in a few markers on the canvas yesterday just to get a sense on a start...This Dal is at the Rainbow Bridge and was an old friend of ours, a "DalPal" is an honor to paint him. He has a gentle soul. There will be many changes to this piece to find "Mercury" in this canvas. I hope to do him justice.

The second painting is a 100% donation winning portrait from the Jack Russell fundraiser in June.
The JRT is "Cleopatra" and this is the second pass ...from here I will correct and detail the painting to capture Her. You can see the difference in the first and second passes of the two paintings.
I always start with a very loose line drawing to put some landmarks down as a guide. In animal or people subjects I start with eyes...after all who wants blank eye sockets watching them paint? And it is the window to the find "life" staring back at you. Stay Tuned for a whole group of finished work coming soon to an online site near you!

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